Optoma HD29Darbee Review With Complete Buyer’s Guide 2021

Optoma HD29Darbee Review
Optoma HD29Darbee Review

Welcome to Optoma HD29Darbee Review with Complete Buyer’s Guide 2021. Projectors lab editors share user experiences about optoma hd29darbe for you.

Though many people like to go for cinemas and watch the newly released movies from the big screen and lifelike images but want they have not understood is that you can still enjoy the best right in your home.

The same professionalism set up and cinematic experience you get at the cinemas is the same you get at the comfort of your home without limitation.

The Optoma HD29Darbee projector is one of the best projectors you get for your home theatre experience. Optoma hd29darbee review makes it possible for you to understand how it works and the features it has before buying.

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The Optoma HD29Darbee Review 2021

Special Features

Picture Quality: Stunning | Bright & Colorful Lumens: 3,200 | Contrast Ratio: 30,000:1 | Resolutions: Full HD 1920x1080p (DLP Home Theater) | Lamp Life: 8,000 | Chipset: DLP | Inputs: 12v Trigger,Audio-Out, USB Power,2 xHDMI | Item Dimensions: 9.05 x 11.73 x 3.79 in, See more on amazon

Let’s explore the projector and learn more.

The Design and Features

Optoma hd29darbee projector has been designed to be small and lightweight for portability and easy to move from one area to another in your small bag. The design of the projector itself is substantially compatible with any environment. When it comes to color preference, it all depends on you and your choice. The projector has two HDMI ports at the rear of the hddarbee projector one on the outermost side of the projector and works well with video sources.

The video sources include gaming consoles, smartphones, video players, PC, and many other video sources. This is also because this side of the port supports the HDCP. The other port works the same as the first one but the difference comes with the port is has an added MHL 1.2.

With the projector has a contrast ratio of 30,000:1 and resolution of 1080p that brings the most stunning level of both black and white on the displayed contents plus images that are bright and clear. The contents are lifelike and an incredibly beautiful thanks to the detailed scenes and the excellent resolution making it perfect for your video contents. The projector also has a brightness of 3200 perfect for any environment especially one with ambient light. With the brightness, it becomes easier to use it for conferences, classrooms, outdoors and anywhere without looking for blind curtains to block too much ambient light.

It takes you a few minutes to assemble the projector, and you are good to go within minutes. The projector is easy to adjust and get the best images that are well integrated and very clear. This is all thanks to the image enhancement technology designed with the projector.

The projector also comes with color enhancement technology that makes the images to be more colorful and accurate for a very long time without fading and distortion of colors displayed. The lives like color experience are amazing bringing out the most beautiful and authentic images that are breathtaking. This color enhancement technology makes the projector to be perfect for gaming experience especially image quality.

The projector comes with ventilation on the both sid4e of the projector giving it more space to let in and out the air for more productive use of the projector. The ventilation enables the projector to work well in a more silent way without distracting the users with too much noise. With the remote control that the projector as you are able to enjoy your movies from just where you are seated without having to make adjustments manually.

The integrated inbuilt speakers in the projector are incredibly good especially for those who are looking for surround sound system for their movies and gaming. The sound produced by the speakers is very impressive and great for the best cinematic movie experience. The sound system is excellent for you as you will not be required to buy external speakers unless you need one for yourself.

That not all the sound system goes hand in hand with the quality of the images that are produced by the projector with its 1080 full HD resolution.  You are sure to enjoy your big screen images from your phone, tablet, pc and other devices easily to your projector since it works well with them. Within minutes of connecting your device like the gaming consoles, you are good to play.

Performance of the Optoma HD29Darbee Review

Performance of the projector is a very important aspect in the acquiring of a projector. There is no way one would go for a projector that is performance is inferior and not worthy of the price they got it for. This is a well-known factor, and that’s why we have reviewed the Optoma hd29darbee projector for you to know and understand how it works in terms of performance and other important things. The performance that the hd29darbee offer is impressive when compared to the affordable price it comes with from the market.

Many people may have had a poor experience with certain projector they have encountered affecting their view on the projector, but with the Optoma hd29darbee projector you get to enjoy the best and at an affordable price without extra cost. With the right projector just like the Optoma hd29darbee projector, you do not need to acquire extra things like the blind curtains since they work well with the ambient light. The ambient light does not in any way affect the image quality of the projector.

The uniformity of the brightness of both white and color is incredibly giving the best images quality. The uniformity enables the images to be bright accurate and detailed all round to deliver the most beautiful images. When watching your movies, you get to enjoy life images that are huge making you interact virtually with the characters and get more engaged. Gaming is no different as the video quality is incredible and is not affected by the kind of game you are playing.

The small and compact size of the projector makes it possible to carry from one place to another easily without any special bag as it can fit in any bag. Though it does not require a special bag for you to carry with you, it comes with its carrier bag making it better for you.  The small size is ideal for those who are moving from one place to another while travelling or doing your presentations from one office to another. Its design makes it blend with any environment and giving you the chance to get the right color for yourself according to your preference.

What makes the performance of the projector to be better is the price range it comes with when compared to other projectors of the same price in the market. The designers of the projector have placed into consideration the fan noise and come with a mechanism to reduce the amount of noise the projector produces while in operation. Therefore the projector comes with two ventilation on the sides to cope with the fan air circulation for it.

Everything that the projector does from installations, settings, video and audio quality and also the image quality, it performs impressively from all of them. With the Optoma hd29darbee projector you are sure to have the best experience you could get in the market.

Brightness & Lamp Life

The brightness that projectors come with varies from one projector to another and also projecting in different ways. Projector with low brightness works well in places with limited lighting while projectors with high brightness are able to work well in rooms and environment with high ambient light. Each of these projectors is able to achieve the same purpose, but the difference is the condition.

Since brightness is one of the main factors that will determine the buying of the projector for your use, it is good to know their brightness first.

The brightness of the Optoma hd29darbe projector is incredibly good that you do not need to have control over the amount of light that penetrates in the room. The projector is able to work well in both bright and darkroom. This is made possible with the Eco mode. The Eco mode enables you to set up the projector to work well at night in a reduced brightness to accommodate dark environment or night mode. With this mode in place, the images produced are stunning and as good as during the day.

The lamp life of the projector will depend on the way you are using the projector. When you set your projector on the Eco mode most of the time, you are able to save the energy used in the projector and have a longer lamp life.

The Darbee projector has a very long life enabling you to use your projector for more than eight years before thinking of buying a replacement bulb or even a new projector. The projector is very impressive as it has a very great brightness that works well in rooms full of ambient light without the need for blocking the light in the room.

While watching your movies outside, you are sure to enjoy bright images that are beautiful lifelike contents without the need to struggle to watch as the images are not distorted. This makes the projector of the best in terms of brightness and worth of your money. The good thing with this projector is that you are able to use it anywhere you want for business presentations, home entertainment and also in the classroom and still achieving the best of the brightness it has.

The uniformity of the projector makes the images to remain bright without fading at any time making it the best and ideal projector you should have in your home at a very affordable price.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of the Optoma Darbee projector is impressive with a sound that fills the whole room and soothing to the ears. This is because it comes with an inbuilt 10 watt that works perfectly fine in a small room. Since the quality of the speakers is amazing in a small room, it may not be perfect for a larger room, and therefore you would be required to get external speakers for your use. The room with a broader audience requires speakers that enable everyone to have fair sound hearing while enjoying.

Though the speakers of the Optoma Darbee projector is great for anyone with a small area for a perfect result, it is good to have an extra amount of money set aside for external speakers in case you have a broader audience, or you would like a louder sound that surrounds.

You may have to think of getting a new surround sound system for the most beautiful audio quality you could have. That does not mean the inbuilt speakers does not work well but rather it is pretty great and perform amazingly well, but for better sound, you have to spend a bit more. The speakers are a very important part of entertainment especially if you are using your projector for home entertainment.

Fan Noise

The fan noise of the projector is very important in one way or another as it will determine if you will enjoy your programs or not. Sometimes the fan noise could be too much noisy distracting one while watching the movies or shows you are watching. But since the manufacturers have seen where the issue is many projectors, they have tried to make improvements. To make the projectors better on the noise they produce.

The noise of the fan has been designed to be less noisy to enable an easy and enjoyable time while watching. The ventilation of the projector has been designed to be larger and on both sides of the Optoma projector.

The reason for the two ventilation position is to give the projector enough space for air ventilation to enables free air movement. With the free flow of air in and out of the projector, it reduces the fan noise, and it becomes much quieter. What makes the projector to be much noisier is the too much heating of the projector without proper ventilation. It is good to know that when the projector overheats, it reduces the lamp life of the projector.

The Optoma hd29darbee projector has a much quieter noise from the projector even when the brightness of the projector is too bright. When compared to other projectors that range the same on price, the Optoma projector has a much higher performance rate of fan noise than most of them.

When looking for a projector that you can have at home with little or no fan noise, the Optoma hd29darbee projector is the best and the ideal projector for you. It has no distraction factors on you while watching your movies unless you are really concentrating on hearing the fan noise. The quiet fan noise is ideal for those who have a larger audience at home.

Optoma HD29darbee Manual

Many people go for a projector at the stores and think there is no need for manuals that they can understand how to use the projector without it. It may be the case that you have encountered so many projectors outside, but one thing you should remember is the fact that not all projectors are the same.

Different projectors come with different manuals written in different languages. It’s good to get a manual that is written in a language that you can fully comprehend to avoid misunderstandings.

Manuals are very important as you may not know when you will need it. The manual enables you to get a full understanding of your projector from installations, settings, remote control, cabling and many other guides. The manuals also help you to solve some issues when you encounter while using the projector.

In case your projector does not have a manual when you buy it, go online and search for the manual of your projector and download to use. With just that simple step you are sure to have your manual anytime you want to use it.

Download Your User Manuals

Optoma HD29darbee Ceiling Mount

It is very hard to decide where you will place your projector at home sometimes. You may have trouble doing it from the wall mounting or ceiling mounting. Optoma hd29darbee projector is the same as you may have to think of so many places to place it. The ceiling mounting for the Optoma hd29darbee is the right position for it for the best result. When installing the projector on the ceiling, it is not that difficult, and it may only take you a few minutes.

From the ceiling the images that are produced are great, and it does not in any way interrupt you while watching your movies. Every person in the home theatre will have a chance to view the screen well and clear no matter the seating position.

Optoma HD29darbee Throw Distance

Since the throw distance is the distance between the projector and the wall or screen, it is a very important aspect for better image quality and the size of the image. Images that are shown from a short distance and that of a long distance are not the same and have a very small difference.

Long throw distance projector are very many in the market as compared to short throw making it the most bought since they are a bit cheaper. The long throw distance projector can be installed at the ceiling, wall or an entertainment cabinet.

From where the image is projected from to the screen, matters a lot. The image on the screen is large and very clear since you can easily adjust to attain the right size and clarity you like. Short throw, on the other hand, is unique that it shows large images from a very short distance from the screen.

The Optoma hd29darbee projector is a short throw projector that can project an image of 120” from 14 feet away. Also, the projector comes with a 1.1 zoom lens to help with the flexibility of the projector.

Easy To Use

There is no way you will enjoy your movies and other programs from your projector when you have problems understanding it. The ease of a projector ranges from a different perspective like how easy is it to handle, control and manage your projector. When we talk about ease of use in the Optoma hd29darbee projector we talk about a variety of things. You may ask yourself how do I adjust, install, move from here to there. All this maybe some of the things that determine the ease of use of the projector.

The installation of the Darbee projector takes only a few minutes, and within minutes you are done. Then adjusting the projector to project an image that is clear and large takes you also minutes and you are good to go. The lightweight of the projector makes it possible to be carried from one place to another easily. Therefore, you can carry it to your backyard and set it up for your movies at night. The Optoma hd29darbee projector comes with a remote control that helps you to control and change your projector settings while seated at the sitting room.

The ease of use of the Optoma hd29darbee projector is what makes it the best to understand and also manage worth your money. With everything that comes with the Optoma projector, there is no way you will let it go at any time. This is because it delivers what many projectors of the same kind and makes can’t do at all. The keystone correction comes in handy when doing the installation and makes your work even much more comfortable than you could expect. With this projector, there is no way your home will be bored at any time especially when all of the members are at home for holidays.


Connectivity of the projector is very important especially if you are going to use your projector with other devices. Therefore, before buying the projector get to check if it is compatible with other devices. This will enable you to have an easy time connecting your projector with other devices. From just your phone you are able to watch large screen images from your phone., pc, tablet, and many other devices.

When you have business presentations, you do not have to place too much cable as all you will do is connect to your phone to your projector and continue using. The connectivity of the projector enables you to play your games by just connecting your gaming console and start. The HDMI ports that are situated at the top most of the projector is incredibly good and supports both videos and audio quality. Since the projector is able to work well with other devices, you do not need to worry about anything.

Clarity & Color

Who would want to have a projector that its clarity and color is not good? This is because the clarity of the projector is essential as it will determine the quality of the images that will be shown. The images and the videos produced are accurate, bright and sharp delivering a breathtaking cinematic experience. The projector has a REC .709 HDTV color gamut that enables the projector to deliver color that is rich, clear, natural and very accurate.  With the default color of the projector, you are able to watch according to the preference of the designers and enjoy the best.

The image clarity of the Optoma projector is incredible, and you will enjoy them for a long time without color fading. This shows that the projector puts the quality of the contents they show on their top priorities. The contrast ratio of the projector enables it to bring out the best of the images in details in both the white and black scenes. This makes the images to be more accurate, bright, colorful, clear and sharp. The projector easily adjusts to the type of content displayed on the screen since it has been designed to do so. This makes the projector work well with different kinds of contents.

Everything about Optoma hd29darbee projector is excellent in terms of clarity. The clarity of the projector makes one experience the cinema movies right at their home without spending a dime going for cinema out. When compared to projectors that are of the same kind, the Optoma hd29darbee projector offers the best of them all. The sharpness that the images from the Optoma offer are exceptional making you fall in love with the programs you are watching like movies, shows, sports, gaming others. The color and clarity of the hd29darbee projector are not comparable to many making it the most exceptional for you.

Pros of Optoma HD29Darbee Review

  • Fast input lag for gaming
  • Uniform white and color brightness
  • Low fan noise
  • Supports 3D
  • Great connectivity
  • Portable
  • Great audio and video quality
  • The contrast ratio is amazing

Cons of Optoma HD29Darbee Review

  • The speakers are great for a small room
  • The zoom feature limits the flexibility of the projector
  • Lamp replacement could be expensive

Final Words

Optoma hd29darbee is an impressive projector that offers the best performance given the price it comes with. The projector is incredible in terms of its features as it provides the best when compared to projectors of the same amount in the market. It is very easy to set up and install the projector and very friendly too.

The projector delivers cinematic movies experience that makes it the best for home entertainment. The projector is great for so many things like gaming, movies, music and many others. Everything about the projector is incredible, and you will not regret buying one for your home.  The images produced are classic, bright, clear, sharp and above all colorful.  The cinematic experience you get makes it the best that is a must-have for you. Therefore, we can say that the Optoma hd29darbee projector is one among the best that makes any home lively and merry.

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