HDMI Cable: Everything You Have Need To Know For Your Projectors

Nowadays HDMI cable Is Important as a connector for the projector and another device. So Projector Labs team decided to cover an In-depth blog post for you. We believe this information might help you a lot to understand about HDMI cables.

What Is an HDMI cable?

An HDMI cable is an interface for transmitting audio and video uncompressed from the HDMI device to a compatible monitor or projector for display. An HDMI cable comes with many properties and functions and is composed of twisted pairs. The HDMI cables enable you to connect your phone, laptop, and other compatible devices to the screen and have a large screen to view it on. It makes your home entertainment much more comfortable and even better from just your phone.

It’s good to note that not all HDMI capable projectors are capable of connecting to other devices, they have to be matched to work perfectly well in terms of HDMI versions. Although the length of the HDMI cable is not stated, the signal attenuation is determined by the quality and material of the cables. The HDMI 1.3 has two cable categories of certified cables that have been tested at 74.5MHz and the certified category that has been tested at 340MHz.

Some phones and devices have been designed to work with specific HDMI cables and ports, making it difficult if you buy devices that are not compatible. With an HDMI cable, you are sure to enjoy even better quality images since the cable can transmit both uncompressed and compressed video and audio data.

What Does an HDMI Cable Do?

The HDMI cable has a critical function when it comes to connecting your devices together. The devices include TVs, media streamers, DVD players, gaming consoles, and many others. There are several types of HDMI cables, but all of them end up with the same function. Their function is to transmit data from the source to the screen or monitor.

The category we are talking about involves the HDMI cables that are version 1.4 and above. The first categories of the HDMI cables are the standard cables that are perfect for transmitting 720 pixels audio and video signals. The second category is the high-speed cables that carry more than the 1600 pixels audio and video signals. The second category is the one that can perform better with a length that is more than 4.8 meters.

The HDMI cable length is an essential factor that has to be takeninto considerations when selecting. The effect is enormous when connecting becausewhen the cable is too long, the signal becomes weak. It causes the images on the screen to blink as they try to connect and it can be stabilized using the extenders, equalizers, and repeaters.

What Does An HDMI Cable Do For Your Projector?

The HDMI cable’s function to the projector is quite essential and could be said to be an important connectivity factor. If you are keen on the projectors in the market, you will note that all of them come with HDMI ports to enable it to connect with the HDMI cable. There are devices that cannot be connected to the projector without the use of the HDMI cables or ports. It means that for you to have the content fromyour source projected on the wall, you will need to have an HDMI cable.

Once you connect the HDMI cable to the ports, it transmits the content on the device to the projector, then to the screen or wall. It has an essential function as an interface for connecting other devices. When doing a business presentation at the office, there is no way you cando it directly if it does not have a wireless connection. Thatmeans you will need to have an HDMI cable to do so. Even so, your phone must have the capability to work with the HDMI cables. We can say that the HDMI cables have a very significant function on the projector on transmitting content (both video, text and audio)from the source to the screen.

Type of HDMI Ports

Several HDMI ports make it easier to transmit the multimedia signals. Here are some of the major ports.

  • STB HDMI port

The STB stands for HDMI set-top box. The HDMI port is designed to connect the gaming consoles and receiver to the projector. The HDMI STB port connects not only the consoles but also any other compatible devices. It’s not difficult to compromise when you are faced with new technology designed with the devices.


The HDMI ARC is known as the Audio Return Channel. It is a standard HDMI 1.4 that works to transmit a video signal to the speakers. It enables you to connect your device to the speakers without the need for external speakers. Most of the projectors in the market now come with inbuilt speakers. It was hard to get one before since all the designed were external speakers enabled. The reverse channel takes the audio signal from the air and allows it to listen on the HDMI cable.

This is a Mobile High definition Link. It is used to mainly connect the TV, projectors, and smartphones and display them on the screen. If you have presentations and movies on your phone and want to watch on the TV or projector, you can connect using the MHL port. It means you must connect your projector’s HDMI interface and the USB Smartphone to have a transmission take place.


The HDMI DVI port is used to connect the laptop to the TV and then act as the display interface. It is good to note that the DVI port connection does not transmit audio across the connection. If you are using the HDMI standard 1.4, then audio transmissions using the DVI cables is possible.

How Do You Connect HDMI Cable To A Projector?

It’s not hard to connect the HDMI cable to the projector as it is quite the same as when doing it on the TV. The projector itself comes with an HDMI port that enables you to plug in the HDMI cable, and you are good. What you have to do is take the HDMI cable and connect it to your projector. It can be done at the back, or the sides then connect it to your device like your Smartphone. After joining the cable to a projector, connect the other end in your USB port on your phone and you are thoroughly done.

What Is The Function of HDMI Cable?

The HDMI cable has a very vital function when it comes to connectivity in projectors and other electronic devices. If you are intending to connect your projector to other devices for viewing purposes, then you will need to have an HDMI cable. The cable enables the content on your phone to be transmitted to the projector with works as a monitor. It is an easy job that will only take you a few minutes. The use of the HDMI cables also is contributed by the fact that it is very convenient. The HDMI cable connection is one of the best that you find widely in the market and used by a variety of electronic devices. It makes connection easier since you get different HDMI cable option while looking in the market.

The FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

What is the function of HDMI cable

  • All the digital projectors and other electronic devices come with an HDMI port that allows the connection of other devices via HDMI cable. The cable transmits data from the source to the projector or TV that then acts as a monitor. The cable transmits both audio and video from the source device to the screen. Even so, you have to know that the audio transmission is done on a different port with video, but the HDMI cable can do both transfers at ease.

What’s The Difference Between USB and HDMI?

  • HDMI and USB technologies are known and well used by many people. The Universal Serial Bus has the standard connection on the computers, especially for transferring data. The HDMI, on the other hand, have become popular as many people use HD devices. Bit of hem coexist and work on different devices for different purposes. The HDMI allows you to connect to projectors, televisions, smartphones, and other media players. It as well transfers both audio and video data to the users all at one without the need for a different cable.

Is 4k HDMI Cable Necessary?

  • Yes. The 4K HDMI cable works the same with other cables, but it has been designed specifically for 4K transmission. The content is upscaled of it the 4K device for a perfect projection on the screen. It also means that you get to watch all the 4k content on your screen.

What Does The HDMI Connector Look Like?

  • The HDMI connector does not look any other different from the USB connector. It could be said to be the same. The male sides of the connector come outward and are intended to insert into a female connector. There are differences as well from the USB connector, like the full-size HDMI connectors are larger than any standard USB.

Will An HDMI Cable Improve Picture Quality?

  • The HDMI cables have great importance of transmitting content information and date to the projector and any other screen. It may have improved your image quality. It can only occur if you are using the latest HDMI cables especially the one that supports 4K technology.

Can A Bad HDMI Cable Damage The Projector?

  • All cables are right and can fail too, as it all made to use by men. If an HDMI cable has a problem with connecting, it is unlikely that it will have great damage to the projector, most likely on the content displayed on the screen. Some of the problems that you face on your projector or TV are not related to the HDMI cable, but you may have to check to be sure. A faulty HDMI cable may cause damage to your gaming and video system if not handled well. Even so, it may not cause any damage to the individual components. If you are encountering visual video problems, then you probably are facing HDMI cable problems.

 Is There A Difference Between HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 Cables?

  • There are several versions of the HDMI that are compatible with the latest and previous electronic devices. The newer versions of the HDMI are excellent and able to work even faster than most. It has more capabilities and carries more data. The HDMI 1.4 has lower data carried than the HDMI 2.0. The 1.4 cables carry 1080 p at 60 HZ and 2160p 4K at 30Hz. The version 2.0 can carry 1080 p at 120Hz and 2160p 4k at 60 Hz. The 2.0 Can carry more data than any other version accepts the newly released HDMI 2.1.

What is ARC In HDMI?

  • The ARC on HDMI stands for the audio return channel. It is an important part of the HDMI port as it allows the passage of audio transmission to the speakers. Its main function is to transmit audio and video sound from the sir to the HDMI cable to the speaker for an incredible sound display.

What Is The Latest HDMI Standard?

  • The HDMI has been updating for the last several years to give you the best performance. The latest HDMI standard video cables and connection is the HDMI 2.1. It is much faster when compared to the predecessors and supports the dynamic range video. The 2.1 HDMI can connect and handle the 4K video and create more realistic images.
  • It transmits audio and video signals between the devices at the highest speed of 48Gbps and includes the 4K video. The HDMI 2.1 can carry up to 10k resolution from the source to display on the screen.

What Does HDMI Best Mean?

  • The HDMI best means that the HDMI connection is the best of the connection on set. When you read the manual and the documentation that comes with the device, you will see it stated. That shows that every single thing about the cable is to beat and will deliver exceptional performance. It has the best audio and video transmission and also image quality.

Do You Lose Picture Quality With a Long HDMI Cable?

  • The long HDMI cable may not be good for your projection as it has issues with the quality of content. It may have blurred or material that is blinking on the screen. To have a god image quality or good transmitted content, you have to get the right size of the HDMI cable. Too long cables are not good for your projected content.

What Happens If HDMI Cable Is Bad?

  • The HDMI cables may cause quite a problem when in a bad state. A bad HDMI cable may indeed affect your usage. Some of the issues that it may cause include no picture, discolored picture, poor screen resolution, intermittent image, and also fuzzy images. When you are experiencing this thing, and sure it is not from ay other issues then check the HDMI cables.


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