Cheapest 4k Projector of 2020 With Buying Guide – Picked by Experts

Just two or three years ago, a 4k projector would cost you 10,000 dollars or more. But, ever since Texas instruments released their new 4k DLP chip, we have been seeing cheap 4k projectors pop up all over the place. The consumer association standards say that any projector capable of projecting 8.3 million pixels on … Read more

What Is The Best Short Throw Projector In 2020? Top Picked By Our Experts !!

Best Short Throw Projector

The first generation of televisions were big, bulky CRTs. At first, they did not have color and had only a few channels available. Years have passed, and various models have color. Years after, TVs then started to take on a slimmer, lighter shape with better speakers and more options. Various models were introduced to help … Read more