How To Connect MacBook Air To Projector? We Explained Your Questions

Many people are experiencing problems when it comes to connecting their MacBook Air to the projector that they have recently bought or have been using for a while. This may seem to be a small issue, but some may not know what to do at that particular moment.

Here we have come up with full instruction and explanation on what you may have to do next when you find yourself in that situation at home. This is a step by step procedure that is will take you a few minutes to follow and do them for the perfect result.

How To Connect MacBook Air To The Projector

Step 1: Turn Your Mac On

When you are getting ready to projector your item from your Mac to your projector you have to turn on your Mac and be ready for the content.

Step2: Plug Your Projector To The Power Source

Check where you are connecting your projector from to have a source of power. This could be easy by just connecting your projector to the wall socket outlet and turn it on for your use.

Step3: Connect Your Video Cables

Here, you are going to connect your video cable like the HDMI and the VGA to the Mac from the projector. In order for the setup and connection to be successful, you may need to have the Mac adapter cable. Since the Mac adapters come with different cables, you may have to get the one that works well with your video inputs. Therefore, knowing which of the adapters that you have is able to work well with the projector and the Mac Pro.

Step4: Click On The Apple Menu

When you have already connected your Mac Pro computer and the projector well, you may have to click on the Apple menu available at the top left corner of the screen. From there you have to go to the preference system on your screen and select it from the drop-down menu available there.

Step5: Select The Display IconYou Need

When you are done connecting your Mac to the projector and selecting your preference, it is now time to choose the display icon for yourself. Select the display icon and click the detect display button after the display window has appeared on the screen. For you to get the right display you want to make sure at this point that the projector and the Mac have been synchronized. This is because it is essential to work together for both the projector and the Mac Pro.

There is also a possibility that the projector and the Mac may not work well together and you may have to try something else like the following.

 First of all click on the apple menu found at the top left corner of the screen. If already seen the Apple menu select the system reference available from the drop-down menu still at the very same place. Then select the display icon at the screen.

After you are done with the selecting of the display icon, the display windows will appear then you will have to choose the arrangement tab that is found within the menu bar. You will have to check the mirror display box at the lower left corner of the window on the screen and wait for a few seconds until all the displays have been mirrored. When it is done, you will be able to see that all the images are the same on the projector and also in your Mac computer. With all this available information, you are able to connect your air Mac to the projector easily, and you may be done before you know it.

Sometimes it may take you a lot of time to gather all the things you need and setting it up, but with the right information, you are able to achieve the right result that you expect. Sometimes when you try to get it to work and refuse, you may have to conduct the manufacturers and help you to connect them well with the instructions that they will give you.

Now with all this available information, you are good to go and start connecting your projector to the Mac with the right cables.

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