How Can I Determine Projection Needs for Houses of Worship

Over the past 20 years, many religious organizations and churches have gone over to digital presentations using projectors. It has been contributed by the advancement in technology and also due to the way of life. Things are changing and are churches looking for ways to make teaching more accessible and attractive to the congregations as they come to listen.

For you to get the best projector for a house of worship, there are so many things that have to be considered. We are going t discuss all of the factors that affect the use of projectors in the house of worship.

Many churches are now using projectors to make their projection on the screen while preaching. With this, you find them looking for a better projector at the end of the previous one or wanting to replace the projector. Though they are looking for a good projector, most of them are unsure of what is great for them. The first thing the church has to ask themselves is what is not working on their previous projector?

Most of the times you find that the projector is too dim and many can’t see the content well, the time the projector works is limited, and many others. All of the answers that the staff gives determine what was missing on the previous projector. Let’s discuss some of the factors that determine the projection need in the house of worship.

House of Worship Projectors Review And Buying Guide

  • Size of the screen

The size of the screen used for projection in a church should be large enough for everyone to see from a long distance. It is known that houses of worship are usually large ad has many congregations. Without a good and large screen for everyone to see, it would be boring and discouraging. Some of the people could even sleep when the sermon is still going home. So, to get the right size of your projection, you have to use the viewing distance calculator.

  • High definition Quality

The HDTV uses the width to height format ratio of 16:9 and is considered to be the best when it comes to watching movies and other videos. It id the best format ratio used for moving content. If you are going to show static content, ti may be a bit difficult such as the prayers on the screen for others to follow.

  • Viewing angle

The viewing angle can be said t be the distance from the screen center to where you see the same quality image as you move further down the viewing axis. It is an essential factor to consider, especially when you are involved with thousands of people. It is also crucial because the projection screen will reflect the light perpendicular to the screen and even to the sides. Due to this case, the screen may look darker when you are not on the viewing angle. Therefore as one of the needs on projection, it has to be placed into deep consideration.

  • The brightness of the projector

When using the projector in a room full of ambient light and people, you have to consider the brightness of the projector. The brightness should be able you reflect the images that are bright and clear even in too much lighting. The people suiting at the back should as well be able to see the clear content. With a brightness of 2000 lumens to 8000 lumens, you will have excellent viewing on the screen that is bright.

Let’s look at the projectors below that are some of the best to have in the houses of worship, and its features. Also, those projectors are a good projector for a small church.

  • BenQHT671ST

BenQ TH671ST 1080p Short Throw Projector | 3000 Lumens for Lights On Entertainment | 92% Rec. 709 for Accurate Colors | Low Input Lag Ideal for Gaming

The BenQHT671 projector comes with unparalleled picture quality with native full HD 1080 pixel resolution. The color accuracy of the projector is 92% Rec 709 that enables you to project big-screen images with great color representation. The large screen size of the projector does not matter; the color and brightness of the projector do not change at all. Since the projector comes with 3000 lumens of brightness, you are sure to get the best bright images even in the well-lighted room. All of these features make the images and content projected on the screen to be breathtaking. You can as well see from a long distance from the screen.

The connectivity of the projector is more accessible, especially if you are using it in church and other houses of worship. You can connect your laptop, phones and other portable devices to your projector and projector anything on the screen.

  • ViewSonic PRO7827HD

ViewSonic PRO7827HD 1080p HDMI RGBRGB Rec.709 Lens Shift Home Theater Projector

Since most of the churches are looking for big screen projector that can projector big, clear images, ViewSonic is one of the best. The projector comes with Immersive experience with full HD at 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and screen size of up to 300 inches. With the big screen capability and bright images that seem from feet away, the congregation is able to get the content displayed well and pray or sing along. It has cinematic colors of RGBRGB color wheel with a brightness of 2200 lumens that makes it great for bigger rooms with great lighting.

The inbuilt speakers are great and produce a good sound that is able to be heard from a long distance, but it cannot be said t be that great. For you to enjoy even better sound production, you have to connect an external sound system. Set up of the projector is very easy and has features like 1.3 x optical zoom and vertical, horizontal keystone.

  • BenQHT2150ST

BenQ HT2150ST 1080P Short Throw Projector | 2200 Lumens | 96% Rec.709 for Accurate Colors | Low Input Lag Ideal for Gaming | 2D Keystone for Flexible Setup

Having a projector that is able to take care of all the shortcomings you experienced with your previous is impressive. BenQHT2150ST is one of the ideal projectors that meet this category and even more. Most of the churches and other houses of worship look for projectors that are able to take care of small texts, big-screen images, great sound, and also take care of too much brightness. This means that if you did not see the content on the screen well, it would be improved with the best projector and also it will not be affected by the ambient light.

This projector comes with excellent image quality that has been contributed with incredible resolution, brightness, and contrast ratio. The images come with excellent black levels o the images as well the white levels. The color accuracy of the projector is incredible and does not change even when the images re enlarged.

  • BenQ MH530FHD

BenQ MH530FHD 1080P Home Theater Projector | 3300 Lumens | 3D Compatible | Keystone | 1.2X Zoom

BenQ MH530FHD projector is an ideal projector to have at any house of worship with all the features it comes with and performance. The projector tended to be perfect of nay image and content displayed on the screen in a big room with many people. The images are clear and sharp with high resolution. The contrast ratio of the projector tor is excellent and able to bring out the of the black levels in the mages displayed for more vivid images.

The lamp life of the projector is long and able to work for many years, especially since you use the projector only a few days a week. This means it would take a very long time before you buy a new projector or do bulb replacement. With the brightness of 3300 lumens, the images in the room are not affected at all and are even more bright.

  • Viewsonic PS501W

ViewSonic PS501W 3400 Lumens WXGA HDMI Short Throw Projector for Home and Office

Since this projector has been designed for a business environment and education center, it makes ideal for house of worship. It comes with advanced visual features that make it stand out, especially when dong a sermon presentation and others. It has the capability to projector content that is the big screen of up to 120 inches from 4 feet away.

Though this screen size is big, it is not big enough if you have a larger congregation, therefore, look for something bigger. It comes with a brightness of 3400 lumens that is bright enough to be used in any lighting environment. With a long lamp life of over 15000 hours, you have your projector for use for a very long time.

From the time you buy the projector, you may spend more than 13 years to us the projector, especially since you use ht projector for like 3 times a week.

How To Do Church Projector Setup Perfectly?

When setting up the projector in the church, they are some aspects that must be considered as the location of the projector screen, viewing angle, and also a distance from the projector. It would be good to mount the screen at the center of the church to allow everyone to have a great view of the content.

  • Set your screen on the right place

When you have already calculated the right place to place the screen, it’s now time to set it. When installing the projector, you have to use ropes or brackets to put it in place at the right place. This would be great if you are installing a permanent screen. If you are setting up an outdoor screen, you can as well use a portable screen or inflatable one for more significant viewing. If you intend to use a permanent screen, you can use the wall as the screen in the interior, especially for permanent use.

  • Install the projector

Before you even start to install the projector, measure the throw distance of the and decide where it would be placed. If you re installing the projector on the ceiling you have to use the ceiling brackets for it. Then direct the lens of the angle well to the screen for the best projection and cover the entire screen.

  • Audio setup

The projector comes with an inbuilt speaker but mot of the times, the audio is usually not that good. Therefore, you may have to get an external sound system that can be used to make the sound louder for all to hear. The speakers should be large for effective use. But if you are using the projector for a small congregation, you may as well continue to use the inbuilt speaker.

When done with setting up the projector and the screen, you have to make sure the images are well adjusted. The projectors come with features that help it to adjust the images well. Therefore adjust the image to fit the screen before you start the service.

Make sure that all the cable connection are done well and organized in a manner that will not triple anybody while running on the stage. If you can afford wireless connectivity within the church, then it would save you lots of efforts on cabling.

Faq (Frequently Ask Questions)

What Is a good projector for a church?

  • There are so many projectors out there that may be good for church use. But the question is do they meet the need and requirement of the church. A good example is that a church projector should have the capability to show images that are clear, especially t people sitting at the back. When we speak in that manner, you will find a few projectors that have been designed to meet the church’s need and one of the is BenQ projectors and Viewsonic. A projector with great color accuracy, brightness, contrast ratio, and incredible resolution would make a perfect projector for any church need.

 What kind of projector do I need for a church?

  • A projector that offers bright images and great motion capability is suitable for any church presentation. Most of the content on the church projector is always moving. Therefore, the projector should have an excellent ratio format to allow it to show content well. Therefore go for a projector with great features and wide format ratio.

 What size screen do I need for my church?

  • The screen size of the church is an essential factor to consider when doing the shopping. This is because the projector screen should be huge and accommodate all the people watching in the room. So, when going for a projector screen, look for something huge with great material used to make.

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