Benq HT2050a Review For 2022: A Complete Buying Guide !!

Benq HT2050a Review
Image Of The Benq HT2050a

Welcome to BenQ HT2050a review 2022 with a buying guide. This projector perfect for truly HD 1080p home theatre projector and Low Input Lag Ideal for Gaming.

BenQ HT2050A is an incredible projector with lots of features that stand out, making it perfect for home entertainment and gaming. Many people are looking for a good projector for home and office use.

The BenQ HT2050A projector is an incredible one that makes your entertainment worth it. It has excellent performance that could be missed out on different projectors. Here is a review of the BenQ HT2050A black Friday sales.

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The Benq HT2050a Review For 2022

The Picture Quality Details

When buying a projector for home entertainment, the quality of the images on our screen is essential. A good projector should be able to deliver an excellent image quality that leaves the viewers in awe. BenQ HT 2050A has been designed to provide superior image quality in spades. The brightness of BenQ 2050A is excellent at 2200 lumens and able to work in a room full of ambient light without affecting the images displayed. It offers a 1080 pixel resolution that produces unique images when combined with the brightness.

The projector comes with different features that work together to give the best image quality you would ask for. It uses the cinematic color that makes the projector to deliver an exceptional image that is cinematic in every aspect. With the RGBRGB color wheel that is 6 times the speed of a standard color wheel, the performance of color accuracy. With an impressive combination with other features like contrast ratio, it produces detailed crisp and sharp images and brings the best of the home cinema experience. From a very short distance from the screen, you get to experience a great image size. The images at 100 inches are incredibly beautiful and large and capture the feeling of big-screen theatre entertainment.

BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector | 2200 Lumens | 96% Rec.709 for Accurate Colors | Low Input Lag Ideal for Gaming | 2D Keystone for Flexible Setup

To enjoy even better home entertainment, set up the home theatre correctly in a spare room, and have everything in place. With everything set in your home theatre, you get to experience the best of home theatre, especially when watching movies and other shows. When using the projector in an averagely lit room, you will love the image quality even more. This is also because when you use it in the well-lit room, it may be slightly not suitable for your image display. It does not mean that the images are going to be wrong, but rather that the pictures would not be that good as expected.

When you use the projector in a dark environment, you also get a good image display, and the color and clarity of t content can compete with the modern TV display. It does not matter what you want to use the projector for, as it comes with features that suit all programs. It’s perfect for both movies and gaming making it more immersive for you and your family. It perfect for excellent family entertainment time. So if you are looking for the ideal projector for your home use get the BenQ HT 250A.

The 3D performance

It’s good to know that not all 3D projectors can deliver the best performance at all. It’s quite remarkable how the BenQ HT 2050A projector comes with incredible performance with superb image quality. The manufacturers have paid attention to the quality of color display on the projector more attention for better color accuracy. It has also taken care of the shadow levels, skin texture, and many other factors to achieve a fantastic result.

The noise of the projector has been reduced as well to make the experience even better. Though the sound of the projector has been significantly reduced, it’s not entirely silent as some scenes produce more noises. The other areas of the projector take care of the issue to make up for it with better performance. When watching 3D content, you will surely enjoy it in every aspect with excellent resolution and contrast details. The ambient light does not affect the images as much as well, with its feature overshadowing the ambient light.

The projector can work with both 3D and 2D content, and there is no much difference between them. The projector handles the 3D content well and displays what is expected of the 3D on the screen. The 3D image quality is good with balanced brightness and color accuracy for better brightness and color. Also, the contrast ratio and resolution of the content is good and more detailed for the excellent skin tone display. Though you are using the 3D content on the projector, you will have to buy your 3D glass. The projector, when purchased, does not come with 3D glass. Apart from these small drawbacks, the projector works well with an excellent 3D performance that you would not want to miss out on.


  • Comes with great value
  • Has low input lag
  • Great connectivity feature
  • Has multiple setup options
  • Brightness is great
  • Contrast ratio and image quality is great


  • A bit pricey
  • No major Issue

BenQ ht2050a Setup Guide (Hassle-free)

The set up of the projector is quite easy and straight forward without too much hassle. It has all the features that make your setting easier for you. It has a remote control, Power cord, start guide, and batteries. Installation of the projector does not take much of your time, and five minutes after installation, you are ready to use it. You can watch whatever you prefer after simple installation steps.

You can connect your projector to many different devices like pc, Blu-ray player, media player, and many other one time set up devices. It comes with an option for side projection with a keystone 2d correction with an excellent mount option for easy setup. You can mount the projector anywhere you want and how you want. It can either be upside down, which means you place it on your ceiling.

Since it has no mounting brackets, it can deliver the best results when installing on the roof facing down. The whole installation process is made faster and easier with the instruction manual provided by manufacturers. It also means that you can set the projector on a flat surface and continue enjoying the view.

Connectivity and Convenience

For every home entertainment projector purchased for home use, it has to have an excellent connectivity option. This is to help you have a variety of options on entertainment to watch. If you are into gaming and movies, the projector should be able to help you connect the necessary devices that support the program.

BenQ HT2050A projector has been designed with multiple connectivity options. You can connect different devices like laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, DVD player, USB, and many other devices, including music devices. You can watch your movie at the comfort of your home more easily and peacefully without too much hassle. Its connections are very convenient to you and made it easy for all your connectivity needs. You can watch anything you want on the projector, be it business or home entertainment. Its connection ability will not leave you disappointed.

Remote Controlled Operation

The remote control is a small one and compact with backlit for night use. It’s a small size remote but fits all the access control you need for the operation on your projector. You get access to most of the projector options like power on and off, keystone correction, transport keys, calibration controls, and image blanking. The remote control is so good ad has no trouble on taking commands from you to the wall or screen and works well.

BenQ ht2050a Lamp

Lamp life of a projector has high determining power when buying a projector and also applies to the BenQ HT 2050A. The lamp life of the projector varies depending on the mode you are using. You can switch from super mode to economic and smart eco mode depending on what you are going to watch. If you are using for other things apart from movies and gaming, you can place it smartly.

The image sin different mode does not change significantly but rather still beautiful. The lamp of the projector can stay useful for a long time before you think of replacing the bulb. It’s not hard to get a replacement bulb as it is readily available in the market.

The Sound Quality

The sound quality of the projector is excellent, with an incredibly quiet fan to accompany it. What makes a projector boring to have for home entertainment is too much fan noise that disturbs when watching movies. It is delightful that the BenQ projector comes with quiet fan noise and leaves the room quiet when watching films and their shows, making the sound audible throughout. It has an inbuilt 10 W speaker that helps to boost the sound quality to another level without an external sound system. When you want to use the projector in a larger room, you should look for an external speaker for better performance.

Usability: User-Friendly

Everything about BenQ HT 2050A is made to be easier to use and operate that is from all aspects. Installing the projector is much straightforward without taking much of your time. It comes with adjustment. The remote control is user-friendly and offers lots of direct access keys for easier operation. It also comes with red backlighting that helps to operate at night. The user interface is an easy interaction with the system and too easy to navigate without any hindrance.

BenQ HT2050a Throw Distance

The throw distance of the projector has a great effect on the brightness and the image size displayed on the screen. Throw distance enables you to deliver bigger images, even in a small space. For you have the best images, you have to set the projector carefully to achieve it. He throws distance does not change much when projecting form a projector that has been installed on the ceiling, wall, or table.

BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector | 2200 Lumens | 96% Rec.709 for Accurate Colors | Low Input Lag Ideal for Gaming | 2D Keystone for Flexible Setup

All the position is excellent, and images are beautifully displayed on the screen. For you to get the best image on your screen, you will have to sit 1.3 x distance when installing on the ceiling. It is also because many people prefer this position when watching on their projector. It has an inbuilt throw angle that has been placed at the bottom edge of the image at the centerline of the lens and enables you to elevate the image up to 10%.

The Price: Great Value

Great projectors are known to be quite expensive, with many features that some are complicated to use. With just around $ 700, you are able to buy a perfect BenQ HT2050 A that is affordable considering the features it comes with and also the ideal design. The performance and image quality of the projector make sit stand out among others with similar attributes and are expensive. The projector could be compared and replace the costly TV sets with the same price range. Most people prefer to use a big screen projector than having a TV set at home but also depends on preference.

Built-in 10W Mono Speaker

With the inbuilt 10 W mono speaker on the BenQ HT2050A, you don’t have to get external speakers at all. The sound produced is perfect for a small family room with apparent audible noise from the device. When you are watching movies and playing games, it’s great for the small room. Though the sound is excellent in a small place, it cannot be used in a much bigger place with more audience because the sound would be lacking. In that case, you will have to go.

Performance Comparison

The performance of the BenQ HT2050A is outstanding and cannot be casually compared to other projectors in the market. Everything for sound, image quality, brightness, and also color accuracy is excellent and worth your money. When it is compared to other similar projectors, BenQ ht2020A is far much better than most in terms of performance.

Benq HT2050a VS Epson 2150

Epson 2150 and BenQ HT2050A projectors could be said to have lots of similarities and differences at the same time. Both of the projectors are user-friendly and works well with everyone that has them. With the BenQ ht2050a projector, you can use it easily when doing installations with its great adjustment ability. It is a versatile projector for small room projection with great image capability.

The image quality of both projectors is high and impressive without overshadowing the others. The image quality of the Epson 2150 is much better compared to BenQ HT2050A with much higher brightness and a much better contrast ratio. The quality of the detail on the dark scenes on the screen of the Epson is impressive with sharper images as well. This is also because the Epson projector uses the 3LCD display technology for better performance. Both projectors are light and can be carried easily from one place to another when doing installation or travelling. The lamp life of the Epson 2150 projector is more durable and long-lasting.

Benq HT2050a VS Optima UHD60

BenQ HT2050A projector and the Optima UHD60 are both hefty but capable projectors with great features that vary depending on the projector. In the case of the BenQ HT2050A projector, it is not a petite device and will need to be measured well before installing to see where it fits well.

Before you get the projector, you have to know where the projector will fit in your environment. The features that come with the two projectors differ in performance and some even better than the other. Though the UHD60 projector may be larger and bulky, it is worth every pound it has with its amazing features and performance. The most important thing is the powerful features it has been designed with. The overall design of the UHD60 is sleek and upscale, suitable for any environment. The BenQ HT2050A comes with vertical and horizontal and vertical keystone correction which lacks the UHD60 projector.

Benq HT2050a VS Optoma HD143x

BenQ HT2050A and Optima HD143X have great features that can be said to be extraordinary. Optima HD143X brightness can be used in an average lit room and also in lecture rooms and conference halls with high brightness of 3000 lumens. When compared to the BenQ HT2050A of 2200 lumens, it has much higher brightness and more useful in a different environment.

Optima has a contrast ratio of 23000:1 of against that of 15000:1 of BenQ HT2050A. When we see both features of the projectors, you note that Optima is more suitable for a bigger space, while BenQ is suitable for a smaller area for effective results. The design of both of them differs from one to the other like, for example, the BenQ projector has remarkably rounded sides and silver trim. Optima, on the other hand, is square and all black and light.

BenQ ht2050a Manual & Benq HT2050a Review

Every electronic device has been designed with a manual to guide the user on how to use it properly. BenQ HT2050A projector comes with a manual that makes it easier when doing set up and other settings on your projector. When you use the projector for the first time, it gives you brief options of all other projections depending on where it’s perfect for you.

You have settings that are perfect when installing it on the table, ceiling, and also on the wall. From the menu, you can select whether o use an advance menu or basic. An advanced menu comes with complete image options for you without limitation. On the contrary to this basic menu has a limited choice for you. When watching movies and doing gaming, you can set your projector to the cinematic mode and enjoy the accurate rec 709 color with the D65 and 2.2 gammas. The gamma setting delivers the best, and nothing could affect your viewing since it also comes with a preset that ranges from 1.6-2.8.

The Bottom Line

BenQHT2050A projector has been designed to offer things that you are missing out on other similar home projectors. Since you are looking for a perfect projector, Benq HT2050A is ideal for you with its incredible factors. The price of the projector is reasonable, which makes it better for your budget and meets your needs.

The image quality of the projector is good with high color and brightness balance, making it great for home entertainment. You can enjoy both 2D and 3D videos, especially for movies and gaming at home. For gamers, the motion of the game has affected no matter the type of game playing on the screen and also best lag time.

Hope you enjoyed this Benq ht2050a review. Click here to check out the latest pricing on Amazon

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