Optoma HD143x Review 2021: The Best 1080p Projector Deals !!

Optoma HD143x
Optoma HD143x

Optoma projectors Are world-class brand name In around the world, That’s why we picked and make Optoma HD143x Review with buyer’s guide for 2020.

Optoma HD 143x projector comes with an excellent resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with DLP technology for better performance. When you get this projector for home use, you won’t be disappointed as it has excellent performance no matter what you want to watch. At first, you may think this is just like any other business projector, but when you look at the features closely, you will understand that it’s just a low-cost home entertainment projector.

When looking for a cheap gaming projector, then you have got yourself one. To have more precise information about the projector, we have done an excellent review for you.

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Editors Choice: Optoma HD 143x Review 2021

Video Performance

The video performance of any home entertainment projector should be of high quality above all others. It is because almost everything you tend to watch at home is a video like gaming, movies, and others. When you look at the features and setting of the Optoma hd143x projector, you note that even without you adjusting the color control settings, you still get incredible natural-looking colors. When setting the projector on cinema and reference mode, you enjoy the good color display and contrast level is also enhanced.

Optoma HD143X Affordable High Performance 1080p Home Theater Projector, 3000 Lumens, 3D Support, Long 12000 Lamp Life, for Indoor and Outdoor Movies, Built In Speaker

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The brightness of the projector can also be enhanced when set on bright mode. Though the projector will have a trace of green bias in some scenes, it is still not that visible unless you have a close-up on facials. The projector can be used as well for business graphics presentations for better viewing, especially for people seated from far.

Optoma hd143x was explicitly designed for gaming with features that make every gaming experience better. It also means that the features they have been designed to improve the visual quality more for better video performance. Good gaming should leave the user immersed to it with an incredible flow of events and images. We can say that the video performance of the Optoma HD 143x projector is better and extraordinary for home entertainment.

The Game Mode

Looking for the best projector for gaming experience at home?

The Optoma hd143x projector is perfect for your home use. The best thing with this projector is you can change the mode of the projector to fit your need at that particular time. A good example is that when you want to watch movies, you can set the projector in cinema mode.

The cinema mode will change the settings to fit that of a cinema home theater to give incredible movie quality. Same can be said about the game mode as it is the brightest mode that can deliver consistent, realistic color for bet gaming display. The picture quality of the gaming mode can be said to be breathtaking more than anything. Though the game mode does not offer the image in three dimensional, the picture quality s much better.

When you are using the projector during the day, you will enjoy the extra brightness, especially when you need t during the day. It compensates for the ambient light in the room with the extra brightness. So, if you were worried about the quality of the image shown while playing games then stop worrying too much.

Zoom Lens Effect on Brightness

The Optoma hd143 x projector has been designed with an excellent 1.1 x zoom with no curtailing of light at the end of the telephoto of the lens. If you want to use the zoom lens capability, then you have to do it manually to focus. The zoom feature does not bring too much flexibility, but it helps you to set the projector on the right focus. When the zoom lens is well used as required, you able to watch images that are well fit to the screen and clear.

With only the 1.1.1 zoom, the brightness of the projector is minimal in variation as you change the zoom. When you change the zoom from the wide range to the telephoto zoom the changes on brightness is minimal. When buying this projector, you should not be too concern about the changes since the difference is barely visible. By being not visible, it means that the difference is only around 6% across the whole range.

When you set the projector on full wide-angle, the projector measures 2464 lumens with slightly higher than that on a telephoto angle. As we have seen the whole process when installing and using the projector, you can decide for yourself if you find the projector perfect for you or not. Even so, the effect of the zoom lens on the brightness is not that huge.

Input Lag

The input lag of a projector could be considered as an essential factor, especially when looking for a gaming projector. The Optoma hd143x projector comes with two measurements for input lag at 33.1ms when the gaming enhancement is off. The input lag at 33.1 ms could be considered good and bearable, but for those that love gaming to the core, it could be unacceptable.

When you set the Optoma HD 143x gaming on enhancement, then the projector can have an input lag of 16.4ms. When you are a hardcore game lover, then you need to have your dynamic black turned off to achieve 16.4ms. When you use the projector for gaming while the dynamic black is on, you are likely to achieve a 17ms input lag.

With a speed o 16ms, it could be said to be fast enough for those serious with gaming and still perfect for gaming beginners. Though the speed of 33ms and 34 ms is pretty good, it has no great impact on gaming as when using an input lag of 16ms. The input lag is excellent for gaming, giving the best input lag that depends on your settings and needs. So, if you are looking for the east projector for gaming, the Optoma HD 143x projector is the right one for you.

Onboard Audio

Optoma hd143x projector has been produced with incredible onboard audio of the 10-watt mono speaker. The speaker delivers a beautiful volume that is enough for the small room use when watching with your family. The reason why the projector speaker could be said to be beautiful is able to produce distortion-free sound quality that is great for a small room.

The balanced voice variation of the projector speaks it all about the quality of the projector audio. If you are using a bigger room with lots f people involved, then you should look for a bigger sound system that would resonate with your environment. Get yourself an external sound system to give you what you are looking for in a sound system.

When it comes to the sound system of your choice, you get the right one depending on your preference. We can say that Optoma hd143x projector has one of the best audio in the market when also compared to the price it has. A good sound system makes your entertainment even better and enjoyable and that what hd143x projector does.

Fan Noise

The fan noise of a projector has a great impact on the performance and enjoyment of your entertainment. When the fan noise is too much, you tend to get bored and distracted while watching. The effect of the fan could be unacceptable if you are using the projector for home entertainment. If you are using the projector for business presentations, then you are likely to tolerate it as it has no great effect on it.

When using the Optoma hd143x projector, you will notice when on the bright mode, the fan noise is loud to be heard when in a small room and a quiet moment. This means that if you are using the projector in a slightly bigger room, then you will not be able o hear a thing. When sill using it in a small family room in the eco mode, it is quiet, and you would notice when you concentrate on it.

You should have noted that the fan noise could be intrusive when in quiet moments. When the members of the family are making ambient noise, you could still hear the fan noise though not that loud but noticeable. If the fan noise is not an issue with your entertainment, then you are most likely to like the Optoma hd143x projector with its incredible performance.

Optoma Hd143x Manual

Each projector bought in the market comes with its manual to help with instructions on how to set up and use the projector easily. Every step that is guided on the manual helps you to understand how to use the projector. It can be very hard for you to get the right settings for what you want, but with the manual, you are well set. The Optoma hd143x projector comes with an easy to understand manual with simple steps to follow.

The language used in the manual is also easy to understand. When you to the menu, you will be able to set up anything you want from installation zoom instructions and others. You may have to look at the display menu and set up the images, enhance gaming, edge mask, aspect ratio, image shift, keystone correction, and many others. You are able to set the type of mode you want as well as the wall color for better image display.

These settings could be hard to achieve with a manual or let’s say t would be hard to operate the projector well. In case you got your projector without a manual, you can easily go to the projector store and get one or download an online Optoma hd143x projector manual. You can quickly get one that is in your language for better understanding. They also have excellent customer care service that when you need them, there will be there to help.

Download HD143x User Manual

Optoma HD143x Lamp

Just like all the other projectors, Optoma HD143x projector has different modes of lamp display. Each of the lamp display modes determines the time the projector is likely to work. Optoma hd143x has a lamp life eco f 15000 hours when using the dynamic power mode. When using the economic mode the eco mode, you are able t use the projector for 10,000 hours and 3500 hours when using the full power mode.

This means that you are using the projector when on full brightness. Though you can use the projector at full power, you are most likely only to use it when watching during the day in a room full of ambient light. When using the projector during the night, it is suitable to use the eco mode or the dynamic eco mode for Vetter image quality.

Optoma HD143X Affordable High Performance 1080p Home Theater Projector, 3000 Lumens, 3D Support, Long 12000 Lamp Life, for Indoor and Outdoor Movies, Built In Speaker

The average lamp life f the projector is between the 3500 hours and 15000 hours all of them delivering incredible images depending on the environment. The most important part that you may require to use the full power is probably when viewing 3D content. It’s good to note that 3D tends to downgrade brightness to about a third of its lumens. With full power mode on, the contents are sure to be perfect.


  • Great brightness for rooms full of ambient light
  • Connectivity feature is incredible
  • Supports 3D
  • Input lag is fast
  • Has vertical keystone correction
  • Possible to use as an outdoor projector
  • The lamp life of the projector is also good.


  • The zoom lens is not flexible enough
  • The sound output is only enough for a small room
  • Takes long to sync with the signal

Optoma HD143x Throw Distance

Each projector comes with a different throw distance that has been specifically designed for it. The throw distance of a projector will determine where you are likely to set up your projector to have images that fit your screen. Optoma hd143 x projector comes with a throw distance that can project an image of 120″ inch with an image of 16:9 diagonal.

Optoma hd143x also comes with a zoom lens of 1.1 that ranges from 12.8 to 14 feet away. When you have problems with determining the throw distance of your Optoma hd143x projector, you can look at the Optoma hd143x calculator. The calculator will enable you to get an approximate distance that is correct accord to manufacturers. Some projector is able to project a perfect image from long distance, and some can only work from a short distance. All of these projectors are incredible, depending on your need.

If you are looking for a projector that can be placed on the tabletop, then go for a short throw projector. If you want it to be somewhere that can be placed further away from the screen, then you can as properly go for the long-distance projector.

Optoma HD143x Setup Guide

When you buy your projector from the market, know how you are going to install at home or the office. Even before you go ou to look for a projector, you must have figured where to place the projector when you get it. Setting up a projector depends on the type of projector, and if you have ever done before. Sometimes it could be easy to do it, but also it may require the use of a professional.

The only time you need a professional to do it is when you have not understood the manual well. Most of the manuals available in the market come in languages that are easy to understand and do accordingly. The projector comes with incredible adjusting fe4atures that help you to set up the projector on the right place and fitting.

The zoom lens is od 1.1 zoom that is not really that flexible but good. It is able to help you find the right angle to watch the movies where everyone could watch well. With the Optoma projector, you are able to install the projector firmly. When installing the projector, make sure the image is well fitted on the projector screen to deliver remarkable image quality.

The brightness and the image of the contents should be perfect to work well and deliver the best results when talking of images and projection. The zoom feature helps you to choose the right angle to project to get the most of image display. The zoom range also helps you to know where to place the projector. If you are not sure where the projector should be placed away from the screen, then look at the calculator. Optoma hd143x projector calculator will help you to get the right measurement.

Optoma HD143x Bulb

Optoma projector lamp has a long lamp life of 15000 hours when on eco mode mean you will spend more than 10 years of use before buying another. The number of years spent on projector use will reduce the bulb life; hence, there will be a need for a new bulb. When replacing the projector lamp, you have to look at different things.

The first thing you should think about whether you want a genuine bulb, compatible or generic. Though there are several choices, you may have laid before you have to get the right one. If you are getting just any because of the price, then you are likely to buy several over the years. It is recommended to get the genuine original bulb to achieve the best result of 240 watts.

The bulb comes rated 3400 lumens just like the original lamp to give the best brightness in rooms full of ambient light. When using the projector at full power, you are going to have a lamp life of 3500 hours. Since the bulb is original, it comes with a brightness that is superior to all the other generic or compatible bulbs. If you want the best of the brightness and lamp life, then go for the genuine bulb in the market. With a good projector like the Optoma HD 143x projector, you are sure to say that it uses friendly and easy to use than any other projector seen.

Optoma HD143x Bluetooth

There is nothing good when it comes to projector connections through wireless means. When you have wireless connection capability, you eliminate the hassle of having the extra cost of installation. It could be quiet costly to have an installation of your projector done with all those cables involved. With wireless connectivity, you can instantly stream full HD content from devices like Blu-ray players and others. With Bluetooth connection to your projector, you are able to connect your Smartphone and stream whatever you want.

The good thing about connecting wirelessly is that it is faster and secure than any other connection. If you want to projector movies, music, presentations, videos, gaming, all of these can be den just by connecting the two devices involved. You have control of what you do and want at the tip of your fingers. The wireless projection uses lots of standards to bring HD entertainment for you. Just like any other connection, through the wireless connection, you can do multiple things at any moment you want. You can play games, watch movies, view images, do presentations, watch shows and other just wirelessly.

The Final Words

The Optoma HD143x projector offers the best quality all rounds with an incredible price of $$$. The price it comes with can be said to have value for money since it delivers great image quality for the price. It has the capability to deliver 3D and projector images that are bright and large screen capable at 145″. The projector can be used for both dark and bright rooms and still give perfect image quality.

Apart from using the projector for business presentations, it’s amazing for gaming. It could be said that the projector was designed for gaming with features that make it perfect. The onboard sound is incredible and just perfect for home entertainment, and you may not need the external speakers for enhanced sound anymore.

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