The Best Projector Under 200 Reviews 2024 With Buyers Guide

Welcome to the best projector under 200 dollars with a Buyer’s Guide with a detailed list for 2024!

Hope that this helps your search for the perfect projector under $200. Projectors could be very expensive to acquire at some point, and you may have to spend quite a huge chunk of bucks to get one. Since many people are in need of the projector at one point, the manufacturers of the projectors have come up with projectors that can fit in everyone’s budget. With as little as $$$ you get a perfect projector that meets your needs and wants.


Top Rated The Best Projector Under 200 of 2024 Reviews

GooDee  – 4k Mini Wi-Fi Projector 2024

If you’re aiming to recreate the cinematic atmosphere within the confines of your home, look no further than the GooDee 4k mini projector. With a brightness of 600 ANSI (9600 Lumen) and a display resolution of 1920 x 1080, it delivers vivid, lifelike images that stand out from many other projectors on the market.

Featuring a image contrast ratio of up to 5000:1, the GooDee projector excels in displaying both the darkest shadows and the brightest highlights with exceptional clarity, capturing even the finest details like skin texture on the screen.

Compared to standard projectors, the GooDee offers significantly superior brightness and color performance, offering an unmatched cinematic experience without the need for pricey tickets.

In terms of visual enjoyment, the GooDee projector provides an unparalleled experience. With a maximum image size of up to 300 inches, it ensures an immersive viewing experience, ideal for weekend gatherings with family and friends. The larger the screen, the more immersive the experience, making every movie night unforgettable.

Featuring top-of-the-line sound technology, including an inbuilt speaker and amplifier, the GooDee mini projector delivers impressive audio performance, further enhancing your viewing pleasure.

With its array of inputs, including dual HDMI/USB2 and 3.5mm audio, the GooDee projector offers versatility and convenience, allowing seamless connection with various devices. Whether you’re streaming music, movies, photos, or videos, you can enjoy a wide range of content by connecting your camera, phone, tripod, speaker, TV stick, or laptop to the projector.

Gaming enthusiasts are also catered to, with support for connecting Xbox, PS3, and PS4 consoles to the HDMI port, ensuring smooth gaming experiences without any interruptions.


  • Excellent 1080p, 4k Supported
  • Brightness of 600 ANSI or 9600 lumens
  • Very affordable for the features
  • Has multiple inputs for all devices
  •  Sharp and colorful images


  • Have only vertical adjustments

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AuKing Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth

Experience total immersion with a colossal 200-inch projection screen, delivering an unmatched viewing sensation. Easily customize the viewing size by adjusting the distance between the AuKing movie projector and the wall, ranging from 35 to 200 inches, with the optimal range suggested as 40 to 120 inches.

The display resolution is 1920 x 1080. It also allows you to connect to WiFi and Bluetooth. This means that you can watch your movies outdoors, blast your music, and catch up on your favorite tv show with a clear picture at any time you want. You can use it anywhere efficiently. It comes with a total of 6 multiple ports, including the VGA, audio output, USB, HDMI, and AV for an entertainment connection.

Capable of accommodating multiple devices, this projector fulfills all your requirements. Featuring HDMI, AV, and USB ports, it effortlessly links with smartphones, laptops, tablets, USB drives, and TV boxes, providing a versatile entertainment experience. Please note, due to copyright restrictions on certain apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc., playback is limited to TV Stick, Roku, etc. Rest assured, with a 2-year warranty and lifetime professional technical support boasting a response time of within 12 hours, your peace of mind is guaranteed.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • 200″ projection screen
  • Full HD 1080P
  • Bluetooth 5.1 chip
  • Ensures stable connections


  • The speakers could be better

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TMY Mini 1080P HD Video Projector

TMY Mini Projector is one of the most beautiful and well-known projectors in the industry. This TMY projector is impressive with an upgraded 9500 Lux Bluetooth and a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. It has an enhanced aspect ratio of 4:3/16:9 to bring exceptional image quality. The projection size ranges from 32″ to 220″ with a great distance of 1.5-5m. The projector’s life is a beautiful lamp life that extends to 60,000 hours. This latest 9500 Lux HD technology light source on the environment contributes to the long lamp life. The brightness performance of the projector is outstanding. The TMY Mini projector has been made to focus on enhancing the brightness.

The projection is impressive and reduce eye fatigue and give the best image quality. The TMY Mini is brighter than most of the projectors with similar lux. Sometimes, the contrasts and brightness ratios lack the most projector, but it’s not the case with the TMY Mini. The contrast ratio has been enhanced to give a balanced visual experience. It provides the best of the black scenes and spots on videos and images. It gives you a superb image display on your screen with incredible visuals.

The outdoor home theatre experience is excellent with your audiovisual needs. The powerful speaker creates an excellent sound quality perfect for watching games and movies. You could as well use it for an outdoor party at home in the yard comfortably. It has multiple interfaces and multimedia apps. It comes with HDMI, Bluetooth, AV, USB, 3.5mm Jack, and headphones, which is compatible with a TV box. You can connect to the laptops, home cinema, SD Cards, and media players.


  • Easy to connect and assemble
  • Portable
  • Amazing connectivity
  • Comes with great multimedia applications
  • Great for outdoors, surround sound, gaming, movies, and shows


  • Brightness could be good for outdoors use

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WiMiUs Mini Projector  Outdoor Portable Movie Projector 2024

The WiMiUs projector distinguishes itself as an outstanding option among similar products, boasting unmatched performance at a competitive price point. Its compact, lightweight design ensures effortless portability, enabling you to take it with you wherever you go.

Setting a new benchmark in the market, this mini projector excels in both image and audio quality. Versatility is a defining feature of this handheld projector, seamlessly connecting to various devices via HDMI ports to mirror content from laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, and TVs. The vivid colors, clear audio, and integrated speaker enhance the overall viewing experience.

Setting it apart from its competitors, the WiMiUs projector supports a wide range of inputs, accommodating high-resolution videos, presentations, music, and files from USB drives and media players. Its exceptional portability makes it a leading contender for the best projector under $200.

With an impressive projection range of 40 – 200 inches, a display resolution of 1280 x 720, a weight of 2.4 pounds, and distance for a 100″ screen, this mini projector delivers consistent performance in any environment, be it at home or in the office for professional presentations. Its adaptability extends to well-lit rooms, eliminating the need for blackout curtains and saving you money.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Great for outdoor connectivity
  • Compatible with the latest devices
  • Internal rechargeable battery


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NISSO Projector With Screen – Portable LCD Projector 2024

One of the first options that we can find in these times in the market is a mini projector that provides excellent functionality at any time and place. In turn, this LED quality projector provides a high-resolution image. So you can enjoy a lot of content such as movies and game consoles, among others.

Moreover, you can get a projection range from 32 inches to 176 inches. So you can use this screen for everyday use. The minimum throw distance is 4.9 feet and the maximum throw distance is 16.4 feet. This can be achieved by manual focus and keystone on the projector. About the life of this projector, we can indicate that it is one of the most suitable options, due to its excellent functionality. So, you can get up to 55,000 hours in the time of use.

Also, this model has a lot of different connectors. Some of them are USB, HDMI, VGA, and AV Port. So you can connect a lot of devices to this machine. You can also connect your game console, such as Xbox and PS3, as well as your DVD player, Mac, and PC, among other devices.

In other words, this is one of the most versatile models on the market today. Moreover, this projector’s image lux is 80%. Besides, the contrast ratio that can be obtained is 2000:1. Also, the maximum resolution supported is 1920×1080 pixels.

So you can enjoy a large amount of content in Full HD. Another positive aspect of this model is the dual stereo speaker, which is included inside this projector. However, you will be able to connect to a large number of different sound devices.


  • Full HD resolution support
  • Projection up to 176 inches
  • 55,000 hours of lamp use


  • Regular projector ventilation

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BIGASUO – Bluetooth Built in DVD Projector 2024

The BIGASUO projector features an exceptional display resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels and an impressive contrast ratio of 8000:1, ensuring top-notch performance. This video projector delivers precise pixel control, resulting in superb video and image display on the screen.

Its outstanding color saturation, combined with its ability to minimize glare and maintain high contrast, ensures clear and vibrant images even in outdoor environments under direct sunlight. With a large screen size of 200 inches, it offers an immersive entertainment experience suitable for both home viewing and gaming.

The 1080P projector is equipped with a long-lasting lamp with 9000 LUX brightness, making it a worthwhile investment for years to come.

Furthermore, its efficient cooling system ensures minimal fan noise, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Featuring good compatibility and impressive hi-fi stereo audio, this projector seamlessly connects to various devices, allowing for a wide range of content enjoyment. Whether for streaming or presentations in conference rooms, it proves to be a versatile and dependable choice.


  • Easy to install
  • Compatibility
  • Sound system is great


  • The sound could be improved

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GROVIEW  – WiFi Bluetooth 300″ Video Projector 2024

If you’re seeking top-notch resolution and brightness, look no further than the GROVIEW portable projector. Despite its price tag of under $200, this projector boasts exceptional features that deliver outstanding performance. Elevating your viewing experience with sharp, mount accessories, luminous images, it outshines others in its price category, prioritizing customer satisfaction within a budget.

With a display resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels and a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, it provides more than two times the clarity of projectors with 800 x 480 resolution. Equipped with dual HDMI and USB ports, it offers hassle-free connectivity with a variety of devices. Its multimedia capabilities cater to music, video, photos, and e-books, ensuring an immersive entertainment experience.

The projector’s sound system is impressive, delivering clear and soothing audio. It seamlessly connects to Wi-Fi, enabling you to enjoy your favorite entertainment from the comfort of your home. It can also mount on a table, ceiling or tripod.

Despite its high brightness and heat emission, the projector’s fan operates with remarkably low noise levels, minimizing distractions during movie nights or other activities. With a lamp life exceeding 30,000 hours, it promises longevity, potentially lasting up to 20 years with daily use of at least 4 hours. Setting itself apart from others in the market, this projector offers unparalleled performance, delivering exceptional service that’s truly remarkable.


  • The cost is affordable
  • Small in size and easy to carry
  • The image quality is great
  • The brightness is great
  • Max Throw Distance of 23 feet
  • Image Contrast of 12000:1
  • Easy to use


  • Different resolution when used wireless

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