Xiaomi Wemax One Pro Review: In-depth Buyers Guide For 2022

Xiaomi Wemax One Pro Review
Xiaomi Wemax One Pro Review

xiaomi wemax one pro is one of the newest projectors in the market with excellent performance. When looking for a home entertainment projector that can deliver your need, then you have got it. It is an affordable projector, every home could have a chance of getting one.

What makes projectors expensive is the material and technology used for it. For you o get a better understanding of what this projector is and what can do, then we have to look at each of the information below. The more information on the WEMAX PRO Xiaomi projector the more one get insight on what it is capable of doing.

Unique Design and Features

The design of the WEMAX ONE PRO projector is small and the same size as the 15-inch laptop. The busy of the projector is made of plastic and black ocher in color. Though the projector has been made in plastic, it has been coated with a special material that makes it prevented from scratches. The material also makes the projector not be able to collect fingerprints as well as damages. The surface of the projector has been designed to look stylish ad stand out in any environment. It is a rectangular shape with a panel on top that has recess, which the laser is located. It has two infrared sensors at the sides of the laser and senses a person approaching from a distance.

WEMAX ONE PRO FMWS02C Xiaomi Projector Ultra Short Throw 7000 Lumens Android 6.0 ALPD 3.0

This projector is the first of its kind with ALPD technology that delivers images that are huge up to 150 inches in full HD quality. Its short-throw projection is good at 50 centimeters away and still offers a good image display. The lamp life of the projector is good as well and can work for more than 7,000 hours. This is a long lamp life with great performance. The projector again is user-friendly from the design and ease of operation. It is much easier to bring out the best of the home entertainment with all the beautiful features the projector comes with.

The speakers of the projector are top-end systems that offer true cinematic experience right in your home. Everything about the WEMAX projector is amazing from the image quality, sound, display size, and many others. The color display of the projector s good with bright images what could be better than this/. In case you intend to use the projector for gaming and movies, you are in for a big cinematic surprise.

The images are clear and shoe the skin texture of a character to give a life-like image. The speakers are good and harmonized in terms of sound production and distribution of the sound in the entire room.

When you talk of elegance and fitting in an environment, now this is what the projector brings out. The projector default language is Chinese, but you have the liberty to choose any other language you understand. In this way, everyone has been considered when designing the projector and makes it easier for them.

Ultra Short Throw

The Xiaomi WEMAX ONE pro projector is one of the new projectors from the company that has incredible features. One of the incredible features includes the Ultra Short Throw that works in wonders in any room. The gap between having a projector that has long throw distance and ultra-short is quite huge. With the WEMAX PRO, you don’t have to worry about blocking the viewing of the person behind. Many of the time that we have had a projector at home, it is either we have installed the projector on the wall, stand, and ceiling.

But things are different from the ultra-short-throw projector since it can be placed on the table a few centimetres away. Using an ultra-short focal lens, the projector can project content on the screen just 50 cm away from the wall. This distance is short and unique. It has beaten some of the expensive e projectors in the market with the same feature by far. Since the projector is affordable with this feature, what could topple it? With this ultra-short throw distance in your home, you don’t have to worry about wires floating all over the room anymore. Same as you blocking the people behind while watching.

4k Ready

The projector technology is one of the best with a fantastic picture and audio display on the screen. It supports the 4K playback with a great resolution that can the projector to the image on the screen. 4K projectors are usually very expensive and can be said to be the best in terms of resolution. The 4k resolution makes the images and content look amazing, especially for gaming and home cinema.

Though the projector supports 4K playback and content, it is not a true 4K resolution. That being the case, it can be said that it is limited in terms of the 4k resolution. Even so, you cannot compare this projector with the ones of the same price and technology in the market. It has a more advanced laser technology that makes it stands out of the rest. This is the type of projector that you could not miss out on it at home.

The 4k ready resolution makes it better for gaming in terms of image quality. When gaming becomes your everyday entertainment, you will need a good projector with incredible image quality for more enjoyable gaming. It should give you a life-like image that makes you feel to be part of the game. The latency of this projector is good for gaming plus great image brightness.

The 4k resolution of the WEMAX ONE PRO is good and worth your money. Setting the projector to the perfect image display is also easy.


  • Incredible brightness
  • Long lamp life
  • Contrast ratio is good
  • Image quality id amazing
  • The sound system is good
  • It’s a quite projector
  • Easy to carry around
  • Short throw projector
  • Supports 3D


  • It is not true 4K resolution
  • The default language is in Chinese

 Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio of the WEMAX pro is good at 1-3500:1 that gives you an incredible image display. A good contrast projector tends to stand out when the images are displayed on the screen, no matter the type of video. It brings the best of the white and black scenes on the screen. It should be noted that the more contrast ratio you have on your projector, the more black levels will be projected. Also, the contrast ratio is good n ay environment but is significantly affected when on too much light in an environment. With good resolution, brightness, and contrast combined, you get incredible content displayed on the screen.


Every projector has its own performance capability that differs from others and cannot be compared. The performance of the WEMAX ONE PRO FMWSO2C shirt throw projector is impressive and lives you satisfied. Most of the features that the projector comes with are the same as other projectors but with a big advantage. The image quality of the projector is good with incredible brightness that leaves it to be live like. With the color brightness and white brightness being balanced, the images and content displayed on the screen are incredible.

The inbuilt speakers are excellent and produce well-balanced sounds across the room, especially a small family room. You can decide to get external speakers and connect, but if you are interested in just a fair sound system, then the projector sound system itself is excellent.

The contrast ratio can bring out the best of the dark and white scenes, more especially the dark ones. When the dark scenes are more profound, the images tend to stand out beautifully. Who would miss out on a projector that can deliver extraordinary color display and beautiful images on gaming ad movies? The resolutions are good and perfect for any environment use the same as the brightness of the projector. When the brightness of the projector can work in a room full of ambient light perfectly, then it’s good.

 Ease of Use

A good projector or any other electronic device should be designed to make work easier for the user. Operating the projector should be a piece of cake for any user. Every single steep taken from installation and everyday operation should be easier. WEMAX projector has been made in the simplest form to make it easier for you to understand and carry around. Itcomes with a remote control that helps you to operate and change your settings at wish.

The top panel of the projector has the laser located and also the laser sensors. It does not matter where you are likely to use the projector; it is not hard for you. Connecting the projector to other compatible devices is also easy, and you may not have many difficulties to do. You can easily connect your phone and other devices and enjoy what you want to watch at easy. You can easily install your projector literary anywhere as it is compatible with the wall, ceiling, and also at the table. The table is the most convenient place to place the projector since it is a short-throw projector, and you will not have to be careful not to block another person viewing. It being so small and lightweight, it becomes easier to carry it around as you please. If we can say, it is not easy to use, then what would be easy?

 Build-In Speaker

WEMAX ONE PRO projector has been designed with an impressive speaker that produces a great sound that is well distributed throughout the room. With this sound system already in the projector, you may not need an external speaker anymore. The main reason why it comes with inbuilt speakers is to make your connection easier. It has a great sound system that is good for a small and medium family room without any other speakers’ needs. The Dolby and the DTS audio system makes it even better.

The transmission of both bass and saturated middles bands with two high frequency to give sonorous clear top. It reinforces the bass reflex and increases the internal sound volume for better sound production. With all the features that the sound system has, it produces an excellent realistic sound. Though the speakers are good for your home entertainment, you can still connect to your favorite sound system for better satisfaction with the sound.

Heat Dissipation System

The fan of the WEMAX PRO projector has been designed to have enough air circulation movement and reduce heating up. If there is something that has a great effect on the projector is overheating. When the projector heats for too long, it is likely to have a problem or failure at best. The overheating can as well make your entertainment unbearable with too much noise interrupting your entertainment.

The best thing with the WEMAX PRO is that it has a great heat-dissipating system that makes your entertainment better all through. The projector does not overheat and is quiet all the way thanks to its great cooling system. The ventilation system protects the projector from overheating. It has great coolers that are used for each system module with the three coolers. When you look at the manual of the projector, you will see the noted set value for heating, and it will never heat above the value.

When you are watching a highly interesting movie that requires the right quietness, then this projector is the right one for you. Don’t miss out on the best quiet fan noise projector at an affordable price. They are what every household needs for the perfect entertainment.


The resolution of a projector has an important position on all electronic devices, especially for video display. The resolution of the projector has a direct link on how the images of the projector would look like and the projection. The more the resolution of a projector, the more beautiful the images become. The meaning I simple, the number of pixels on a projector will determine the way an image will appear.

The more pixels one has, the more beautiful and clears the images to become. The resolution of the WEMAX ONE PRO projector is good at HD 1920 X 1080 pixels. This is an absolutely incredible resolution for gaming and movies. Combined with the fact that the projector is a 3D support one, you are sure to enjoy even better entertainment. The life-like images that are displayed are good for.


WEMAX ONE PRO projector has all the things that are needed for perfect home entertainment and any other use. The features the projector has been great with incredible performance making it great for your use. It cannot be compared to other projectors of the same level at all as it stands out among them.

The contrast ratio, design, resolution, sound system, and also the heating are all good. With the WEMAX ONE PRO being new in the market but the great impact, you are sure to have an excellent projector upgrade in the future with better performance. The most incredible thing that would make you not to leave the projector behind is the price.

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