Why You Should Go For a Projector Instead of a TV (In-Depth Research)

Why You Should Go For a Projector Instead of a TV
Why You Should Go For a Projector Instead of a TV

With the advancement of technology each day, people are going for performance and ease of use on electronics. Many people are projectors over televisions due to the great features and the advanced system it comes with to enjoy their entertainment.

Projectors are giving people more options for entertainment like watching movies, viewing photos, listening to music, playing games, using for business presentations and many others. Some of these factors are very important to people and hence go for the projectors. Here we are going to look at some of the factors that make people go for projectors over TV sets.

Projector More Portable

There is no way you carry your TV on the backpack and take it wherever you want, but it is much different from the projectors. It is much easier to carry your projector anywhere you and enjoys your games and movies. When you go camping with friends, you will not be bored at all as you only bring it in your bag and set it up within minutes of which is not the case with the TV.  When tired of watching indoors, you take it at the backyard and watch your favorite program with friends easily without much straining. This all due to the portability features the projectors come with that lack in the TV set.

Safety From Kids And Pets Knocking It Over

With kids and pets at home, you have to be extra careful with the way electronics are placed ad handled. When having your TV set at home and placed right on top of the TV stand, there is a high chance that the children will knock it off while playing or even your cat may jump on top of it and knock it down. To avoid this inconveniences, the projectors become more suitable to have at home as they are installed beyond kids and pets reach. Since the projectors are mounted on the walls or ceiling, there is no way it may be knocked down.

True Movie Experience

Though many people enjoy watching movies differently, that does not mean that they prefer to have squeezed content to watch. The TV movies are incredibly good already but taking it to another level of viewing is even more breathtaking and impressive. When watching movies with the projector on the screen, you have a chance to adjust it to the right position and size you would like which is not possible with your TV. The projector brings you the true home theatre experience with significant projector screen capability. Watching movies that are beyond 100 inches, the images become more vivid and bright and lifelike.

Budget In Your Range

The price range of your TV and a projector may be the same or one may be slightly higher than the other. This may be a big issue, especially when checking on the budget. But it is also good to understand the quality of the performance and the benefits the TV and the projector has. Some projectors can be very expensive while others very cheap, which makes then better is the features they have and the performance they hold.

The image quality of the projector is incredible and may not be compared to that of the TV in any way. This is als0o because they have a large image and very clear and color and white brightness are very well balanced giving out striking images and video that surpasses that of the TV. Therefore, when going on the TV and projector, you may decide to get an expensive projector to enjoy more quality content and leave a cheaper TV behind.

Possible To Multiple Uses

The projector can be used in numerous ways without interference with the other. You may decide to use your projector for business presentations, movies, shows, games, and also for music and photos. The different use of the projector is what makes it better than using the TV at home. The capability of the projector to have multiple uses is incredible making it surpass the TV use at homes in a very great margin. The more an electronic is excellent in its performance, the more it is in demand to meet the need of the people. As more people know of the use of the projector at home the fewer people use the TV set at homes.

  • For Gaming

There are different types of games today, and each game will play well depending on the type of device it is played on like the pc or the PlayStation.  There is no way you are able to play games on your TV with pads, but that is different from the projector. When you decide to go for a projector over TVs for your gaming, you are at a better position to enjoy your gaming and others than those with TV sets.

The projector can be easily connected to the gaming consoles like the XBOX, PS4, PS3 and other play stations and enjoy the gaming hub at yours. It only takes a moment to set. The gaming on the screen from the projector is huge and very clear and also the lag time of the projector is great. This makes gaming projectors to be remarkable and enjoyable. The motion of the games is not affected no matter the game that you are playing on the screen.

  • For Movie Night

Movie Time Using Projector
Movie Time Using Projector

Watching movies at night could be very interesting especially when with friends and family. This could be great for bonding and also interacting with each other.

When thinking of watching the movies at night in the backyard, it may be difficult to carry your TV set out to watch, but with a projector, it’s just a matter of minutes. Setting up the projector is very simple and easy at the backyard and does not require much effort as long as there is a source of power within reach.  It is very difficult to carry the TV set to the backyard as it is tiresome to many people carrying to and from is hectic and hence many prefer to get a projector for the movies at night at the yard at night.

  • The Outdoor Party

Sometimes its good to invite friends over and enjoy a party and relax from all the stress of the whole week.  To experience the best party and entertainment from your home, you may decide to carry your projector outside and connect to watch. Since most of the projectors come with inbuilt speakers, you do not need to get an external one unless it is really necessary to have them for your use

It only takes you a few minutes to finish setting up the projector and you are set for the party. When thinking of using the TV for the party, you are limited in the place and space in your home, and also it will be tiresome to carry it out.

Possible To Get A Bigger Picture With A Projector

The entertainment in watching movies and playing games all depends on the quality of the picture and also the size.   The size of the images will depend on whether it is from the projector or the TV set. For you to experience the best and bigger picture, the projector is the best option that televisions of the same price range. The images that are shown on the projector can go up to the size of 100 plus inches and still get to enjoy clear and detailed images or contents on the screen. The TV set may show the best images, but they may not be compared to the size the projector brings.

Simple Setup

When it comes to setting up and installing the projectors, they are improved on it and will take up to 30 minutes to be done with the installation. Though the TV set seems to be easy to set up, it may take you long to connect all the required ports and cable to get the required signal plus also you have to connect the antenna. What most people do not look about this is that it takes too much energy to do so. Most of the projector released to the market today is even easier to install as they are just used immediately remove from the box. This is because you can place your projector on the table and turn it on to use.

Save Your Floor

With the Television in your home, you need to either place it on the wall or look for a stand for it taking most of the floor space in your home. The position of the TV on the sitting room makes it the center of attention while everyone is doing their own thing and also the stand may be too huge limiting even the movements of the kids around.

The good thing with having the projector in your home is that it saves your space and you could use it for something else. The projector can always be hanged on the wall, ceiling, and also it is used on a tripod stand once they are being used. This will not only save your space but also helps to avoid damage from the children and pets. This could be a good reason to enjoy more space and great entertainment right in your living room at no extra cost. This is because the amount of money you would use to get the TV is the same as the one for projectors and even lower.

Enjoy The True Advantage Of The 4K Resolution

When it comes to 4 K technology, the images produced are more explicit and much more beautiful with more pixels. The good thing with the 4K technology is that the images they deliver are crisper and show every little detail of the contents.

Though some of the TV is able to display contents in 4k projectors, they become even more enjoyable when shown through the projectors.

Projectors that are designed to work well with 4K technology are very incredible in every aspect. They are capable of making images that are not of 4K capability to be one with just up calling than to the 4 K technology. This makes everyone enjoy the images that are beyond even the cinematic experience. The contents delivered with the breathtaking quality are amazing, and they are even more beautiful when they are shown on a large screen and bigger. The only difference between the projector and TV with 4K technology is the size of the screen and the details they show of the content.


There is a big difference between the projector and a stationary television set in your home. The reason most people go for a projector than the TV now is the fact that it is easier to carry the projector to any area in the compound and enjoy your show or entertainment than having a TV set. Carrying your  TV to a different location it is not easy, but with the projector, it takes a few minutes. Portability of a projector is what makes people go for it. When having friends over for a holiday and you want to enjoy the breeze outside the house, you take the projector out and connect to watch your entertainment step by step and then take it back inside after you are done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Someone searching Frequently Asked Questions Of Projectors buying Guide
Someone searching Frequently Asked Questions Of Projectors Buying Guide

Can the Projector Replace TV?

  • The era of using the only TV for watching movies and other things are long going out of it. The projector is becoming more and cheaper and brighter than it was years ago. This makes it more suitable than most of the TV. It is true that the projector can easily replace TV by far in terms of the features and performance they offer.

Are Projectors Better For Your Eyes?

  • The screen on the projector is made to be more comfortable with the people around that are using it. It has been made to avoid the spilling of the rays from inside to the people around. The safety of the people has been placed into consideration by the manufacturers. The images are clear and detailed bringing the lifelike images. Another thing to note about projectors is that you are able to watch from afar and not necessarily have eye staining issues.

Do Projectors Use More Electricity Than A TV?

  • The usage of power is determined by the size of the screen of the television. The bigger the screen, the more energy consumption you get. On the other hand, the power consumption of the projector is determined by the brightness of the projector. The projector, therefore, uses more energy than a TV set. Also for the projector not to use too much energy, they have been designed with the power saving modes that regulate the brightness and power consumption.

How Does A Projector Last?

  • The more you use your projector, the more the lamb life reduces. Since the electronic components of the projector last for decades, it will depend on so many factors that surround the projector. Some factors that can reduce the life of the projector include poor handling, poor ventilation, overheating, dust and others. These factors may seem small and insignificant, but they are very important.


There are so many advantages that come with getting a projector over having the TV set as they are not even on the same level when it comes to some features. The projector comes with various features like multimedia ports, multiple uses, photo sharing music, gaming capacity, business presentations and many more. The multiple purposes of the projector and the flexibility is what makes it worthy of their money and time. An excellent example of the difference between them is the fact that you may carry your projector from one place to another to use and not the case with the TV set.

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