LG HF85JA Review: Short Throw Laser Smart Home Theater Projector For 2022

LG HF85JA Review
LG HF85JA Review

Do you wonder if the LG HF85ja can offer you a good performance? If so, let me tell you below about each of the best features of this ultra-short-range laser projector.

We will then compare it to a previous model and describe how easy this unit will be to install. So, in a few steps, you will be able to enjoy excellent image quality.

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Editors Choice: LG HF85JA Review

When we play a movie or series we like, it’s not the same with any TV or device. Both image and sound quality are important factors when we want to enjoy good content. Moreover, in these times more and more content is provided through streaming platforms.

On the other hand, there is a large number of projectors available on the market. However, not all of them can provide the same features and utilities. In particular, ultra-short-range laser projectors can offer greater convenience in use.

This is because you do not need to have a very large room to enjoy excellent image quality. Therefore, this unit requires no more than about 30 centimeters to provide excellent performance. Also, not all units and brands available offer reliable operation.

That is why we have chosen this particular model, as you can count on the functions of a smart TV in a highly portable device. Also, the excellent adaptive features are combined with an extended life span for more convenient operation.

So, let’s take a closer look at each of the features of this ultra-short-range laser projector model. In just a few steps, you will be able to enjoy unparalleled image quality.

LG HF85LA Ultra Short Throw Laser Smart TV Home Theater CineBeam Projector Class 1 laser product White

The Design

To describe this model correctly, we must indicate that it is a compact unit with the capacity to offer one of the best imaging capabilities. Any user will be able to project up to 1500 lumens of light in each of the uses. This simply means one of the most reliable operations on the market.

On the other hand, this laser projector can offer an excellent amount of 20000 hours of life span. So, this means comfortable and safe operation at all times. You will not have to worry about having to buy another unit in less time than expected. You will have all the necessary functions that allow you to consider this unit as versatile.

The operating system that is incorporated is WebOS 3.0. In this case, you should not have any previous and advanced technical knowledge about this subject. This is because the operating system includes a suitable design that adapts to any type of user. So, you can enjoy an easy and fast configuration.

In this case, this laser projector does not require a long distance to provide a reliable and detailed image. You only need to place this unit about 15 inches away, or 30 centimeters from a wall or screen. So, it’s a device that fits any type and size of the room in your home.

For extensive connectivity, you’ll have USB, VGA, HDMI inputs, and audio outputs. The resolution you get is 1920 x 1080 pixels, along with a 16:9 HD aspect ratio. You won’t have to worry about the noise level produced by the fan to cool the unit. You will barely notice the 30 decibels of noise the fan produces.

The height of this device is only 20 cm and it weighs approximately 2.1 kg. So, you will notice that it is an adaptable unit that is comfortable to use in any environment. The power used is 140 watts, so excessive power consumption is not encountered with this unit. In other words, an efficient and high-quality operation.

In short, you can use this unit to enjoy both series and everyday content, as well as in the form of a home cinema. This is achieved by adding the contrast ratio feature of 150000: 1. This means a wide range of assortment from the brightest to the darkest areas of each picture. So, the contrast will no longer be a concern. 

The Resolution Quality

The full HD resolution can be achieved by using this ultra-short-range laser projector. So, every single movie and other content playback gets excellent real high-fidelity sharpness. The 1080p pixel count will also leave more than enough for any user who wants to purchase this unit.

When comparing the performance of this unit with others available in the market, it is possible to notice the big difference. So, you will have the ability to play different types of content with the most defined details at all times. This also includes images with an excellent level of realism and sharpness at any time.

So, you won’t miss out on the finer details found in the most innovative movies. The excellent resolution manages to detect all these details instantly and very clearly. So, any detail-oriented user will notice that you get excellent picture quality as well as an excellent inch range for each content.

Therefore, this includes the possibility of having an image and size of up to 120 inches. With this size, the sharpness and excellent level of detail will not be lost at any time. When it comes to users who place importance on the resolution, then this unit is one of the best.

The Features

First of all, it should be mentioned that this is an ultra-short projection unit. This means that each user will have the ability to obtain images with an excellent level of detail. Besides, the images, movies, and other large content do not lose their level of detail. Also, it is one of the most faithful units on the market.

Additionally, this LG laser projector offers a higher level of efficiency throughout its entire life. You will notice this excellent quality when mounting images against a wall or screen. Many users around the world consider and prefer to purchase this model, compared to others available today.

This device offers a unique platform that is, of course, compatible with the LG brand. No technical or TV-specific knowledge is required. Any type of user will be able to configure this device in an easy way and without wasting time. In turn, in a few steps, you and your family will be able to enjoy a large amount of available content.

So, you can discover all the premium content in just a few seconds. You will be able to count on the best content providers throughout the world. This device gives you more than ample access to all kinds of options, for greater freedom of choice. You will be able to use the remote control to navigate more easily.

To obtain good use of your device, you should consult with each content provider the necessary bandwidth. This is necessary for the reproduction of the series, movies, and videos, among other contents. It could also happen that many of the applications you want to access are not pre-installed. Also, the intelligent service is subject to adjustment.

Besides, you can optimize the sound quality obtained. So, you can count on the best realistic image quality and sound level. So, your experience with each film or series will be much completer and more realistic.

In particular, this device has Bluetooth sound so that you can incorporate other additional sound devices. Also, you will be able to perform wireless streaming, directly from this unit. Using the Bluetooth connection, you can connect all kinds of audio systems that are compatible.

Therefore, this includes the possibility of connecting soundbars, portable speakers, and all kinds of compatible headphones. Although the package does not include speakers, you are free to purchase the sound devices that best suit your needs or desires.

What is an Ultra Short Throw Projector?

An ultra-short-range laser projector is a unit that can deliver excellent image quality. So, when using this device, the user should only have a distance of 30 cm or 15 inches. Besides, you can project the image of movies, series, and other streaming content, on any wall or screen.

Also, this unit offers the same features like a smart TV. This simply means access to a large amount of streaming content from this device. Also, any user will have the ability to connect additional devices via USB, or via Bluetooth connection. In short, it is a versatile multimedia device.

LG HF85ja Review 2019 vs 2017

When comparing the 2019 ultra-short-range laser projector with 2017, we can see that there are some innovative new features. For one thing, in the 2017 model, a large number of users had expressed complaints about the light output and contrast level that the device could provide. Of course, this led to some inconvenience in use.

On the other hand, the 2019 model has an image resolution capability that is optimized. This specifically means that the light output with a higher number of lumens has been improved. At the same time, the colors offered by this new model have a greater fidelity from the first use.

Additionally, all users will have the possibility of having a much more fluid selection of content. This means that the user interface is more comfortable and friendly, as no specific knowledge is required. Even when it comes to the initial configuration, this device will provide an easy and fast procedure.


  • Used fast and easy
  • Short-range
  • Operating system included
  • Pre-installed applications
  • Bluetooth connection
  • 20000 hours of life span
  • Excellent image quality
  • Highly portable device


  • The fan might not be as quiet
  • Excellent and detailed image only in the dark

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider purchasing this product as it can offer excellent performance and image quality in each of your favorite movies and series. It is also a device that is highly adaptable to different content formats.

  • Easy to Installation

To get the best result in the image quality of each of your series and movies you should install this device correctly. Also, you will not need any technical expertise on the subject, since it is a very simple procedure. No user should have any technical or specific knowledge about this unit.

First of all, you will need to have any furniture already in the house. This will provide you with the proper support so that this unit can project images correctly. However, this is a device that weighs only 2 kilos and is only 20 cm high. In other words, you can count on any type of furniture.

To enjoy up to 90 inches in image resolution, you should mount the device about 8 cm from a wall or screen. However, if you prefer to get a 120-inch image, you should separate your device from the wall with about 20-30 cm. So, you will be able to combine suitably and harmoniously the design of the decoration of your home.

Once you have done this, you can turn the device on and carry out the initial configuration process. This process is highly intuitive and easy to perform, so you will find no inconvenience. Additionally, you can add sound devices such as headphones or speakers. You can use the USB or Bluetooth connections for this purpose.

  • LG hf85ja vs LG PF 100u

While these are two devices that can offer excellent functionality, we must mention some differences between them. On the one hand, on the manufacturer’s website, we can notice that the LG PF 100 u is a model that is currently discontinued. Also, when checking the features, we can find many that are similar.

In the case of the model PF 100 u we must mention that it is an ultra-short-range laser projector that offers a full HD image.

So, it is possible to obtain an image size of over 100 inches, along with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Besides, among its features is reported a lifetime that can reach 30,000 hours, with proper care.

Both models offer applications that are already pre-installed and prevent the user from having to deal with the issue. However, the number of lumens that this second model provides is only 1000.

When considering the hf85ja model we can notice that the number of lumens is higher than 1500. This implies an optimized image quality.

As an additional point, we must indicate that the operation of the software is not the same in both cases. The model PF 100 u can provide a somewhat complicated interface operation that presents obstacles to users. In the same way, the model hf85ja will be able to offer a friendly, fluid, and easy to use interface.


To conclude this article, we can mention that it is a device that offers a reliable, safe, and highly efficient operation. So, it is one of the most attractive options for different users who want to obtain an excellent image quality. At the same time, the cost/benefit ratio is one of the most suitable, taking into account other brands’ devices.

So, it is possible to get a smart TV inside a highly compact and transportable device. This means having the capacity and high resolution of the image in any place or room of your home. While it’s a somewhat expensive ultra-short-range laser projector, the long life prevents the need to renovate this home implement.

Also, any user will notice the excellent versatility that this projector can offer. You can simply add a large number of secondary devices. Specifically, it is possible to add audio devices very easily through the USB connection, or using the Bluetooth connection.

In conclusion, you should consider what your needs are before purchasing this particular model. However, after reading the LG hf85ja review, you will notice that it is one of the most versatile and efficient devices on the market today. So, in a few steps, you will have a renewed and innovative experience in your home.

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