Top 11 Best Projector Mount 2021 With Buying Guide (Ceilling Mount)

Projector on the ceiling
Projector on the ceiling

Every home becomes lively and exciting, depending on the electronic accessories you have and need. For every home entertainment, its as good as the devices and other accessories you got.

It does not matter what you are looking forward to having a mount for your speakers, television, or even the projector. What matters is the optimal performance they deliver when mounted.

Top Rated Projector Mounts 2021 Comparison Table

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Why Need A Projector Mount?

If you have the option to enable your projector mount without the use of a large awkward table. Projector mount not only save your spaces It’s Increase your room decor quality.

Many of the home entertainment devices do not come with gears that help in the setting up for the maximum performance, and you may have to buy them yourself. If you are thinking of getting yourself a good mount for your projector that you have just gotten recently for optimal performance, then you are in luck. Mounts and brackets are always readily available in many online platforms and readily available for any in-home projector.

Why these mounts are suitable for your home projector, is because they can rotate, shiel, and move in a  that it helps in positioning the images on the screen on the right position. Its primary purpose is to make your home entertainment set up easier.

For you to get more information on the different types of  projector mounts, we have selected some of the best for you

The Top Rated Best Projector Mount For 2021

VIVO Universal Adjustable White Ceiling Projector

VIVO Universal Adjustable White Ceiling Projector | Projection Mount Extending Arms Mounting Bracket (MOUNT-VP01W)

The VIVO universal mounts have a simple design and very intuitive and fit the majority of the projectors in the market. It has been designed and made from steel that is of high grade and comes in two colors, either white or black. For the Vivo mount to fit your projector, it must have a hole in the back that is of 12.5 or less inches.

The high-grade steel material used for the mounts makes it durable and able to support the weight of the projector up to 30lb. Just like the name suggest, the mounts if fully adjustable with 15-degree tilt, swivel, and 360 degrees when it comes to rotation. This way the mount is able to hit all the right angles of the projector viewing. With the Vivo adjustable mounts, you can hang just 6’ from the ceiling. You can enjoy the best display you want and also the size without you changing the position of the projector every time you want.

On the top of the Vivo mount, you will find a mounting plate that is designed with four holes for installing on the ceiling. Still, on the plate, they have attached an arm that is adjustable and allows you to swivel, rotate, and also tilt. Also, the bottom bracket has four holes that help in the fastening of your projector, making it fitting and tight.

The whole installation process is very easy and simple; to begin with, you may not need the assistance of a professional to do so. Just follow the instruction step by step, and you will make it within a few minutes.


  • Have holes in the plate for easy fitting with the projector
  • Is fully adjustable
  • Able to tilt, swivel and rotate for excellent image positioning
  • Made from high-grade steel material
  • Can hold a projector of up to 30lb


  • Mode of fastening could be limited
  • All the hardware come packed in one plastic bag
  • The washers and spacer are tiny and could be hard to secure especially with large hands

Amer Universal Projection mount

Universal Projector Drop-in Ceiling Mount

The drop in projector mount has been designed to replace the standard ceiling tile. It has been designed with a reinforced steel plate, making it stronger and the best to hold any projector. It can help to support a projector with a weight of up to 30lbs and still firm.

When you look at the projector mount, you will find it to be very light weighted with a heat-dissipating surface for the entire environment in the home. It has multiple mounting points for alignment to make it easy for you when setting up the mount in the ceiling. The plate sports have been designed as well to accommodate the cables and the electrical components for safety precautions and save space too.

The mount is able to flush with the ceiling surface thoroughly. What makes it even easier to install is the lightweight capability designed with it since the projector mount can provide perfect alignment and very convenient for multiple mounting points for you.

Just from all the other mounts for any home, your mount should be able to make it easier for you to rotate the projector to a perfect position for you to view the images in the right angle.


  • Lightweight
  • Made of steel material
  • Can withstand up to 30lbs of the projector weight
  • Easy to install
  • It’s well on the ceiling
  • Is able to hold any projector up
  • It is able to offer cable management
  • The design was universal


  • Adjusting the mount is difficult

DYNAVISTA Full Motion Universal Ceiling Projector

DYNAVISTA Full Motion Universal Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket with Adjustable Height and Extendable Arms Rotating Swivel Mount for Home and Office Projector (Black)

Dynavista Full Motion has been designed for everyone with a compatible projector. The compatibility of Dynavista is incredible, which is universal to most of the projectors. The projector ceiling mount supports most of the brands with a distance between 12.1 inches and less. The usage of the mount is also good and can be used in a flat ceiling. Since it has been crafted from premium material and heavy-duty steel, you do not worry at all. It gives you a reliable projector mount with a maximum strength of 30lbs. Its appearance itself speaks on its own, making it more attractive to you. Having one of the Dynavista at hoe could be one of the decisions you make right for your home appliances and gadgets.

The adjustability of the Full Motion is good and can tilt 25 degrees up and down, and it swivels 90 degrees from left to the right. It also can rotate 360 degrees hitting all possible viewing angles. The mount’s extension is good at 43.6 inches and collapses to 23 inches from the ceiling and 8.9 inches without the arm. It’s easy to install from the start since it comes when it’s preinstalled. It can be set up in a few steps with quick hooks attached and detached by tightening and loosening mounting. The mount is easy to tighten to prevent it from shaking. When you buy the mount, it comes pre-assembled and all necessary hardware and instruction booklet. With all this you re sure to get the best of the mount


  • Installation is easy
  • Rotates 360 degrees and tilt 25 degrees
  • Great for most projectors
  • Comes pre-assembled


  • The support weight could be better

Projector Ceiling Mount for VIEWSONIC PG700WU PX700HD PX727-4K PX747-4K

Projector-Gear Projector Ceiling Mount for VIEWSONIC PG700WU PX700HD PX727-4K PX747-4K

Mounting a projector could be an easy thing to do too many but with the right gadgets. What Projector-Gear projector ceiling mount does is to make your mounting easy for you. When buying the mount, you receive at fasted rate due to the fast shipping feature. The mount has been guaranteed to fit well with the View sonic PG700WU PX700HD PX727-4K PX747-4K projector. It makes the ceiling mount easier for each of the projectors above and well fitted. It sets the projector 5″ from the ceiling for a perfect mount.

An incredible way to vie this mount is its way of displaying your projector in the house. In a way, it helps to save space at home, especially with small available space. If you were a thing of a perfect ceiling mount but have no right gadget, look into the projector gear ceiling. It makes the ceiling mount possible with the right angle and tilt features. The material used is 100% aluminum with great precision-machined design. It gives an incredible display feeling for everyone and at an affordable price. With the mount at home, you can enjoy a ceiling installed projector and watch your monies comfortable with no worry. There is no disturbance and distraction while watching with people passing. From a short distance, you enjoy great images on the screen as well as clear and precise images.


  • Superb image quality
  • Contrast is good for the dark video


  • It’s used on Viewsonic versions

VIVO Universal Extendable Projection Mount

VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector Mount | Height Adjustable Projection (MOUNT-VP02W)

When looking for a projector mount that can be able to support a variety of projectors in the market, and then the Vivo universal extendable mount is the ideal one for you. Since this projector mount is universal, it can support all the projectors that have holes on the back that is between 2 and 12.5 inches.

The construction of the mount is of the high-grade steel giving it a solid design to support heavy projectors without falling off the ceiling. When it comes to picture display on the screen, the mount has been designed to enable you to easily rotate, tilt and even swivel the projector whenever en in whichever position you want. When adjusting or setting up the projector, you will notice that the mount is able to extend the projector from 15 to 23 inches down from the ceiling.

Everything about the Vivo extendable projector mount is very easy to understand as well as installing it on the ceiling. Since the mount is white, it is able to blend well with any home decor to give you the desired result

It is much easier to view on any comfortable angle with the rotating capability while on the ceiling.


  • Easy to install and set up
  • It is adjustable for any rotation angle
  • Universal for most of the projectors in the market
  • Solid-body construction for high tolerance on any weight of up to 30 lb
  • Lightweight and easy to carry when installing
  • Able to extend from 15 to 23 inches


  • The lag bolts could be improved

AMER Projector Mount – Universal Ceiling Bracket

AMER Projector Mount - Universal Ceiling Bracket LCD DLP Tilt 360° Swivel 30lbs (White)

Bring the best of the cinematic experience at home with the AMER projector Mount fir our ceiling mount. With your projector installed on the ceiling, you tend to get the best of your entertainment. The cast aluminum projector mount adds simplicity to the mounting. The amount of the projector is a universal drop in and removes the hassle for you. It takes minutes to do so with quick and easy installation.

AMER Projector Mount has a universal design which is unique with an array of drop extension. It comes with cable management and makes the mount to adapt to almost any installation. The small projectors use 3 arms instead of 4 as long as the mounting points are smaller than the universal spider. You rotate the arms on the universal spider plate. The large projectors use the 4 arms provided by rotating the arms to suit. The very large projectors have mounting points over 12 inches apart. When installing this projector, use the optional extension arms and extent from 12 inches to 15 inches.

Featuring a reinforced steel plate and the aluminum to make it lightweight. The weight of the projector is up to 30lbs. The cast aluminum construction gives a strong, heat-dissipating, lightweight platform ideal for mounting any A-V in the suspended ceiling. The cable management ensures all cables are ell tucked away to be more appealing. When you get the projector mount, it comes with all screws, washers, tools for mounting. This means that you don’t have to buy extra parts to mount your projector. The flexibility is good with 180-degree pitch and yaw, rotation of 360 degrees for perfect alignment. The optional pole can be adjusted from any extension tube that is right for you and comes in white, silver and black color.


  • Comes with different color variations
  • Portable
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Great for universal ceiling installation
  • It’s flexible and rotates 360 degrees
  • Comes in a different color


  • The weight could be improved

Mount-It Projector Ceiling Mount

Mount-It! Projector Ceiling Mount for Epson, Optoma, Benq, ViewSonic LCD/DLP Projectors with Adjustability, Compact Universal Bracket Design, 44lb Load Capacity, Silver

Mount it universal mount has been designed to make every customer work much more comfortable, especially with the four adjustable arms. Most of the projector in the market is an excellent fit for this mount since it fits them all. Also, the arms of the mount are able to be removed to accommodate the projectors that require less than four mounting points.

When you adjust each of the connection arms, you are able to do it from 8.86 to 12.44 inches. This is to give the mount its projector mount an excellent compatibility capability with different users.

The projector has been made from a cold-rolled steel material that is very durable and able to carry projectors that weigh up to 44 lbs. This way, you will not risk your projector falling from the ceiling due to heavyweight. You can as well tilt the projector mount 15 degrees and 8 degrees of roll adjustment.

The plate of the mount in projector mount measures around 4’ x 4” making it a low profile mount at 5.1”. This could be good to others, but some still prefer a large measure mount. Therefore, you can go to a different projector mount with this capability. When you buy the best projector mount, it comes with standard size hardware and comprehensive installation manual for a more straightforward setup.


  • Low profile mount
  • Carry a projector of more than 44 lbs
  • Easy to install
  • Fully adjustable arms
  • The arms can be removed to accommodate others require a less mounting point
  • Fit for almost all projectors
  • Rotates to give clearer images and increased the performance of the projection


  • Brackets are short
  • Bolts are oddly shaped and size
  • It’s tedious to mount with a number of a do-over

Cheetah mounts APMEB Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

Cheetah mount universal projector mount is perfect for any projector out there. It has been designed to fit any them including those of less than 4 mount points. This is because the arms of the projector mounts can be removed to accommodate the other to install as well correctly. The mount is a 7’ low profile.

For those who prefer long extension, it comes with an extension pole that is able to extend up to  18 to 27 inches. The excellent thing about the projector mount is it comes with cable management. The center of the ceiling is stamped out to allow the cable to pass through to give clean cable management.

When the mo8nt comes with APMEB means that the ceiling is vaulted and is specifically designed for the vaulted ceiling. Since this mount was designed for the low profile mounting, it would be great if you could get an extension pole if not satisfied with this enjoy your movies and shows to your liking.

It also comes with safety cable and tether that lets the projector to be attached securely to the mount. Just like any other home with excellent entertainment need, the Cheater mount is perfect for them to enjoy the best entertainment with increased performance with adjustable mounts.


  • Is able to fit all projectors
  • Can as well fit those with less than 4 mounts
  • The arms are removable
  • Comes with an extension pole
  • Is able to extend up to 27 inches
  • Great cable management


  • The ball joint could be improved for it to be tightened

Monoprice Projector Ceiling Mount

Monoprice 106529 Ceiling Bracket with Swivel Rotation for Projectors

Monoprice projector mount is a high-quality projector mount that has been designed to give value for the money and even more. With this projector mount, you are able to suspend your projector on the ceiling and aim at the right angle that is suitable on your room. The monoprice mount is good for most of the projectors in the market and supports up to 50 lbs weight projector.  If you are looking for a low and high profile projector mount, then this is 6the best for you. This is because it is able to work as a low profile and high profile projector mount. It is able to extend up to 36” inch maximum pole.

The projector mount has a quick release that makes it easier for you to install it. At 30 degree, you are able to adjust your projector or either tilt or pan it to give you the right position you are looking for on the screen. At 360 degrees you are able to rotate the mount well to provide the best image position and size on your screen. The cable management of the mount is also proper since it gives a clean way to keep and manage your installation and connection. If there was no other choice on a projector mount for your projector, then you are good to go with  this one.


  • Great cable management
  • Easy to install
  • The adjustments are good
  • Able to give and extension of 35 inches
  • Comes with pole extension


  • The extension could be improved
  • Though it is suitable for almost all projectors, it might not work with all

QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-CA-3IN-W Projector Moun

QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-CA-3IN-W Projector Mount Kit Accessory Single Joist Ceiling Adapter, 3

The qualgear pro projector mount is excellent for wooden and concrete ceilings and offers the best support for your projector. The durability of the qualgear is one everyone dreams of for their projector support and very reliable. It has been designed with a solid steel construction a sturdy one that is able to support a weight of up to 30lbs with much ease.

Sometimes, the product you buy and the features it represents will determine the experience you get with them. When you expect long term support of your projector on the ceiling, you will have to look for a good projector mount that is suitable for your projector. Apart from the compatibility of the projector mount and the projector, it has to be very strong to withstand the different weights it may come across. That’s why the QualGear projector mount has been designed to cater to your needs and expectations of the mount.

The mount is usually a low profile at 6 inches from the wall sitting flush with the ceiling perfect for people who love low profile mounting. Since not all people are for low profile mounting, then they will have to look for a different choice of projector mount that suits their needs. The adjustment of the projector is excellent with multiple capabilities from 60-degree tilting, 20-degree roll, 360-degree swivel, 1-inch shaft, and 30-degree pitch. It is easier to set up the installation since the mount is able to snap in an out effortlessly.


  • It’s adjustable
  • Suitable for wooden and concrete ceilings
  • Low praline
  • Easy to install
  • It’s lightweight
  • Comes with an easy cable management


  • The design of the pivot bracket could be improved

Epson Universal Projection Mount Kit

Epson V12H808001 Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Kit

The Epson projector mount is excellent for low profile mounting with aesthetic design. The projector has been designed to work different projector in the market well and fit perfectly with excellent universal compatibility interface. If you have been intending to get one and wonder how to get the best projector mount for your projector but have no clue, then the Epson universal projector mount is excellent for you.

The projector mount has an independent roll, yaw, and pitch that enable you to have an easy installation on the ceiling. The projector mount can be installed in multiple options to the ceiling or even on  1 ½  column. Since the projector comes with a low profile installation capability, you may decide to go to a projector mount with high installation profile. But if you are a fan of low profile installation, then you are sure to enjoy the best projection in your home.

These mean that you get to watch your movies the way you like them on the screen.  The projector mount makes it much easier for you to control and save space in yours, especially if you are squeezed in your living room.     Before going for any of the projector mounts, including this one, check each of the reviews before you make the final decision for a more enjoyable watching in your home.


  • Great for low profile installation
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install and use
  • Saves space
  • Has been designed with solid construction material
  • It’s reliable


  • The manual could be improved

Peerless Precision Gear Universal projection Mount

Peerless-AV PRGS-UNV | Precision Projector Mount with Spider Universal Plate Black

Peerless precision gear universal projection mount is one of the best to have in any home, especially if you have a large projector of up to 50lbs. This is because the projection mount is able to withstand the load capacity of 50 lbs. It has the best patent-pending precision gear that is capable of accurate projection image alignment on the screen for that perfect imagery display. It has two adjustment knobs that control the projector image alignment on the screen from the ceiling. When the projection amount is bought from the market, it comes with a pre-assemble design that helps you to reduce the installation time.

It has horizontal wrench access that makes the mounting of the projection mount much faster and easier. The mount has been designed to be universal and comes with spider adapter to suit any of the projectors out there. What the precision gear does is to reduce the time it takes to do the installation and makes it much easier to align by turning ht knobs.


  • Comes with an adjustment knobs
  • Easy to do the installation
  • Easy to align for perfect viewing
  • It’s preassembled
  • Precision gear helps in reducing the installation time
  • The projection mount is designed for universal use
  • Comes with universal spider adapter


  • The adjustment of the projector could be improved

Elitech Projector Wall Mount

Elitech Short Throw Projector Universal Wall Mount up to 56

Elitech projector wall mount has been designed ad made with solid material for solid construction for long term use. It’s great for those looking for a better projection mount that is able to withstand the load capacity of any projector weight. Three wall mount is a bit different from the ceiling since the rotation and tilting is fixed in a specific direction. Though the load capacity of the projection mount is low at 25lbs, it’s great for lightweight projection mount. The projector can be extended from the wall at 40.” Up to 56.5” with its telescoping arm to give the best image projection.

With the projection mount, you are able to tilt up and down at 30 degrees to adjust the screen better. The projector can as well be rotated at 360 degrees to whichever angle that is appropriate for the viewers.


  • It’s able to extend up to 71 inch
  • The positioning is precision
  • It’s excellent and ideal for vaulted ceilings
  • Easy to install
  • Has high angle rotation and tilting


  • The projection mount is a bit expensive
  • The design is attractive, but it could be improved

You Should Know Before Buying The Right Projector Mount In 2021

  • Type of Mount

When looking for the best and ideal projection mount for your projector, you have to consider the type of mount that is great for your need. Each projection mount is different and works differently depending on the ceiling and the projector it can support. Therefore, this should be an essential factor to consider when getting your projection mount or better projection on your screen and alignment.

  • Durability

The first thing when you are about to select a good projection mount, you have to ask yourself if the projection mount can withstand the weight for long and the durability it is cable of having. The material used for designing and manufacturing matters a lot.

  • Budget

Another thing that you have to put in your mind is the amount of money you have set aside for buying the mount. It could not be a case of getting a projector mount that is too expensive for you to handle. You should be able to go for something that is good and within your rights.

  • Qualified Mounts or Not?

Each mount comes with different capabilities and is not the same. When you are going out to get one make sure it is worth the money or not. IA qualifier projector mount should be able to work as required. When the mount is not suitable for your projector or to your liking, then it is good to get rid of it before you could even buy it.

The Bottom Line

For every projection mount in the market, it has been designed to accommodate individual projectors with specific weights. Get yourself a good projection mount that is able to support the Wight of any projector and have incredible display capability. Therefore, from all the projection mount available n the market, it’s good to get an ideal one for yourself for better implementation and installation.

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