Black Friday Projector Deals 2022: Start Date and Best Deals So Far !!

The Black Friday Projector Deals 2022 just knocking your door. Today we are here with an exclusive buyers guide for you. Hope you will shop much better than before with effortless online shopping this Friday, 27 November 2022.

Black Friday is one of the most significant shopping period and event in the UK calendar. Many people are waiting patiently on the biggest day to buy the best of the items on offer. From the details of the outcome on the Amazon Prime Day, the number of people who were online purchasing items was even more than last year’s Black Friday event.

The benefit that comes with back Friday discounts 2022 is what makes the event even better and worth waiting. The discount on electronics is great to the point that most of the people are aware of the benefits.

Black Friday Projector Deals 2022 Comparison Table


Top Rated Projectors For Black Friday 2022


 Editors Choice: Black Friday Projector Deals 2022 

Black Friday 2022 deals come with amazing projectors that you may be looking for best home entertainment. To help you get the right projectors for the home, we have reviewed some of the best for you this Black Friday. It has features that are different to suit different customers. From what the projectors offer, it may be your lucky day to get the exact projector that meets your requirement.

  1. ViewSonic M1+ Portable Smart Wi-Fi Projector 2022


Bring the best home entertainment right in your living room with the ViewSonic M1+ projector. The projector is portable to enable one to carry from one place to the other when installing and watching somewhere else. The ultra-portable projector comes with an 854 x 480-pixel resolution that delivers great entertainment in all rooms.

Projector brightness effect where it’s going to be used, whether indoors, outdoors, or even in a dark environment. The best experience comes with a big screen projection up to 100 inches from 8 feet to 9 inches. Are you using the projector in a small room, you don’t have to worry about the projector’s sound system. It comes with an inbuilt dual Harman Kardon Bluetooth projector that delivers room filled audio for the audience.

To some people, the sound may not be enough if they are fond of very loud audio. It has been integrated with WIFI that lets you stream from YouTube and other apps. Streaming is so beautiful when you have something that interests you. It’s also because the projector is smart TV enabled that makes it suitable to have.

Setting up the projector does not take much of your effort. It’s very simple and easy to do. Plug and play your videos, movies, pictures, and any other thing you want with the projector. With an inbuilt battery, the projector s provided you with 6 hours of power. It’s able to be used to charge mobile devices with the USB type C. Connectivity of the projector is flexible and able to connect to different devices. It supports most medial players, smartphones, Macs, and others. When you buy the projector, it comes with an included USB type C cable, remote control, M1+ projector, projector case, power adapter, and a quick start guide.


  • Great sound system
  • Easy installation and set up
  • Comes with inbuilt battery for longer use up to 6 hours
  • Flexible connectivity


  • The brightness is good it could be better for brighter rooms
  1. Optoma GT5500+ – Ultra Short Throw Gaming Projector


Optoma has some of the best projectors in the market with amazing features that make your entertainment better. It comes with a resolution of 1080p and exceptional brightness that gives bright and clear images from any environment. With 3500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 25000:1the images are well detailed and vibrant. The GT5500+ projector is a short-throw projector that is able to produce a large screen.

The screen up to 100 inches makes it possible to watch big-screen movies and shows to your content. The projector has been designed to be perfect for gaming and the best to have for gamers. Movies are even the best with clear images well detailed, even in dark scenes. In a way, it has been designed to make your movies even more exceptional.

The fan noise is not that loud. It could be said to be acceptable at 28dB. The 3D sync port of the projector enables it to use the Active RF 3 glasses. 3D glasses are made to increase the depth and lessen eye fatigue. Connectivity is good with dual HDMI, dual audio inn, and also VGA and more. The throw ratio of the optoma projector is 0.25:1. Get Optoma projector and enjoy amazing


  • User friendly
  • 3D enabled
  • 1080p resolution
  • Flexible connectivity


  • Fan noise could make some improvement
  1. Optoma UHD30 True 4K – Lowest Input Lag on 4K Projector


Get Optoma UHD 30 true 4k projector and enjoy an amazing cinematic experience. It delivers high-quality home cinema to feel with its ultra HD. It as well comes with 8.3 million distinct addressable on scree pixels to produce exceptional images. Optoma UHD 30 projector is perfect for lag-free gaming and has ultra-fast 240 Hz. The speed of the projector gives a smooth visual when playing. The enhanced gaming mode of the projector gives you a more beautiful experience. It produces a 16ms response time or 26 ms at 4k UHD for the lowest input lag.

You enjoy images that are bright, as well as more detailed for you. This is thanks to the HDR and HLG on the projector. HDR10 and the HLG Technology used on the projector enable you to enjoy deeper blacks on darkness and brighter whites. The enhanced viewing experience of images, videos, and others.

It comes with ultra-detail technology that enhances image sharpness to give crystal clear images. The RGBWEGBW 8 segment color wheel is able to increase the color ratio to give richer, cinematic, and vivid images. Its dynamic black technology provides more depth to the images to create a high contrast ratio.

Installation of the projector is as easy as a walk in the park. You can set the projector anywhere you are comfortable. From the ceiling, table, wall anywhere is fine with correct images. You can correct the picture to the right position with the 1.1 zooms and plus or minus 40-degree keystone correction. The brightness is 3400 lumens, which is perfect for bright rooms and for bright images.

With the variety of inputs, the projector is able to connect to most media players, pcs, gaming consoles, mobile outputs, and others. It enables you to watch and connect anything you as long as it’s supported. The lamp life can be used for up to 15000 hours to enable a ten-year use for 2 hours a day. The projector’s standard throw projection goes up to 100″ from 11 feet away and up to 302 inches.


  • Easy to set up from anywhere in the room
  • Portable
  • Lamp life of 15000 hours
  • Image projection up to 302.”
  • Color wheel color technology


  • With the color wheel technology, a slight rainbow effect is likely to be experienced
  1. Optoma X343 – DLP Professional Projector

Are you looking for an ideal projector for the classroom, meeting, and other office use? Optoma X343 XGA DLP projector has got you covered with all the features to make performance better. For the meeting room image to appear bright and colorful is thanks to its picture quality. The image quality leaves you dumbfounded by the way your presentation and movies appear on the screen. X343 projector gives vibrant clear text and graphics on the content displayed on your screen. The resolution of the projector is also an amazing factor that affects image quality and appearance of content. The projector’s contrast ratio goes up to 22,000:1 that allows you to get amazing images. The images tend to be detailed, vivid, and bright. It gives you whiter whites and darker dark, especially the dark scenes, is more visible.

The brightness of the project is impressive at 3600 lumens, able to work in most environments. Since it has been designed to be used in a brighter environment, you will not miss out on the amazing offers it comes with. Connecting the projector to other devices is easy, and no special connectivity is required. It has been equipped with VGA, HDMI, and also composite. The input ports allow you to connect other important devices when needed. The lamp life is good and can be used up to 10 years without thinking of a replacement.

When you use 15000 hours of the lamp, you can use a maximum of 4 hours a day for a good ten years. It comes with an easy installation with the vertical keystone correction and a 1.1 x zoom capability. It’s flexible, no matter where you are doing your installation. Since the projector is meant from a small to medium room, the sound quality is good. An in-built integrated speaker of 10 watts enhances your presentation with the sound and makes it simple with no need for external speakers. For one, it’s portable, making it easier for you to handle the projector.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Portable
  • The sound system is fair
  • Lamp life is good


  • The sound could be better.
  1. ViewSonic PS600X  – Short Throw Projector for Home and Office

ViewSonic PS600X projector has everything one needs for perfect home entertainment. Getting the projector brings an amazing cinematic experience and laughter to your home. The projector is versatile with advanced visuals in all environments. It’s an ideal projector for education rea and corporate environments. It gives clear texts on the screen, the same as the graphics on the presentations when using the projector for the business environment.

The projector’s brightness is 3500 lumens, which is very good for a bright room full of ambient light. You get bright images that go up to 120″. Watching beautiful images on a big screen is what everyone is looking for a better experience. Simple set up is what you do with the projector from the moment you have identified where to place it.

The controls make it possible to have the right image up on the screen. All you do is plug your projector and play presentations, movies and pictures as you wish. Most projectors don’t work well for home and corporate use, but the ViewSonic PS600X projector is one of the few that gives you that opportunity.

The projector’s lamp life is 15000 hours, perfect for a good 10 years of use for you. To get the 10 years of use is when the projector is on superEco modes that allow it to shine bright for all those years—best for amazing connectivity that supports various devices.


  • Easy to use and operate
  • Lamp life of 15000 hours
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Great for home and corporate environment
  • Six segment color wheel


  • Has no lens shift
  1. LG HU80KA 4K UHD – Home Theater CineBeam Projector 2022


Home entertainment starts from what devices you have at home for entertainment. Having a projector to create a perfect home theatre could be a great starting point for getting the best entertainment. LG HU80KA 4k UHD is an amazing one to have at home for home theatre. HU80KA projector has an excellent resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The resolution is amazing for superb images on the screen. With the brightness of 2500 lumens, you get bright images. It’s good for a bright environment, including a class, if you what to teach a lesson. It has in-built speakers that help to produce spectacular sound enough for the room.

Getting a good sound is incredible for better entertainment. You could get an external speaker for your use if the sound is not up to your need. The images could be up to 150″ on the screen. It’s hard to get a big image on some other projectors but not the LG HU80KA projector. Its design on its own makes it unique and small enough to fit your space. HDR10 is compatible to give you the most detailed content and very clear. You could connect via Bluetooth to the projector and enjoy audio, videos, and others.


  • Great design
  • Easy to use
  • Space-saving
  • HDR10 compatible
  • Bluetooth connectivity possible


  • The sound could be better
  1. Optoma UHD51A 4K – Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant


Optoma UHD51A 4k projector brings the best for your home entertainment. There is nothing as comfortable as having a movie time right in your home. Compatibility with Alexa and google assistant is excellent. It helps you take control of the projector with voice commands. You get to power the projector on and off. With your voice command, you can so many things at once, including adjusting volume control USB media playback and also change inputs.

It’s a true ultra 4k HD projector with a high-quality experience with 8.3 million distinct pixels. The DLP projector comes with amazing colors. The HDR10 technology and the DC1-P3 color gamut and gives you perfect displays. It provides deeper blacks, brighter whites, and also greater color depth.

The ultra-detail technology gives enhanced image sharpness with a higher frame to deliver incredible images. The installation of the projector is flexible. It does not matter where you install the projector from the ceiling, wall, or even table. It’s all easy with the 1.3 x manual and 0.8-2.0 digital keystone lens shift and keystone correction.

It’s an ideal projector for gaming with all the features to make gaming better. It’s able to connect to the latest consoles and makes an immersive experience. Lamp life is long at 15000 hours, enabling a 4 hour a day for 10 years.


  • Long lamp life
  • Installation is easy
  • Connect to the latest gaming consoles


  • The sound could be amazing
  1. Epson Home Cinema 2150 – Wireless 1080p 3LCD projector


Most of the people who have come across Epson projectors must have seen the Epson Home cinema 2150 in the market. Bypassing a product is always there when your mind is fixed on something else. Epson Home Cinema 2150 projector has all the amazing features you could be looking for home entertainment. It’s bright, making it ideal for different lighting conditions.

Epson Home Cinema 2150 comes with a brightness of 2500 lumen equal color brightness a white brightness. When the color and white brightness are equal, the images tend to have amazing brightness and has no fading in any area. You get widescreen Full HD 1080p entertainment up to 132inches diagonally. It gives you a 4 x lager image display than a 60-inch flat panel. The dynamic contrast ratio of the projector is impressive up to 60000:1.

It enables you to get richer detail in the dark scenes. The enhanced projection technology gives image enhancement as well as frame interpolation for sharp, lifelike, and smooth images. Wireless screen mirroring is possible and allows you to mirror photos, apps, videos, and others to the projector. Stream your favorite movies, games, and shows directly to the projector with the MHL enabled devices and mirroring. Since you are able to stream, you could always get the mages you want, especially when streaming HD TV.


  • Easy to use
  • Bright color and white display
  • Easy to handle
  • Streaming is possible
  • Comes with mirroring feature


  • No Major Issue
  1. Epson HC1450 Home Cinema – MHL Video Projector 2022


Projectors are so many in the market that it is hard to get a good one for home use. Though it’s a bit tricky, it’s all sorted with the review. Get your Black Friday 2022 projector here and enjoy the best ever home time with family. During the holidays, you are spending time together as a family, strengthens the bonds and gives positive vibes around the home. Epson HC1450 Home Cinema projector has such special effects on families.

The brightness of the HC1450 projector at 4500 lumens perfect for bright room use. A projector with more resolution tends to have an incredible image display. The number of pixels is what makes an image what it is. You can as well use the projector outdoors and still get bright images without distortion. Both the color brightness and white brightness gives the bets without undermining the other.

With the projector at home, you make your everyday exceptional. The full HD 1080p projector ensures you get sharp larger images as you wish for better entertainment. You can watch big-screen images larger than life from the comfort of your home. You can watch movies, sports, videos, pictures, and others by connecting the device to the projector. Connectivity is good and easy to do. It’s an easy projector to handle, especially when doing the installation. The sound is also good at 16 W inbuilt that ensure you get incredible sound.


  • An inbuilt 16W speakers
  • Easy to install
  • Brightness is amazing at 4500 lumens
  • Great for both indoors and outdoor use
  • Great design
  • Resolution is good


  • For what the projector hold, the sound could be better
  1. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB – True 4K PRO-UHD 3-Chip Projector


Epson Home Cinema projector 5050UB is a well-known projector meant for home entertainment. Its performance is amazing and could be said to be the best among its “peers.” It has been designed with advanced 3LCD technology to deliver images on a 100 percent RGB color signal. The technology allows you to get outstanding images from the wide color gamut on the projector.

The projector gives you amazing colors on the images and still maintains its brightness. The color brightness and white brightness gives excellent brightness on both ends without rainbowing issues. It comes with advanced pixel-shifting technology that controls the 3LCD chips to parallel process millions of pixels.

The resolution enhancement technology gives exceptional image resolution you could ever imagine. It has a great effect on the way images appear when enhanced and when not. It provides an outstanding visual experience that is sharp. The HDR 10 technology is also used on the projector to reproduce HDR content for an even better visual performance. You should not underestimate the Epson home cinema 5050UB projector on what it can do for you. It has amazing visual enhancement features, including real-time 12 bit analog to digital video processing. It helps keep the tonal transmission smooth and eliminate banding, compression artifacts, and blocking from the visual you get.

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB gives you the content from the source just the way in was meant to be shown brightness is good and capable of producing the 4K content for both white and color brightness. It allows exceptional HDR performance and also provides the wider performance you need. Ultra-Black technology creates a compensation filter that controls the polarization of light. Thanks to the dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, you get the best black levels. It has a three-axis motorized precision lens designed to make sure there is no light leakage. You can shift the lens 47 % to the left or right horizontally and 96% up or down vertically.


  • Amazing color and white brightness display
  • Color technology is superb
  • Supports pixel shifting for resolution enhancement
  • The contrast ratio is good at 1000000:1
  • Supports HDR 10


  • No Major Issue

What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday is usually the Friday that follows immediately after thanksgiving. This is the time the biggest retailers begin the holiday shopping season all out. This is the craziest time that has can lead to the people busting the doors of the shops to getting the best items on display. Hence the name doorbusters as literary busting the entrance for the best discounts out there.

Since this is the time that many people are looking forward to getting the best electronic with great discount, it has to be fantastic. This year the deals are there but it’s no longer a doorbuster situation. COVID 19 has restricted close contact with others hence keeping distance. With this at hand people will have to buy goods online or queue on the line while keeping a one-meter distance from each other to enter and by items on the stores.

Black Friday projector deals are so much better than any other ordinary shopping time. It’s the time that you tend to get the best of the projector at cheaper prices with better performance. There is an expectation that the Black Friday projector deals for 2022 are going to be better and great. Its all because people have been waiting for this day the whole with the tension that has been on everyone.  It should be posted sometime in October and November as expected.

Can I Go For Epson Projector Black Friday Deals 2022?

Sure. Epson projector is one of the best to have for business and entertainment, but they could be expensive sometimes. The price of the Epson projectors could be a bit too much for someone, but during the Black Friday period, you will be surprised. Last year’s black Friday projector deal was tremendous and was dominated with some of the best Epson projectors.

Some of the projectors included the Epson Powerlite 1781W Wireless, Epson Home Cinema 3700, Epson Pro EX9210 Wireless and Epson Pro EX9220 Wireless. All of these projectors are good in the market and could take quite a huge buck out of your pocket. But, during the Black Friday event, they tend to be very cheap as it is sold at a discounted price. Regarding that question, the Epson projector deals will also be one of the tops to look forward to buying. This means that you should not miss out on it.

Benq Projector Black Friday Deals Worth It or Not In 2022?

Well, this is an excellent question to those that experienced the best of the Black Friday over the years. It is absolutely worth your time, money and efforts.

All the electronic devices and products come with great performance and features that are incredibly affordable during this period. The discount on the Benq projector is excellent that can be said from the products that have been sold over the years. It is absolutely worth it to look forward to Benq projector discount display on the upcoming Black Friday event.

Though they have not mentioned the presence of Benq projector for 2022, it has been there the previous years, and many have been on to it. The projector deals will be placed online in October and November. This is the period that the Benq will probably be brought forward to display.

Black Friday Projector Screen

Since black Friday comes with great projector deals, it also comes with an incredible projector screen display. It does not matter which screen you may be looking forward to, but you will get all of it. During the Black Friday shopping period, many of the electronic products will come with astounding features at very low prices. It is good that you should not be left out. If you are looking for the best affordable projector screen to use at home, this is the right time for you to get started and wait for the day.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

  • Are There Any Black Friday Projector Deals In 2022?

Projectors have become part of our daily life with the needs we have at hand. The answer is yes. There are lots of Black Friday projector deals in 2022, and it’s up to you to get yours ready. Projectors get your movies to experience to the next level at home. To get the best projector, you must be wary not all deals are as great as it says.0n this day, the deals are plenty, so is the piece also great. Black Friday deals on Amazon is impressive with great specs and also great discounted price. The best projectors are always Full HD and have great features that include inbuilt speakers that will not need external speakers to connect. You could go for the mini projector Black Friday deals with discounted code and best mini coupon code to save more money.

  • What Is The Black Friday Projectors Discount?

Black Friday is a big day for making sales on items. Competition is high hence the discount to attract more customers. Each product has its own discount, and not all of them are the same. On some items, you must spend a certain amount to get the discount, but in some, it comes with a discount even if you buy one item. Black Friday discount is the product’s price but not the actual price before a certain percent reduces it. Over the years, there was a massive discount on Laser projectors from several major brands and other projectors to make a good sale. You need to know is that the discount has a limited time.

  • Is Black Friday Cancelled In 2022?

2022 has been a much challenging year with lots of hardship since the COVID 19 pandemic hit the world. Black Friday is not cancelled and is coming up. With Black Friday here, we know that your favorite items could up on sale at a fantastic price that you don’t want to miss. We don’t know how COVI19 will affect the sales this year, but we know things will be different. To keep distance, most people are going online buying and order. Home delivery has been the order of the year so far.

  • Is Black Friday good For The Economy?

Black Friday’s effect on the economy is debatable, with some arguing on it being good for the economy while others think otherwise. Some say that are in favor and say have effect t of spending driving the economic activity. In turn, it keeps the money into circulation and buoys the economy. Some say that the influence of the vent is negligible with short term effect. It has both good and bad impact on the economy, if it may count. For example, when the event’s discount continues for long, it may lead to a cut on staff, increase unemployment, and more. It will lead to decreased income tax receipts and raise the welfare burden hence having a negative effect economy.

  • Does Amazon have Black Friday?

Yes. Like last year’s Amazon has Black Friday deals week event and offers new deals every five minutes for eight full days. It was an amazing week with Black Friday deals meant for the customers. Amazon has been one of the pioneers of the modern Black Friday craze, with its deals coming from way back. Amazon offers lighting deals and the deals of the day. The deal of the day, as it suggests, is the deals discounted for the day. Lightning deals are the deeply discounted items.

  • What Date Is Black Friday In November?

Black Friday has always been the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday in 2022 will be on Friday 26th November. It’s a great day to start shopping for all the things you want. No need to worry about being crowded; you can start shopping on Thursday, thanksgiving day. It starts early for early shoppers and still get great deals.

  • Will Verizon Have Black Friday Projector Deals?

Verizon comes with amazing black Friday’s deals, and so are projectors deal part of it. I 2019, they offered deals on a 50% discount on items (most probably). It comes with deals to make you save big, and this year is no different. Get ready for amazing deals this Black Friday 2022.

  • Is Black Friday Really Cheaper?

When we talk of whether it’s cheap or not, it depends on what you’re looking for. For some products, the discount makes it cheap for others. It’s still the same. Black Friday has always been the day to make the customers happy with amazing deals. Some people have raised the issue that some products are not discounted as it suggests on the page. Whether it’s true on not cheaper depends on the product you are getting. From reviews of long term customers on Amazon, black Friday is terrific for cheap products.

  • Is Black Friday Projector Deals Worth It?

Black Friday deals are different on products, and it depends on what you want to get. Projectors’ deals are also expected to be there. Over the years, there have always been projector deals on the menu. Though the deals differ every year, great projectors come in at excellent prices. Get ready with a list of projectors you would like to get on the wish list and get your updates if available. Also, you could wait to look at the deals that will be presented and get yours. All need to do now is to be ready for the best deals and have your budget all set for the day.

  • Is Black Friday Cancelled At Amazon?

No. Though the year has been rough on retailers and online stores, Amazon is still standing strong. This year Black Friday is always going to take place with many deals expected to be in place. Though many stores have suffered significant losses over the years, things are going back to normal. Black Friday is still on and takes on 26th November. Be prepared for it.


Black Friday is the most waited day in the USA calendar. It stirs up excitement and saving mode for the big day. It is the best time to get the best of the electronic products at affordable prices. For you to enjoy even more of the deals that will be put forward for sale is to be up to date with black Friday update and prepare early. Being the most awaited day on the shopping calendar, the product deals on sale should absolutely be great and with outstanding features. So now don’t miss this Black Friday Projector Deals 2022.