What Is The Best Christmas Light Projectors For 2022? Reviewed Here !!

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Best Christmas Light projectors 2022

We can’t wait to share with you the best Christmas light projectors reviews with buying a guide of 2022 to make your Christmas next level.

Christmas season is one of the important holidays and season with lots of positive impressions in every household. In every household, the decoration is essential and helps them to create different moods. There are various decorations involved with exceptional lighting to create an impressive environment for a holiday.

Most of the people prefer to have laser projectors for perfect lighting outdoors. Since most of the people are looking for the best Christmas light projector outdoor, we have selected some of them for you and reviewed them for more detailed.

In most countries, Christmas is the most celebrated, whether with religious people or not. It is one of the most important celebrations of the year before the end of year celebrations. This is the time that most of the families come together and enjoy their time as one whole family.

Its time to help the needy on the street and the less fortunate ones. Most of the people go to community centers and do decorations with the needy in the community and enjoy the holiday together. Christmas is a great time with lots of deals on decorations all over online with incredible prices. If one is looking for exceptional decoration items online, this is the time to have a look at the online sites.

The Best Christmas Light Projectors Comparisons Table for 2022

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Top Rated Best Christmas Light Projectors Review With Buying Guide 2022

COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights, Star Laser projector

COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights, Star Laser Projector Light Show for Outdoor Decorations, Waterproof Landscape Lighting for Christmas and Holidays

Christmas season comes with many decorations in mind. Everyone’s trying to make the best of the seasons. Most of the people are going for the best outdoor laser light projector for effective outdoor decorations. COOWOO Christmas laser light projector is an incredible projector to have during this season with its great lighting. It has been certified and can projector on any surface and still deliver bright lighting.

At night, the lighting becomes even more bright and visible. It comes in different colors like red and green shining like stars showering all over your wall. It’s a convenient and straightforward laser projector that has no ore hanging strands after strands of light from the gutter. It’s simple and easy to set up all you have to do is place the waterfall

The COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights projector comes with a wide range of lighting and covers up to 5000 square feet of red and green and a distance of 33 feet away. When you connect it to the power supply, the star laser will beautifully cover your house entirely. The consumption of power of the COOWWOO laser projector is quite low at 99% less energy consumption.


  • Easy to install
  • Cover your house beautifully
  • Affordable
  • Great color display
  • 33 feet away
  • Up to 5000 square feet coverage
  • Comes in red and green colors


  • The quality could be improved
  • The light sensor is sensitive

Brightown Christmas snowfall Projector Light Outdoor

Christmas Projector Lights Outdoor LED Santa Claus Laser Lights Waterproof Snowfall Landscape Light

Brightown Christmas snowfall outdoor projectors an incredible snowfall with a romantic effect with a great display from a distance. It has many rotating white spots that look like falling snow from the dark sky down. It’s an incredible image and quite romantic with the night light display great for Christmas celebrations and weddings. Installing the projector is not hard at all and only takes a bit of your time. It comes with a remote control that takes care of the switch, flash, speed, and all the other functions.

Using the remote control, you are able to change the speed at which the snow is falling to your own preference. Brightown Christmas snowfall projector is able to display a wide range of projection at 10 to 300 square meters. The rotation of the projection goes at 180 degrees and allows you to aim the light where you want to decorate. The projector has a tremendous weather-resistant feature that fights with different weather changes. It has waterproof material to it and cold-resistant, plus also heat resistance. It is excellent for any weather without minding where you are going to use the projector


  • Great for whole house decoration
  • Beautiful romantic snowfall
  • Weather resistance
  • Wide projection range
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a remote control


  • The light works only where projected

Laser Christmas Lights, Brightown decorative light projector eight patterns

Laser Christmas Lights, Brightown Decorative Light Projector 8 Green Patterns Red Star Show Waterproof LED Lights with RF Wireless Remote for Outdoor Halloween Holiday Party

Laser Christmas Laser Lights has been made from the upgraded laser components for better angle and clear pattern display. The reason why it is a preferred projector for Christmas is that it has excellent performance than what you could imagine. Since the laser Christmas projector is used for both outdoor and indoor, it has been designed with high-quality plastic and aluminum alloy material. Apart from it being high-quality material, it is eco-friendly and best for environmental conservation. It has excellent heat dissipation for air circulation and long life

The projector is capable of multiple projection effects on your house. It comes with 8 green patterns and the red starry. The lighting brings you to a colorful atmosphere around your home and great for the Christmas holiday and Halloween and others. It is has a waterproof material, the ip65 that has excellent resistance to rain and snow. You can easily use the projector on a rainy day without too much worry. It’s quite easy to install the projector and play almost immediately. Why it is so easy is because it is adjustable and can easily be placed on the ground with the base. The RF remote control that the projector comes with can switch control mode to help maintain it and prevent failure. The RF remote control can flash, rotate, switch patterns, as well as create timing.


  • Easy to install
  • Is waterproof
  • Comes with an RF remote control
  • Able to have multiple projection effect
  • The high-quality material used for durability
  • Creates a colorful atmosphere


  • No Major Issue

Christmas projector lights for indoor, rotating snowflakes LED Christmas Light

Christmas Projector Lights for Indoor, Rotating Snowflake LED Christmas Light with 7 Multicoloured Switchable Slides for Graduation Prom, Holiday, Halloween, Birthday, Valentine's, Easter, Party Decor

Christmas projector light is one of the best holiday light projectors in the market with an incredible design to it. It enables the film to be projected on the wall with different patterns with rational movements. It has an excellent capability and can be adjusted easily to any angle and achieve excellent projection.

The slides on the wall can be switched to any that is wanted without any stress. It has 7 pattern lenses and has a projected area of 9.8 ft-26.2 ft. With its ability to create a fantastic image fitting display in the room and outside, you have a great one. It’s able to project an image that looks like snowflakes, stars, skeleton, cakes, balloons, snowman, and others depending on what you like.

You will not lose anything getting the Christmas projector lights at all, as you will use it on many other occasions in the future. Since it comes with different slides, it enables you to get a chance to work with any of them on various occasions. It is a newly upgraded LED Christmas projector in 2022 with a new optical system. It has bright led with clear film that does not fade and 100% brightness. It has high heat dissipation feature with its new materials used to it.


  • Great heat dissipation feature
  • Many film slides
  • great for different occasions
  • Never fading film


  • No major Issue

Ocean wave Christmas Projector Lights, WOSTOO2 in 1 decoration

Ocean Wave Christma Projector Lights, WOSTOO 2-in-1 Decoration Water Wave Projector 16 Slides Patterns 10 Wave Colors with Remote Control, Waterproof Outdoor/Indoor Landscape, Party, Garden

Ocean wave christmas light projector is one of a king with great performance on the Christmas holiday in your home. It has features that make it stand out among the rest in the market at an affordable price. It is a controllable projector with remote control, and you don’t have to move it around to place in the right angle. It has three wireless remote control and controls up to a distance of 15 meters. Also, you have the liberty to choose 3 different modes to use on your projector the ambient mode, lantern mode, and the full mode. All of the modes are good and depends on what you want.

The Ocean wave projector can be used for both outdoor and indoor decorations. For you to use the projector well, you will have to stick it in a flat area on the ground outside and flat surface indoors. The LED light that the projector uses has IP65 protection that helps to prevent water leakage to the projector, making it best for outdoor use. The projector can be used on both rainy and snowy seasons without any effect on the projector.

The projector has been equipped with two heads, one for 16 slides patterns and the other for 10 color ocean waves. You get images that are colorful with water and riffles on your wall and yards depending on where you have your projection. The LED water projector has many slides with many patterns, which gives you more choice for better experience and enjoyment at home. It means a projector can be used in other festivals throughout the years.


  • 2 projection heads
  • Great for indoor and outdoor
  • Easy to install and use
  • Many different patterns
  • Used on different occasions
  • Water dripping is an incredible image


  • No major Issue

UNIFUN Christmas Lights, 15 Patterns Projector

UNIFUN Christmas Lights,15 Patterns Projector Lights Waterproof Dynamic Landscape Lights for Celebration Halloween,Christmas, Birthday and Party Decorations

UNIFUN Christmas light projector has a great impact on the market and review as well from the people who have used it so far. It is the newest projector for Christmas decorations in the market with decent lighting for your home. It brings a different light show when compared to the dynamic projector light. It comes with 15 pieces of slides that give you a variety of images for your decorations. All of the 15 slides are just perfect for interior and exterior décor on the walls and do whatever pleases you with it.

The RF remote control has been updated when compared to the previous one and delivers great performance and meets your different needs. It can project 20 meters away and project the images in all aspects. With the remote control, it becomes easier for you to choose the projection mode that you find great for your use. It comes with great brightness and clarity that makes the patterns seem even more beautiful.

In has an inbuilt high quality LED beads that create a beautiful display. It can range up to 30 feet with great visibility on the wall of the house. When you are using the projector on the rainy or snow, you do not worry. It comes with a waterproof capability and suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Apart from using the projector for Christmas, it can e used on other occasions as well, like Halloween and Thanksgiving.


  • Easy to use
  • Improved version
  • Faster remote control
  • Waterproof
  • Projects from 20 meters away
  • For both indoors and outdoors


  • lighting could be improved for better performance

Christmas Lights Projector Laser Light Xmas Spotlight Projectors outdoor

Christmas Lights Projector Laser Light Xmas Spotlight Projectors Waterproof Outdoor Landscape Spotlights for Holiday Halloween Yard Decorations

Having the best for Christmas is what we all want and have a great time with family and friends. Doing decorations could be hard on you and want just a simple projector light for your decorations. The Christmas spotlight projector is just perfect for your home and has no difficulties when installing in your home. It has dynamic green and red laser and can be said to be 2 in 1 and automatically changes remarkable images.

The projector is just perfect for any home environment while creating a beautiful festive atmosphere. It’s like watching a cloudless night up in the sky full of stars. You get to enjoy the stars dance right in your home, just perfect for a romantic night with your partner. It comes with wireless remote control and timer and gives you a chance to decide how you want your projector to display on the wall.

You get to determine if both green and red light to be combined or separate display on your wall. Installation of the projector is easy and just has to position it on the ground and plug to the power supply, and you are good to go.


  • Great for easy decoration
  • Star shower on your wall
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Has wireless remote control
  • Comes with green and red colors
  • Brightness is great


  • lighting could be better

Mineton Christmas Projector lights, Rotating LED Snowfall Projection Lamp

Minetom Christmas Projector Lights, Rotating LED Snowfall Projection Lamp with Remote Control, Outdoor Waterproof Landscape Decorative Lighting for Christmas, Holiday, Party, Wedding, Garden, Patio

Mineton Christmas projector is one of the best Christmas projection lights in the market and perfect for any house. It delivers great fairy snow falling from the sky on your wall display. The snow falling on your wall produces a romantic atmosphere during Christmas festive season.

The projector has great coverage area capability and can decorate the whole house. It has a 180-degree adjustable head that allows you to aim at the place you want to decorate. The remote control can be used to do various functions on your projector. It provides you with 4 different speed modes on timing. It means you have control over how many hours you want to have your projector on and when to set it off.

It does not take much of your time to set the projector up with its detachable fixing device that looks like amount and try and place your projector in it and put down on the ground. The projector is waterproof, and you don’t have to worry about it getting wet and drying. The material used is great for almost all weather. It has been designed with a high-quality plastic ABS material. With it outdoors you can enjoy the view without worries


  • High quality plastic material for waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Cover the whole house
  • Affordable
  • Has detachable stand
  • Best for outdoor use

Christmas Projector lights outdoor LED snowfall lights Xmas snowflakes projector lamp

Christmas Projector Lights Outdoor, LED Snowfall Lights Xmas Snowflake Projector Lamp with Remote Control IP65 Waterproof for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Party, Garden, Patio, Yard Decoration

With your house covered wit snowflakes, who would not find it remarkable? It has a large coverage area ability and takes care of the whole house. You just have to point where you want to decorate. The fall on your wall beautifully, especially in the dark at night. You can control the amount of time the projector can be used and when it should turn itself off. That means the projector comes with an inbuilt timer for it.

With just one remote control, you can set whatever you want from selecting the mode, speed, and slide to use. It can be said to be one to be an easier projector to use and install in the market. It as well has been designed to be waterproof and dustproof and used on any of the environment

The whole process does not take your time and easier decoration for your Christmas with family and friends. Since it is an affordable projector is worth you spend on it to get a great result at the end of the day. The agents are available in case one has an issue with the projector after buying.


  • Great for whole house decoration
  • Easy to do the decoration
  • setting up is great
  • Brightness and clarity of the projector is good


  • The stand could be better for an outdoor projector

Christmas Light Projector, Bawoo 2 in 1 waterproof ocean wave LED landscape

Christmas Light Projector, Bawoo 2019 Upgraded 2 in 1 Waterproof Ocean Wave LED Landscape Lights with Remote Control, 9 Moving Patterns for Indoor Outdoor Halloween Xmas Party Decorations

Christmas light projector is one great decoration tool one could have at home without t too much work to do. The Bawoo has been upgraded to work better and give better decoration for homes. This projector could be said to be a bit different from the others with its new upgraded design. The 2019 upgraded version does not have slide design, and you do have to plug in to change slides. For you to change the slides, you just have to do it with remote control. It has an inbuilt pattern design that ensures the images are clearer and have a long lifespan saving you lots of bucks.

It’s a 2 in 1 ocean wave projector with a pattern light projector. It has 13 ocean waves and 12 Christmas patterns for you to change from to the other while using it. It gives you more options to get what suits you more and even better for the occasion. It is a waterproof projector and can be used on moist weather without anything to worry about. It has the IP65 that helps to make the projector withstand water and snow. You can as well use this projector both indoors and outdoors since it has been designed to fit in all of them. The remote control has been specially designed, and you don’t have to go outside to change the images. It can easily change the slides and timing without giving you trouble


  • Great display on the wall
  • Had inbuilt slide design
  • Timer is great
  • Ease to install


  • The slide design could be improved

Christmas Projector Light, Enow Outdoor Holiday party 2 in 1 Ocean wave waterproof

Christmas Projector Light, Enow Outdoor Holiday Party Light 2-in-1 Ocean Wave Waterproof LED Landscape Light Indoor Light for Home Xmas Garden Decoration Projector, 12 Slides 10 Colors and Controller

The LED technology has been known over the years to have a great image display that cannot be displayed and competed with any other. It has a long life ever its introduction and more improved even now. The Christmas projector light has been upgraded and comes with 12 different slides and 10 ocean waves that make it even better.

The projector is suitable for the best Christmas decorations and other festive season at home. Since the projector could be used for outdoor activities, it has been designed with waterproof material for better protection. It has been equipped with two projector heads, one for water waves and the other for patterns. No matter the weather, the projector will be highly protected throughout.

The wireless remote control helps you to control what you want to appear on the wall and where it should be placed. The projector uses the soft LED Lighting to protect you from eye problems due to too much lighting. It’s much easy to install the projector within minutes following the instruction on the user manual. You will have to get a flat surface the set your projector plugin and continue to watch your decoration. The safety of the users has been placed into consideration, and no need to worry.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Wireless remote control
  • Easy to install
  • Soft LED


  • Patterns could be improved

SUNYAO 3 Color Motion Laser Christmas Lights Projector with RF Remote control

SUNYAO 3 Color Motion Laser Christmas Lights Projector with RF Remote,Outdoor Garden Laser Lights Moving RGB Stars Show for Christmas (RGB Motion)

With the great color combination and image quality, who would want to leave such a good projector? It comes with great dynamic star dots pattern with all color options from green red and blue depending on what you like.. When it comes to too many colors, you will have to decide how you are going to combine them for a better outcome. It is a multi-color outdoor projector with a great display from meters away in the neighbourhood. The projection covers a large area on your house; it reaches an area that you would not expect.

The projector is water-resistant with great material used for it to make you comfortable while using the projector outside. It does not take much of your time to install the projector, and you don’t even waste a minute of your time as well. You just need to plug the projector to power, and it will start to shower. It comes with a reasonable remote control that is easy to use plug and play motion. If you are wondering its energy consumption, then you are lucky to have a projector with less energy consumption at 99%

Within the shortest period, after installing your projector on the ground, you get to see the best images with great clarity. The LED light is the safest, and you don’t have to be worked up whether it will affect the children’s eyes on not.


  • Uses led light
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with bright images on the wall
  • Great coverage
  • Great base ground


  • The star dots could be improved

Iboyne Christmas Outdoor Laser light with wireless remote control

1byone Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector with Wireless Remote Controller, Class IIIA, 2.0mWA, Aluminum Alloy Red and Green Stars Show for Xmas, Parties, Landscape or Garden Decoration - Black

Iboyne christmas light projector comes with great illuminations that turn your garden and house into an adorable sight. It becomes instantly illuminated by plugging and turning on. It comes with great colors in green and red colors that alternate from one another or a combination of both. It’s great for a festive atmosphere with a party mood. The laser projector has an extensive coverage capability of 2100 square feet from a distance of just 25 feet away.

You may decide to set your images to be flashy or stationary, just like the Christmas tree lighting. It’s one of the cost-effective Christmas decorations for your home you could have. It is easy to use and also safe for the children and other people around them. You get to design where you want the image are projected, and you don’t have to move around your home setting up Xmas light all over.

The lighting is good and brings out the best of the projector as well as the images. It has an inbuilt automatic timer that turns off the projector after 6 hours and turns on again after 18 hours. It’s a great way to have control of what you want to be displayed on the wall. It has excellent weather change resistance to water and snow with great IP65 light casing with great tolerance.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy and cost-effective
  • Great energy consumption
  • Easy to set up
  • Has an automatic timer


  • Has a limited color display
  • The remote control may need approximate to the unit

Water wave Christmas projector lights, Kingwilll waterproofed Night Light

Water Wave Christmas Projector Lights, KINGWILL Waterproof LED Night Light Projector with Ripple RGB 3D Water Effect, Remote Control Holiday Projector for Christmas Wedding Party Holiday Disco

King will water wave Christmas projector has been designed with the incredible visual effect that is colorful in your compound. It has a great water wave ripple effect that automatically moves to offer great visuals like the water waves. If you want to experience an even beautiful atmosphere, you can darken your room and enjoy a great different world. It has an impressive relaxing mood that helps both adults and kids.

You don’t need to take too much of your time, but you just plugin power, and you play. It comes with tons of beautiful color modes and covers your entire ceiling and walls in your home. It has a variety of different colors that gives you a lot more choices for more preference. It can work with a single-mode like each color on its own or dual-color mode with a combination of two colors or more. It has colors like green, red, blue and white all of them deliver great color combination for your festive moment

The projector can easily be controlled using a remote control to perform better and choose what needs to be seen. From 49 feet away, you are able to select the different options using the projector and get good images that are beautiful. The timer and speed can be adjusted according to what you want. It is an outdoor and indoor projector and just perfect for any of the two. For outdoor projection, the projector has been equipped with a waterproof material to prevent water and ice from destroying the projector.


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Has dozen of color options
  • Relaxes mind
  • Great for indoor and outdoor


  • No Major Issue

Star Shower as seen on TV Motion Laser Lights Star christmas light projector

Star Shower As Seen on TV Motion Laser Lights Star Projector

With the star shower christmas light projector at home, you skip the need for decorating your home manually from corner o corner. It offers the best illuminating result at the end than any other in the market. It’s an easy projector to use, and you don’t have to climb up your house to do wiring at all. It has an inbuilt light that automatically turns on and off when needed. The projector consumes a very low amount of electricity and saves up to 99 % of it at the same time.

You get to watch stars dancing in your home and can do whatever you want with it freeze, move it faster, and many more. It has the inbuilt daylight timer and sensor that turns off the projector when daylight hit and automatically turn it on later when night falls. It is an incredible feature that does not require your presence each time you want to turn it on and off. It’s such a wonderful projector to have at home and let the children extraordinarily enjoy their holiday. If held tight on your schedule and don’t want too much work and climbing up the ladder, this is a perfect projector for you.


  • A great weather-resistant projector
  • Great for kids and adult-use
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with an automatic timer

Laser Light Christmas projector Lights Motion star night shower

Laser Lights Christmas Projector Lights Motion Star Night Shower Outdoor Laser Show Holiday Lights RF Remote Waterproof 8 Patterns Green & Red Laser Blue LED Light for Party/Garden Decorations

With the advancement of technology, so many Christmas projectors have been upgraded to meet the people’s demands and preferences. With that, Laser light projector has been enhanced to meet the demands of users. It has advanced chips that have enhanced the brightness projection distance and also the entire coverage.

Since it is a star shower, the images are beautiful. The millions of dots make the star look gorgeous, especially when on a romantic night with your partner at home. It has terrific patterns that make Christmas night fulfilled. It comes with patterns such as snowflakes, Xmas tree, Santa Claus, cabin, reindeer, snowman, cabin, and the RG star. With the bright light in the room, you will not get the desired results

It has an inbuilt timer function and enables you to time the laser motion to allow it to turn off and on automatically when installed. The remote control will allow you to adjust your projector to your desired need. You can as well adjust the brightness of the projector to more appropriate lighting according to you. The design of the projector has been improved in terms of quality and enhances the effect of heat dissipation. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and safe from children.


  • Waterproof
  • Not costly
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Has four preset timers
  • The remote works from 20 meters away


  • The lights could be faulty
  • The color output could be improved for more preference

Christmas Laser Lights Outdoor projector

Christmas Laser Lights,Outdoor Projector Lights by Homitem,Snowmen/Snowflake/Xmas Tree/Santa Claus with Remote Control for Xmas,Birthday Decoration(1-Pack)

The Christmas laser light projector is hitting the market this season with lots to offer to the customers. The projector is able to project patterns on the wall and the dance floor for a better party mood. When you want to use the projector, any flat surface can project the patterns. The images can be rotated on the surface in colorful spectacles and make your Christmas decoration lively and fun

It comes with 12 colorful patterns with all of them in different scenes and specially designed to make Christmas decorations better. You can set the projector according to the pattern you love like a snowman, Santa Claus, snowflakes’ and more. It can as well be used for indoor and outdoor and perfectly fit in the room. It has been equipped with a fantastic stem mounting base that is sturdy when placed on the ground.

The remote control has infrared lighting and a timer that enable you to adjust your projector to what you want effectively. When you have kids around, you don’t have to worry about them as they have been placed into consideration by manufacturers when designing the projector. It is safe for use at home with low power consumption. Since it can be used outdoors, it means that it has been secured in terms of different weather patterns. The durability of the projector is high, with great material used for it.


  • Easy to install
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor
  • Safe for kids
  • Have 12 colorful


  • The color pattern could be improved

Christmas Light Projector Laser light Motion Outdoor projector

Christmas Light Projector Laser Lights Motion Outdoor Projector Star Light Shower Red & Green 8 Patterns Blue LED RF Remote Control Timer Setting Waterproof for Xmas/Parties/Holiday Decoration

When looking for the best fashionable Christmas decoration from the projector, then you have got the right one. The laser projector has been upgraded in terms of housing, light, and heat dissipation. A projector with good heat dissipation enables you to have your projector running without breakdown. It has 8 pattern choices with it and allows you to switch from one to the other on your wall.

Since the projector has to be used outdoors, it has been designed with waterproof material and makes it suitable for moist weather. The body of the projector comes with an anti-freeze feature to avoid freezing when snowing. It can cover a large area of 2100 sq ft with a long cord for proper wiring. It has a timer cycling inbuilt in the remote control.

It allows you to choose the timer mode that is perfect for you and also when it could turn on and off automatically. You can relax assured that your projector will give you a wider angle to watch in your house at 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. You can design your light scene wherever you like with different 3 installations.


  • Has great coverage
  • Has an inbuilt timer
  • Has more preference choices
  • Amazing waterproof feature


  • lighting could be improved

Christmas LED Projector Lights, 20 slides waterproof christmas light projector

Christmas LED Projector Lights, 20 Slides Waterproof IP65 Landscape 10W Motion Lamp Projector with Remote Control, 32ft Power Cable for Decoration on Halloween Thanksgiving Party

Christmas Led projector lights have been designed to make your Christmas season beautiful with boosted mood for a party. It has 20-holiday slides, and Christmas is one of them. If you are hesitating that you are going to use the projector only once during Christmas, then don’t.

You can use the projector anytime tie you during the other 19 slides like thanksgiving and Hallowing. It has been intended for both indoor and outdoor use and can make your event top-notch and envy of the neighbourhood. It has the wireless RF controller that is able to work as far as 50 ft away and change the way you like it. You can change different modes easily from the dynamic, off, energy saver, fixed, twinkle, and also automatic timer mode. The automatic timer has been built into the projector and in 6 hours on and 18 hours off cycle. If you don’t like the 6-hour thing, you can select using the remote the number of hours it should be on and off.

Using the slide show is not hard at all, and you need to plug the projector to power and insert a slide. You can as well select which motion is right for your home faster or slower for a better Christmas mood. The clarity of the images and brightness is good and perfect for Christmas night with family and friends. It has interchangeable colorful images that are beautiful to look at.


  • Images are beautiful
  • RF remote control
  • Easy to use and install
  • Has LED light protector for kids
  • Colorful content
  • Great slides

Star shower laser light by Bulb Head indoor outdoor laser light christmas light projectorStar Shower Motion Laser Light by BulbHead - Indoor Outdoor Laser Light for Hassle-Free Holiday Decorating - Sparking or Still Red and Green Laser Lights Cover up to 3200 Square Feet

Everyone wants to have an impressive projector light at home for the festive season. There are lots of projector lights out there are almost all of them are good. Star shower laser light projector has been designed to shower star in your house with incredible lighting. When you are thinking of the best outdoor laser projector, the star shower could be the best and be the talk with an amazing impression.

After setting up the projector, it just takes you seconds by plugging and playing. It an easy projector to use and does not require much of your time and best when you have lots of stuff to do; it gives you choices when playing to either do sparkling red and green or go for all green sparkling.

The projector is affordable and great lighting effects for your outdoor use and makes your house look beautiful. From a long distance away, you can see the beautiful star pattern covering your entire house. The cording of the projector could be great but needs some improvement for safety, especially with children.


  • Ease to install
  • Beautiful star shower
  • Can be used as sparkling of broth green and red
  • Speed is good
  • Cover the whole intended area


  • The cord could be improved

CJC Projector Light 12 pattern Gobos Garden Lamp Lighting Waterproof Sparkling Landscape Projection Light

cjc Projector Lights 12 Pattern Gobos Garden Lamp Lighting Waterproof Sparkling Landscape Projection Light for Christmas Halloween Holiday Home Decoration Wall Motion Decoration

With 12 patterns slides, you are able to make your house beautiful while changing from one to the other. The CJC projector has been designed with 12 patterns in one to give you more choices with the patterns. You may decide to use the heart shape, clover, high heel, pigeon. Snowflakes, skeleton, birthday cake, Santa, butterfly, Christmas tree, leaf, and also star.

The projector is not only used for Christmas but various celebration occasions as well. It’s an ideal projector for interior and exterior walls, even on the dance floor, to give the best mood on occasion. When you want to bring out an instant party mood, the light projector is great for it. It has been designed to be waterproof and does work on the bad weather without any effect on it. It may be used for indoor and outdoor use and delivers a great Christmas effect on your household. It has a power button on the back of the unit to give ease access to it.

Controlling the speed of the notion is easy, and you can do it according to what you want to be it slow, high, medium all of them are possible

It being an LED projector, you get more brightness on the images, both with great clarity and brightness. You don’t require to worry about the lighting to affect your eyes since it uses the soft LED that protects the eye. If you have kids at home, this projector becomes the best for you with its eye-protecting feature. The power supply has been controlled and comes with a standard power plug and a long 5m power cable. It is so convenient to use by just plugging in power and play


  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to control the speed
  • Comes with a power button on the unit
  • Comes 12 different patterns
  • Bright and clear images

You Should Know Before Buying A Perfect Christmas Light Projectors

Before buying a projector for your home decoration during these Christmas celebrations, you have to meet your requirements first. Here are some of the factors to consider

  • Waterproofing

Since most of the people are going to use the projector outdoors, there are lots of weather changes that may affect it greatly. It should have a great tolerance to water, especially rain and snow. Christmas in most countries is during winter, and great weather changes. Look for a projector that has a waterproof feature and good for a rainy environment.

  • Construction

The construction of the projector should be perfect and sturdy to allow proper installation outdoors. Most of the projectors come with a base that helps to make it sturdier. So when checking out on the projectors, look for the construction of the projector more carefully.

  • Laser patterns

Different projectors come with different variety of laser patterns that make it stand out more. For you to get a projector that suits you more, you have to consider the type of patterns you would like to have on your home. Some projectors come with many patterns, while others are less and few.

  • Remote Control

Do you want a projector that comes with a remote control or not? These are some things to ask yourself first before making any important decision. The remote control is perfect for enabling you to control what you see on the wall and how you want it to be. The RF remote control comes with an inbuilt timer for one to control the speed

  • Durability

You do not wish to spend your money on something that has a low life span at all. You should consider if the projector ca serve you for long and with clear images to it. It should as well be able to withstand the weather changes well from raining, snowing and also dust. All of this affects the durability of a projector but with resistant material and cover made to it becomes perfect

  • Pattern Types

Since there are different types of patterns, you should consider what makes your mood better. The patterns are many on the different projectors and also depend on the occasion. If you are looking for a Christmas projector, it should have patterns connected to Christmas. If it is for a birthday, it should have images and patterns that are suitable for a birthday party

  • Installation & IP Rating

Christmas is known to be the time that most people put decorations into serious considerations. Many people may be busy and have no time for decorations and thus prefer to have laser light projectors. It is known that the installation of the laser light projector is just plugging and play. It’s that simple, and you don’t have to get a ladder to any decorations.

The FAQ (Frequently Ask Question)

Are laser light projectors safe?

  • Though many people are going for the laser light projector, they should consider their safety. Most of the projectors now available have been designed to be safe, especially with kids around. Even so, you have to careful and buy a good one with a great cord that is not faulty.

What Is a laser light projector?

  • Laser light projectors are specially designed projector to suit a festive season with special patterns for it. The lighting covers house walls entire or partly and project the patterns to it. Most of the laser light projector has replaced the manual decoration in homes.

Is laser projector better for Christmas?

  • Yes. The laser projector is better choices for Christmas with its great choices that make it stand out in the neighbourhood. It is easy to install and cover the whole wall with minutes of plugging and playing. It has a remote control that helps in controlling it for better performance

At what distance to install a Christmas light projector?

  • The distance required to install the Christmas light projector depends on what the projector has been designed to do and the distance. Since each projector has its distance, they all differ. Some are good from 20 meters while others even up to 49 feet and more.

Christmas light projector VS Christmas lights

  • There is a huge difference between the two of them, although slightly the same when already lit. Christmas light projector comes with hassle-free features that do not require you to climb all over the house the set but turn on the projector after plugging in, and you are good to go. The Christmas lights are bought separately, and you will have to set it from scratch on your own.

How to secure a Christmas light projector for all times?

  • Most of the projector lights come with a great projection layer to help protect from weather conditions that are severe and also with a good base. With the projector well secure on the ground, you can set it up well to work well without interruption. When you don’t have to use it store it away and properly

Can Christmas light projector be installed on a roof?

  • As long as the surface is flat and sturdy, you can install the projector anywhere you see fit in your compound. Also before you install on the roof, you must be sure where you are going to project the images

Is It possible to project custom patterns with Christmas light projector?

  • Yes. Some projectors give you a chance to design your pattern and project on the screen.


Just like you are looking for the best laser light Christmas projector, we have selected the above best in the market. It all has incredible features and also the durability that makes them just perfect for any use.

They are easy to use and control, giving you an easy time. They are excellent projector light to have in your home for the ideal Christmas décor. The lighting is perfect, and also the safety of the kids and adult have been taken care of for better performance.

Hope you enjoyed our best christmas light projector reviews.

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