Optoma HD27e Review: The Best Home Theater Projector 2021

Optoma HD27e Review
Optoma HD27e

Are you looking for the best budget home theater projector In 2021. Here Is optoma HD27e reviews, pros and cons. Hope optoma HD27e can fulfil your needs.

Pretty sure you agree with me to buy a perfect projector before need to read a trusted projector review. Now read our latest Optoma HD27e review of 2021.

Optoma has released the best latest technology gaming projector HD27HDR 3D that is incredible for any home entertainment need. If you were wondering how you are going to get the best projector for gaming and other home entertainment, then don’t think any further you have one right here suitable for all your entertainment need.

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Editors Choice: Optoma HD27e Review 2021

Having the latest HDR technology with 1080 pixels resolutions plus 3400 lumens brightness, you are sure to have the best image quality you could ask for in any projector.


  • Great brightness during daytime
  • Portable and convenient
  • Great inbuilt speaker’s capability
  • HDR capability
  • Easy to install
  • Great 3D rendering


  • Some motion blur while using
  • It is limited to HDMI
  • Brightness could be improved


The Optoma HD27e comes with an incredible performance that many clients have given a positive satisfactory review on it. The brightness of the projector is great that works well during the day with all that ambient light. Though this may be the case, you may still get to enjoy the best image display on your screen when the room is slightly darkened especially fo movies. This can also be achieved by setting the projector to cinema mode and ensuring that it is in the eco mode given you the best color accuracy.

The price that the projector comes with may be considered to be low but the features that it comes with ae amazing, making it one of the outstanding projectors on the same categories with others. The projector is able to project the best of the black levels and the white levels well making it more pronounced and clear, especially on the edges. When the black and while levels are produced well on the screen, the images become brighter and beautiful. The audio capability of the projector is also beautiful and audible enough for your use.

Though you may compare to other projectors and decide, they offer great audio capability than most. With the 10W inbuilt speakers on your projector, you do not need to get a new external projector for your home entertainment since it has got you covered. The color brightness and accuracy of the projector s good and does not distort the originally intended color for the images.

When you look at the performance e oft e projector from the sound, image quality, connectivity, and many other features, you find that the projector is able to work better than most of the expensive projector in the market. When you compared the general performance with the price of the projector, you will be amazed at how cheap it is.

Setup Guide

When looking for a good projector, the first thing you ask yourself is whether setting up the projector is easy or not. Sometimes when a projector is difficult to set up, you end up ruining it or be disappointed that you will never repurchase it or recommend to anybody. That’s not the case with Optoma HD27e. This projector is well designed to make it easier for the user to install and do the general setup easily.

The projector weight very light and easy to carry around at 2.9 kg, making it easy for you to adjust while setting it up looking for the best position to place it. It comes with 1.1 zoom capability together with vertical keystone correction for even better installation. It also comes with a small remote control that has been backlighted that lights as soon as you touch. With all these features present with the projector, what can go wrong when installing? You will have an interesting time setting up the projector without the help of a professional technician.

Though this is the case, some setting up may be difficult for some people, and it would be better to get somebody with experience to dot, he set up for you. This will save up your time and avoid ruining your new projector in the process.

Full Specification

The specifications that come with the Optoma HD27e are all amazing, giving the projector an incredible rating. Some of the fantastic specifications include the aspect ratio, audio, color wheel, brightness, contrast ratio, connections, keystone correction, light source, display technology, and many other important specifications. All of the specifications that are on the manual and the projector are good and what makes it extraordinary. When most of the people go out to look for a projector, they look for the perfect projector with great specifications that suits their need.

Optoma hd27e User Manual 

For every projector or electronic device released to the market but eh manufacturers, they have to be a user manual that enables them to have easier use of the projector. The Optoma hd27e comes with a user manual as well.

It enables the users to understand hoe then projector works and how to control the projector. Without a good and easy to understand manual, most people end up messing their machines.

That’s why each of the user manuals on each projector, depending 0on the area they are selling comes with different language written on it to meet the needs of the different people that understand different languages. The only disadvantage with most of the manuals is that it may not be understood with all people sometimes.

Download Full User Manual

Throw Distance

Throw distance of a projector is very important to any household when setting it up. This is because it will determine the image quality and size displayed on the screen. For the Optoma projector, the throw distance has been calculated to have an accurate distance for the ideal images. For you to have a large image of 120,” the projector should be 12.8 feet away from the screen or even 1 foot away.

3D Glasses Support or Not?

Optoma HD27e projector is good when it comes to the projection of images and other contents on the screen. Even so, most of the content shown on the projector is in 2D. It does not mean that it does not support 3DD, but it has 3D system capability, and you can use it when you need it. When you take advantage of its 3D capability, the pictures become very immersive and more breathtaking.

All you have to do to enjoy 3D capability ids to add the optional ZF2300 3D glasses and connect to a suitable source to enjoy great images and contents. With the great support for 3D content, you are sure to enjoy the best quality images especially if you are a game and a movie fan.

Optoma HD27e vs. HD27hdr

When looking at both the Optoma HD27e and OptomaHD27hdr, they are both great but with different capabilities. The Optoma hd27 has an advanced 3200 lumens and resolution of 1080pixels. It has the support of RGB and contrast ratio of 25,000:1 that makes the images even more visible and brighter than most. It also has a 1.1 x zoom to help with your set up when installing it. All these features make the projector great for watching movies, playing games, sports and also TV shows.

Optoma HD27e 1080p Home Theater Projector with 3,400 Lumens, Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Movies, Sports and Gaming

For those that are in love with photography and video, you could use the RGB color to produce contents that are rich in color accuracy all thanks to the REC. 709b.Still, on the other hand, the  HD 142 X  is great as well easy to sent up and small for carrying around, perfect for any installation. The projector delivers amazing color technology. Just like hd27e, you can watch live shows. Movies and even sports as it goes on.

The hdr technology now used on the projector is great and more advanced than the previous Optoma projectors making it stand out among the rest in terms of features and price. A great feature that comes with the projector itself makes the Optoma HD27 e stand out as the best and outstanding, especially for home entertainment.


Each projector in the market comes with different lamp life and also lamp capability. The more lamp life you have on your projector, the lesser you spend on a replacement over the years. For Optoma HD27e to have a longer lamp life, you have to set your projector to power saving mode by either reducing the light or put it in an eco mode.

The eco mode enables you to extend the lamp life as well as save the amount of energy used when it is on full lighting. It will take you more than 6 years of projector use before thinking of replacing your bulb or even buying a new projector for your home entertainment.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

  1. Is Optoma a good brand?

Yes. Optoma brand is one of the best in the world when it comes to electronics and especially projectors. Optoma projectors come with amazing features that make sit outstanding. From the resolution, portability, contrast ratio, brightness, and others, they are all good. Optoma HD27e is no different from others and offers an impressive image display on the screen and wall. You can therefore watch movies and play games as you wish.

  1. How do I know which Optoma projector I have?

Choosing projectors is not always easy. As people may see, it requires thorough inquiries to get one. To get the right one for you, you have to gather up some information that would make it easy for you. Consider what you want in your projector brightness, contrast ratio, resolution are all important. To know which Optoma projector to buy, you have to look at the different projectors and make sure it has features that suit you.

  1. How do I fit my Optoma projector to the screen?

Adjusting the projector to fit the screen is an important part when installing the projector. Using the autofocus feature, adjust the project on the screen until it fits perfectly on the screen

  1. How do I turn on my Optoma mini projector?

Turning the Optoma projector on is no problem at all. First, you will have to connect the AC power cord and other necessary signal cables to the projector. Press the on button on the projector to turn it. It only takes minutes to warm up. Turn your content source on like the pc, computer, and others, and the projector will detect it immediately. If you are connecting multiple sources on the projector, you will have to press source on the remote control and select the desired signal

  1. How do I reset my Optoma projector lamp?

The Optoma projectors use the self-monitoring lamp timer, and it needs resetting from time to time.

  • Please turn off the power unit and give it 30 minutes for it to cool.
  • Find the power switch to remove the power cords and disconnect.
  • Open the screws using screwdrivers by flipping the housing up and pull the old bulb out.
  • Insert the new bulb in place. Using the same steps followed for removal, reverse it to close up. The lamp timer of the projector will reset on its own
  • Using the remote control enter the user menu, options, lamp settings and then reset “yes” if it fails to reset automatically
  1. How do I clean my Optoma projector?

The cleaning Optoma projector is not hard as long as the instruction provided on the manual is followed.

  • Remove the lamp. Shut the projector off before removing the lamp and make sure the lamp is not hot when you start cleaning
  • Remove the faceplate on the next step of cleaning. Be careful here since it comes with a wire connector for the IR port. Angle the faceplate in a way you could see the inside and pull the plastic piece apart. Put the Len cap to protect it from dust. When done with the faceplate, then remove the backplate to enable easy cleaning.
  • When you are done opening the projector up, it’s time to clean. Use the air compressor to remove dirt from the inside the projector.
  • Reassemble the projector step by step and test it. Go back through the steps you followed to remove them.
  1. How to unlock the Optoma projector?

To unlock the Optoma menu service on the projector, you will have a few things. Press the UP and Enter buttons on the remote control simultaneously. A service menu will appear on the screen. Then press the up, left, and down buttons at once to access the full menu service. Turn the projector off to exit.

The Final Words

For the price that the Optoma HD27e comes with, it takes care of all the bases of an entry-level projector for home use. The color saturation is great together with amazing images, especially for movies. It is also contributed to the cinema mode feature on the projector when watching a movie. When it comes to your gaming, you are sure to have a great speed of 16.4 ms input lag for any gaming you are up to.

Hope might help you pick the right one projector with our optoma HD27e review of 2021. If you have still confusion. please read again or leave your question In below comment section.

Thank’s for reading.

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