How to connect an Acer Projector to a PS4 console and Fix no signal problem?

How to connect an Acer Projector to a PS4 console and Fix no signal problem
How to connect an Acer Projector to a PS4 console and Fix no signal problem

Connecting your projector and the gaming consoles well is very important as it will determine the way your images and the whole setup will appear.

Setting up different computers in a projector could be very tiresome to many as they take much more time that requires. Each device works well with different computers and the way they are connected.

With the right procedure and knowledge of what you are doing, you may take only a few minutes to do it, and you are good to go. Some of the issues that one may encounter while working on setting up the projector and the PS4 do not have the right items to work with like the wrong cables that do not match the ports in which they come with when manufactured.

Some of the devices even does not go hand in hand with what you are connecting it to, and instead, you may be trying so hard to get them to work together. Therefore before you get down to set it to make sure the acre projector and the PS4 are working well together as they are meant to work together.

If you keep trying to connect your PS4 to your Acer projector and keeps getting no signal when using the HDMI to the VGA converter to the projector, then you have a very serious or small issue with your projector ps4 connection. If this thing goes on after you try to keep on connecting, then you have to try something else.

In case you have been using your projector and converter for years but has refused to pick the PS4 and show the images then you may need to upgrade your device for the result you would like to enjoy. Sometimes it may get to your head with the PS4 as you try to get it too work and perform best with 9incredible graphics, but you fail miserably since all the graphics settings do not work at all with the projector and the PS4.

hdmi cable
HDMI cable

This makes you feel frustrated and tired as you try everything possible and do not get the image. You might have tried everything possible to get your projector, and the pps4 to work together but failed to achieve it, but still, you get the no signal or processing signal.

To set up the PS4 gaming console you may need to got to the PS4 settings and selected the system icon and the go-to enable the HDCP and turn it off. This is because when the HDMI is converted to analogue-like the VGA, they do not support the HDCP.

The right question that you should be asking yourself is which type or kinds of HDMI to VGA are you using. And also the other question is which power supply you are using.

It is essential for you to know that the power supply of the converter may have effects on the way your projector will display or not display. If your converter is not, it will not be able to work well. Therefore your converter should be powered from the wall for it to work well and be properly supplied with power that is not shortened.

This is because if it is limited the PS4 might not be able to provide enough power for it to work without the use of the external power supply. With this, you might as well be required to put in the HDMI device powered from the wall outlet in between the converter and the ps4 device. The HDMI device could be anything from the audio extractor, audio receiver, matrix, splitter or even the switch.

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