How Do You Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Projector?

Today We will talk about how do you turn your cell phone into a projector in 2020. Hope you can do It If you follow our simple couple of steps. Let’s forward..

Well, this could be a very confusing issue to anyone who has no idea a phone can be used as a projector. This could be so, but it is true that you may use your phone as a projector to do what you want to do from a screen. With your phone, you can easily deliver your presentations to the audiences easily. With a bit of know-how, you will be good to go especially with an available cable and ready to do it. Here we are going to go into detailed on how you are going to turn your phone into a projector.

How Do You Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Projector
How Do You Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Projector

Some apps in the market enable you to connect your phone wirelessly to it and deliver the content you want from an external monitor or screen. One of the apps that you could need for your phone to be a projector is the All Cast that is an app that is very compatible with Android devices to enable the wireless connectivity. With All Cast app, you are allowed to stream your contents from the phone wirelessly to the external screen or even to your television.

In order for you to work well with the All Cast, you may be required to have a compatible set-top box. It should be able to work with the chrome cast, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One and many other devices. It should also be important to you to know that some televisions are not well compatible with the projection and therefore look for good ones that are compatible with them as the smart TV.

Some of this smart TV that could be perfect for you includes the Samsung, Panasonic and Sony since they are one of the common smart TV in the markets to work with almost all devices.

Cell Phone Projector

When you are done installing the app in your phone and the devices you are going to project to, you are one step away from projecting on the screen. The big issue is to install the app in your phone and devices you are going to use and then use wifi to connect wirelessly. With the wireless connection, you are able to easily deliver your presentations directly on the large screen in the room.

Normally, it is much easier to connect your phone to the projector and connect to the screen or the wall. This is much simple and not time-consuming with just HDMI port you can easily set up your phone and the projector. It may be easy to think you can connect your phone to your projector and start using it, but it also depends on the ports your phone comes with for better connectivity. Some of the phones require you to get an adapter for the connectivity of your projector and also you should know it depends on the types of the projector you are using.

It is good to know that if you’re thinking of using your phone as a projector over the projector itself, you are not going to get the most satisfying result you dream. The use of projectors for projecting contents has advantages over the use of smartphones for the same. It gives you a choice on the size of the images you are going to project and also the size of the audience you are going to reach

If you find connecting wirelesses is not for you and want something else, go for the cable connection from your phone. This could be one of the hectic connection procedures especially if you’re smartphone may be one the many that do not work well with HDMI ports.

This is because few smartphones that use android works well with HDMI output port. It is because most of them work with micro-USB port and therefore you may need an MHL adapter to connect correctly.  The cable that has been plugged into your phone’s charging port on one end, it features the HDMI port on the other end giving the port that is required for the output of contents t the screen. Since not all smartphones work with MHL ports, it is good to find out about them from the manufacturers before relying on your phone for projection.

Now with the MHL port connects to your phone, you are able to connect it to the screen and project the contents you want to watch on it.

Also if you are thinking of gett9ing the chrome cast for your mirroring, it is possible and expects a much better result too. Therefore you are on the right track if you were planning on getting it for yourself and the audiences you are thinking of doing your presentations for.  This could be great if you are using your phone to connect to your TV and not on the wall. When you are done setting your chrome cast, you are then able to connect your phone. This will be possible if you download the Google Home app that enables you to work well with the apps.

When using a phone with the chrome cast, it is good to make sure that the phone mode is not power saving to enable the smooth running of the phone without interference with the ability of the phone to cast the screen of the phone to the Television. When you are done, connect your chrome cast and phone to the same wifi connection and then open the Google home app to control some of the things you want to do. From The Google, home app selects the menu and cast the screen or the audio to the other screen to watch or listen to the music.

From the Google home app, you should be able to select the device you are going to use the chrome cast from by identifying it. This makes your work more comfortable with just working from the home app. When you are doing your presentations or watching a video and want to increase the volume, go to the Google home app and do so.  This can be achieved by going to the Google Home app and find the volume slider after selecting the devices.

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