ViewSonic PA503w Reviews 2021: In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

ViewSonic PA503w

No one wants o to have a projector that has poor performance and expensive to have. That’s why the ViewSonic manufacturers had the ViewSonic pa503w in mind to help ease the life of businessmen and women and also for home entertainment.

The projector comes with an impressive performance in many aspects from visual, battery life, brightness, and many other important factors.

The good thing with the projector is its ability to bring out every detail in all environments without delivering distorted images. With ViewSonic pa503w, you are able to get everything you need at a go with just one. Here are things that make the ViewSonic pa503w great.

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Special Features

Picture Quality: Stunning | Bright & Colorful Lumens: 3,600 | Contrast Ratio: 22,000:1 | Resolutions: 1080p (1,920 x 1080) | Lamp Life: 15,000 hours | Inputs: HDMI, VGA | Item Dimensions: 4.33 x 11.57 x 8.58 in, See more on amazon

ViewSonic 3600 Lumens WXGA High Brightness Projector for Home and Office with HDMI Vertical Keystone and 1080p Support (PA503W)

What Is ViewSonic?

ViewSonic Is a computer hardware and electronics manufacturer brand. ViewSonic cooperation is a Taiwanese American company that is specialized in electronics, especially visual display technology. What makes the brand stand out among the best is its capability to produce cost-effective projectors that are functional and great for value for money. When the brand was first launched, it was called key point technology cooperation in 1987 but was soon changes to ViewSonic in 1990 to go hand in hand with its brand.

ViewSonic technology cooperation was then rated as one of the bestselling brands and gained its cool reputation of standard electronic devices with great value for money. Still, the product they produced was top-notch, and quality is also bringing about its great reputation. Same goes for the pa503w projector on the market today. The projector has great features that are too goods for the price it comes with. The feature and performance make the product stand out among some of the products ranging at the same price.

Our Test Results

The test result from the pa503w was very intriguing, depending on whether it is for you or not. The resolution and brightness of the projector were good, especially if you are looking for one to use for business presentations. Though it is good for presentations, the text could be a bit small, and you may need to upgrade it for something better with texts for boardroom or classroom.

The projector is good and very good with a great feature that makes it great for conference room and classes, but it would need improvement o fit your home for entertainment and larger text capability. The resolution and brightness are also good not too much or too dim just perfect for any environment.

Fan Noise

The fan noise of the ViewSonicpa503w is not different from the rest of the ViewSonic since the noise is noticeable loud, which makes it be a poor choice for movie fans. This could really be irritating when watching your favorite movie and want total concentration and to listen to every single word from the characters. When using the projector for presentations, it could not be that disturbing as it could for home entertainment.

Value For The Money

Just like most reviews from customers that have had an experience with ViewSonic products, they all have a good one for the value for money that the brand has on the market. Everything about the ViewSonic pa503w is great from the design and other features. The performance is much more incredible than most of the projector of the same range may not compare to it  Its good if you are looking for a projector that can fit your tight budget and still enjoy a good experience at the same time. This is it for you and your office presentations and graphics.

ViewSonic pa503w 3600

ViewSonic has a brightness of 3600 lumens as stated from the manufacturers but as the test has shown is actually less than that which is still better for any environment. The classroom, boardroom, conference halls are all perfect places to have your projector with no much distraction from the sunlight penetrating on the room and affecting the images.

When light is too much in the room it could not be a good idea since it will slightly affect the way the images would be projected and the quality as well but all the same its good form dimly lit room. In general, having the projector at 3600 lumens in your office is perfect for your presentations and good for charts and graphics as you proceed with other texts.

ViewSonic PA503W Projector Full Specifications

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ViewSonic PS503w Throw Distance

It’s really amazing how you really don’t have to start a hassle of setting up your projector at the wall or the ceiling and can place it on your table and watch literally anything. This all because the ViewSonic pa503w projector has been designed to be short distanced to aloe you enjoy large images from a short distance without disturbing your view when many. It could also be a good one when the place you are using is small and squeezed to save up some space.

ViewSonic PS503w Ceiling Mount

If you are not into having your projector on the top of the table at the office or classroom and intend to have a permanent position, then the ceiling mount is the perfect choice for your installation. The projector mount for ViewSonic pa503w is good and can fit any of the ViewSonic pa503s, pa503wx, and pa503w. The good thing with it is that it can set the projector 5” from the ceiling giving it the best position for watching anything. Its 100% aluminum design bringing with it a long lasting service.

ViewSonic PS503w Remote Control

When you are on the same venue and running different projection, you may have the chance to use a single remote control for all of it. This simply designed to give an effortless work and switching from one projection to the other easily. Especially if you have meetings or lessons best for different viewing on the same screen.

ViewSonic VS Epson Projector

The ViewSonic and Epson projectors are all amazing with great features, but they all have different appealing to different users. When you look at Epson VS 240, you find that it looks similar to the ViewSonic pjd5155. Though that is true and the one giving out the different, they all have different users. The difference between them is the technology used to make and design it. Like for example, the Epson projector is mainly designed from LCD technology while view sonic is from DLP technology.

This means that Epson projectors are able to display different color variety, unlike the other with great image quality. The features they have are all unique depending o the design and the goal of the manufacturers to customers. From the test we have conducted, it’s true to say that when you are looking for a better image display and larger texts for your presentations then go for Epson projector.

ViewSonic PA503w Manual

Every projector on the market comes with its manual that helps you to work with it more efficiently and easily. If the manual is not well interpreted and confusing, you may as well look for its manual online that suits your language preference. You can as well write to the manufacturers or the brand online services to be helped to get the right manual for your projector. The ViewSonic manual is very easy to understand and implement when working on your projector, especially fit, is for the first time. You can change and control how you want your images to appear by just a click on your remote control as per instructions on your manuals and other things.

ViewSonic PA503w Manual
ViewSonic PA503w Manual

Download Full User Manual

View Sonic PA503w Bulb

With a good lamb life, you are able to enjoy a long time of using the projector before you could even think of getting a replacement. There is a different mode of using the lamp to extend the lifelike you can decide to choose an eco mode or super eco mode when the settings are on saving mode making it good for saving energy and as well as extending the life of the lamb. When using the eco mode, the projector will automatically switch from normal projection to the eco mode when the projector is idle for 5 minutes.

Same can be said about switching from normal to the superego mode when the projector has not had an input for more than 20 minutes. This is a very good way of saving up the energy and extending the number of hours to 15000 hours.

The Image Quality

The image quality of the ViewSonic pa503w is a good one when it comes to presentations and slideshows. This is because the projector has a great brightness capability that is not affected by too much lighting and still has a great aspect ratio that supports its image quality. The rating from the users showed that the projector has an average capability and shows crisp images than most of the projector on the spar with it.

The texts and images are visible and at the same time readable from a distance, but it could be said to be a bit smaller for others. But all the same, the visibility of the images and texts is all that matters for a good presentation. When looking for a good projector for business presentations and slideshow, the ViewSonic projector is perfect for you. But if you are looking for an entertainment projector, it would be good if you could get a different one that is meant for entertainment.

The Final words

Everything about ViewSonic PA503W projector is amazing and very good for business presentations and other class meetings. Though this could be a good projector with great performance and brightness, it is not that great when it comes to home entertainment, and you may have o get a different one for it. The resolutions and color accuracy of the projector is quite impressive, making it stand all out among others on the market of the same range and may be said to be even better.

So if you are looking for a good projector that has value for money for your business, then this projector is perfect for your business.

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