Optoma HD243X Review: FULL HD1080p Supported Movies and Gaming Projector

Optoma HD243X Review
Optoma HD243X Review

Optoma HD243X is one of the top-notch home theatre projectors that have been released to make your home lively. It’s one of the best home entertainment projectors for those who do not want to compromise the quality of videos.

The optima 243x come with excellent cinematic experience to your home and also an affordable. Its features are good and so far the best in the market. For you to have all the vital information, we have reviewed the projector for you.

The Budget Killer Projector Optoma HD243X Review For 2020

Picture Quality: Stunning | Bright & Colorful Lumens: 3,300 | Contrast Ratio: 24,000:1 | Resolutions: Full HD 1080p (Perfect for Games & Movie) | Lamp Life: 15,000 (Eco) | Chipset New DLP | Inputs 3D Sync port, 12V trigger, USB power, 2xHDMI, audio-out | Image Size: 28” – 301″ See more on amazon

The Special Features

The latest Optoma 243x has been one that cannot be compared to the other version or previous release. It comes excellent features lie the dynamic black that is offered for DLP based products and most of the DLP projectors. The projector m0dulate the best brightness of the lamp on its own according to the image level. It is unique in a way that the brightness is controlled according to the environmental change. When it’s dark, the brightness of the projector is dimmed and only brightens when on bright scenes. All of this due to the contrast of 24000:1 to give the best of dark and bright scenes on your projection.

The reference mode of the projector brings the best of the color gamut that is produced 100%. It contributes to the production of more vivid colors with brilliant colors. The white segment of the projector can increase the brightness over the black level, but all are balanced with great dynamic black. This projector is incredible for video gaming since it comes with impressive input lag. The input lag is at ms and enhances the gaming mode. For serious gamers, the 16 ms gaming seed is incredible. There is also another essential feature that automatically adjusts the image according to your room decoration color. It has many color options for you to choose from.

Optoma HD243X may be good for you or not, whether you want to use the feature or not is your preference. It has an onboard audio system that comes with a 10 w amplifier and driver. It’s an excellent projector speaker that you dot need an external speaker. Though the speaker is only single, it comes with a unique sound that is great for the price it offers. With great sound display n your home, you are sure to enjoy your movies and gaming. What makes movie great and enjoyable is an excellent sound and image quality.

The Picture Quality Details

Optoma HD243X projector comes with impressive picture quality that captures your attention even when passing by. You get to enjoy bright images in most of the home settings with its full HD capability. It has a native 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution that is able to clearly show images the way they are from any viewing angle and distance. From the different viewing angles, you get the same image display and clear too. Its dynamic contrast ratio is impressive at 24000:1 and enhances the detail in every dark scene. What makes it better is the way the black level is brought out the same as the white level and all balanced out in an incredible way.

Optoma HD243X has a throw ratio of 1.47 to 1.67:1 that allows you to place the projector far at the back of the room and get perfect images without losing focus. It has been designed with the DLP technology known to have excellent image quality display compared to other projector technology in the market. It has been made to offer exceptional images, excellent resolution, high contrast, and produces great color display without color degradation. The Optoma projector is able to provide excellent Re 709 color gamut to meet the need for an ideal cinematic color when watching. It means that the color display when playing games and watching movies tend to be exceptional.

This projector creates saturated colors for gaming and animations for a perfect image display that looked lively to you and became more attention-catching when playing. It has been equipped with 3D capability that displays 3D content from any compatible source. This means that the projector s able to display 3D content very well, and we all know that 3D content tends to be beautiful on the screen. You can use the 3D BluRay players, game consoles, broadcast, and others to have them display your favorite movies and games on 3D.

The fresh rate of the projector is incredible at a 144Hz rate and able to support smooth flicker-free images. What’s more, is that the resolution of the projector renders detailed images that are sharp from the HD content without compressing. The Optoma 243x projector comes with ISF modes that allow you to make and save your calibrated day and night mode. This will help you have your preferred settings and viewing experience all to your satisfaction.

The 3D Performance

The 3D performance of the projector is good and enables you to use the projector to watch 3D content easily. Though the 3D capability of a TV set may wear out buts strong on the projector. That’s why most of the people are going all out to get a good projector for home entertainment. The projector is able t support all the formats that are compatible with 3D.

Some f the format that the projector support is 1080i50/60, 720p 50/60, and other great formats. If you want to watch 3D content, then you will require the optional RF transmitter with the shatter glasses. The HD243x projector comes with 3D calibration modes that help to calibrate the projector for optimum performance. The performance that is improved includes the 3D content, ambient light, and others.

The 3D displayed by the Optoma HD 243 x projectors is true 3D and able to perform well with any 3D content. It does not matter the source of the content, but it has a great display worth your money. Some of the sources for the 3D include the 3D BluRay, disc players, gaming consoles, and 3D broadcasting. All of them can deliver exceptional images on the screen all 3D true with amazing results.

The connection of the projector is good, with many ports available to help with connecting with other devices. It has a 3D sync port integrated to it that connects to the optional RF transmitter and sends the sync signal to the RF 3D glasses. Everything about 3D has been considered, and all of the taken care of by the manufacturers. This also means that you get to experience true 3D performance that is beyond what you can imagine. You can as well get a 3D projector screen for your home entertainment and connect them for good image display.

Optoma HD243X 1080p Projector for Movies and Gaming, Super Bright 3300 Lumens, Long 12000h Lamp Life, 3D Support, Easy Setup with Zoom and Keystone Adjustment

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Low Lag For Gaming

The Optima HD243X projector has been designed more suitable for video gaming. The gaming experience you get from the projector is way more than what you expect. It has a great low input lag at 16ms when in enhanced gaming mode. The enhanced gaming mode helps to bring out the best of the gaming with great image quality. When using a projector with a lag input of 55ms, you consider it acceptable while that of 30ms is good.

When using a projector with lag input of 16ms, then you have a gaming projector that is beyond entertainment for you. It does not affect the type of game you are playing as all of the games are good and fast while using the projector. For serious gamers, this is an incredible projector for them.

Usability: User-Friendly

The Optoma HD243x projector has been designed in a simple way to enable friendliness with its users. The handling setting up and operation of the projector is good and perfect for everyone, especially for first-timers. It may be hard to use a projector for the first time, but with guidance, it’s easy.

This means that the projector comes with a manual that helps its users for reference in case of an issue. The operation using the remote is even more simple and easier for anyone. The remote has all the frequently used features to it for easy access and also made in a spacious manner to avoid accidental pressing on a different button.

The Sound Quality

The home entertainment projector provides a great onboard audio system with an incredible speaker driver. The 10-watt amplifier o the speaker is able to produce a great sound that is enough for home theatre. With the speaker, you don’t have to get an external projector, and the sound is impressively loud and clear for everyone in a room.

The best thing is that you hear balanced sound throughout the room and effective even on a critical moment of your movie. It’s an impressive projector its great sound system perfect for any environment. If you are using it in the lecture room for lectures, you get great sound in the while hall. The only difference with the projector speakers with others is that it is a single speaker where others offer a stereo sound system. It sends the audio-output jack that sends the audio signal to the speakers.

Lamp Life

The lamp life of the projector is stunning and can be used for a while without buying a different projector or replacing the built. It’s a good projector lamp that produces great light and images on your screen. It reduces the number of lamp replacements since it lasts up to 12000 hours while on dynamic mode.


  • Great image display
  • Easy to use
  • Has inbuilt speakers that are loud
  • Brightness and contrast ratio is impressive
  • The dynamic black is good
  • Is DLP projector


  • Comes with a single speaker
  • Optoma HD243X throw distance

Optoma HD243X Throw Distance

The throw distance of the projector is good and can project images that are clear and beautiful from any of the distance you set. The throw distance of the projector determines where it could be used and if it fits for cinematic projection. With a long-distance projection, you can use the projector in a conference and lecture hall.

With the Optoma HD243x projector, you are able to to have a 28-inch image from a distance of 3.2 ft and 302 inches at a distance of 25 feet. This is to say that the projector could be used in a big room to deliver incredible image quality. This means that no matter you are seated, you can watch a beautiful image display.

Optoma HD243X User Manual

A user manual is an important part of a projector, especially to its customers. A projector that does not come with a manual could be considered to be incomplete. The manual helps you in times of need when doing settings and other important things on your projector.

The manual of the Optoma HD243x projector is good and easy to understand when using. It comes in simple language for you to understand with a clear understanding of everything. It helps you when doing the calibration and other adjusting feature. If you don’t have your manual with you, then you can download it online for your use. The real reason why the manufacturers come up with a manual is that you usually need it at a very important moment at home.

Image of Optoma HD243X User Manual
Image of Optoma HD243X User Manual Source: optoma.com

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Optoma HD243X Ceiling Mount

Mounting a projector is a very important part of projection in a room as it determines the image size and display effects. Optoma projector can be installed on the wall and ceiling, all incredible producing images for you. If you are going to install the projector in the ceiling, it’s going to be easy for you. This is because it comes with adjusting features that make it easier for you.

The images are clear and beautiful from the ceiling angle, and you don’t have to move and afraid to block somebody when watching. It comes with vertical keystone correction and zoom of 1.1 that makes it flexible for you at any angle adjustable. The throw ratio of the projector is at 1.47-1.62:1. The portable feature of the projector makes t easier to do the installation.


The projector budget is very important when it comes to buying one. This is something you must plan for and have all requirements written down before buying just any projector in the market. OptomaHD243x projector comes with a price of $498.98, which is a bit pricey to some people but affordable. It could be said to be affordable compared to the features it comes with that are absolutely amazing.

Optoma HD243X VS Optoma HD143x VS Optoma HD27e

There are so many differences and similarities between optoma projectors that make each of them different from each other. Check out the review of the Optoma projectors for you.

  • Optoma HD243x

Optoma HD243x projector is one of the last best in the market at affordable prices. The image quality of the projectors good, especially for cinemas and gaming. It comes with a great color display and does not fade over time. It has been an image for the best gaming experience with low lag time. The inbuilt speakers of the projector s good and one of a king. The only problem with the sound system is that it’s a mono speaker. When you compare the projector with some of the Optoma projectors, it’s by far better.

  • Optoma HD27hdr

Optoma HD27hdr is an incredible HDR technology projector for large screen viewing of movies and other things. It comes with a brightness of 3400 lumens, HD27HDR 1080P, 4k ready, and other features to make your viewing great. The contrast ratio of the HD27HDR is at 50000:1 and accepts the HDR10 content as well. For gaming, it has an input lag of 8.4 ms, which makes gaming even more impressive. It is a full 3D projector and enables an immersive cinematic experience for you and your family. It has vertical keystone correction and a 1.1 x zoom for flexibility especially for image adjustment when doing the installation.

  • Optoma HD143x

Optoma HD143x delivers detailed and clear images with great resolution from the HD content and does not downgrade at all. The image quality is stunning with great reference display mode that makes it bright and accurate with the REC 709 and REC 709b. The lamp life is long at 12000 hours for an average of 4 hours a day.

Optoma HD143xt has low lag time for gaming, which is perfect for gamers. It’s easy to install and comes with adjustment features like vertical keystone correction and 1.1 x zoom. For 3D content, you are all sorted with the projector since it comes with full 3D support. It displays 3D content from any source including the 3D Bluray disc players and others.

  • Optoma HD27e

Optoma HD27e projector is great for home cinema experience and comes with many incredible features. It has a brightness of 3400 lumens, full HD 1080 pixels. It comes with reference display mode that has a full REC 709 and 25000:1 contrast ratio for beautiful cinematic visuals.

Optoma HD27e also good for gaming, movies, and others. It’s perfect for visual display like games as it produces good sound and color. It has impressive black levels, which is perfect for movies, most notably on the dark scenes in the cinema. It has a 1.1 x zoom and ensures flexible mounting while installing the projector on the wall or ceiling.


Optoma HD243x projector is one of the best now available in the market with stunning features. The price is affordable when compared to similar projectors in the market at higher prices. The image quality is good and best for home entertainmen t and gaming. It’s an excellent projector for a weekend movie with the family.

The sound is also good though it’s a mono speaker but has excellent sound. The Optoma HD243X review has so many information that would be of great importance to everyone looking for a perfect home entertainment projector.

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