How to project mobile screen on wall without projector?

Projecting contents from the mobile phones to the wall could not be this easy especially if you are on a tight budget. It has become so easy to make your projector seating at home with materials that are readily available. And if there are not available at home, you can get them easily at the shops and stores.

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To make a projector to help you project your content on the screen, you need materials like

With all these materials available on your table, you are able to start making the projector that will enable you to use your phone to project contents directly to the screen or the wall. Here we are going to discuss step by the set procedure on how to make your phone project on the wall without a projector. Let’s learn together and do it yourself later.

Making the Smartphone projector from the scratch

Step1. Tracing the magnifying lens in the box

After gathering the materials, you need for your project, get down to business and start on your projector design. Take the box, pencil and the magnifying glass. Turn the box to be on the table from the small side and place the glass on top of the other side and trace using a pencil correctly.

Step 2.  Placing the magnifying lens in position

After tracing the magnifying glass well and precisely, use the knife on your table to cut it nicely at the edges of the trace until you are done. When you are done removing the part for the magnifying lens, place the lens nicely on the spot and tape the glass in position. Make sure that the magnifying glass is well placed and firm and also the inside of the glass where you see well should be inside the box.

Step3. Covering the interior of the box with black paper

The next step is also very important as you are required to design and cover the interior of the box well with the dark paper. Take your dark paper and shape it to fit well inside the box and cover every single corner of the box. For it to be well covered and stick together well, you have to apply the glue stick to the dark paper before holding it down on the box.

Step4. Making the Smartphone stand using binders

In this step we make the Smartphone stand to hold the phone in a position to watch and to adjust when necessary. Since you have the big and small binder clip, you are going to place the smaller clip in the middle of the big one. After you are done clipping then together lift one of the binders handles up and be ready to place your phone in place. From this point, we are done making the projector and going to the most important steps before finishing up. It will now take you a few minutes to start watching your movies from here in any position you want.

Setting up the Smartphone

If you are using the iPhone to do all this you may be required to go to the setting in the phone, go to general, accessibility, assistive touch, device, rotate the screen according to your preference.

Since most of the android phones to do have many rotating sides, you may have to download a rotating app to help you position your screen. But if your phone has a rotating capability, you are good to go.

When you are done setting your phone screen now you are good to start watching your movies and shows from your phone to the wall or white sheet screen.

What you have to do is to find the right focus for your images on the wall. This could be achieved by moving your phone until you find the right position that your images are sown correctly the way you like it. With this simple method that we have used, we are able t watch movies from the phone directly without feeling we have spent too much on it.

While using the phone, you may find that the sound it produces is not that good for you and at some point, it might not be very audible t you. In this case, you may be required to get an external speaker that you may use to produce a loud sound. For it to work great, you may have to find a speaker that uses wireless connectivity for effective results. An example is to find a sound system that uses Bluetooth capability to connect correctly with the phone.

You may have to go to the setting and Bluetooth then earth for a device that is after turning on the speakers. After that search for the name of the speakers. When the name of the speakers appears, click connects the device, and you are good to go. The sound that you will experience afterwards is incredible and you may feel the movies and content very well now.

Many people might have thought of projecting from the mobile phone could be so difficult of course that is true. Though it may be difficult to project to the wall using the phone, other phones in the market enable one to project to the screen easily but what the phone may not have at the end of the day is a good sound system.

Also, that is not a big issue as we have seen as long as we are able to connect the phone to external speakers we are good to go without any issues. To the Smartphone without the projectors, you may have to do other things to achieve the same results as making your projector with the available materials. If you are able to do so, you can save lots of bucks that you could have spent on the projector outside.

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