Which Things You Should Know Before Buying The Perfect Projector Screen

Projector Screen In Room
Projector Screen In Room

Getting a screen for our projector is not as easy as many people think as without much information and consideration you may end up with a disappointment in your entertainment quality.

The quality of the images shown on the screen will also depend on the size and the material used for the screen and even the position you place your screen. The material used for the coating of the screen and the sizes of the screen have an incredible impact on the visual quality of the images and content you expect to achieve.

Therefore, since there are many things to consider before buying projector screens, it is good to know them in details. Let’s look at some of the most important things to consider before buying projector screens that we have selected for you to know and understand

Projector Screen Types

When looking for a screen for your projection, it good to know the different types of screens available and the one that will suit you. The type of screen you decide on will depend on your need and the place you are placing your projector. If you are looking for a screen that you can fold easily and take it somewhere else, you can go for a portable and if you are for a stationary projector go for a fixed screen. All these different types of screens will depend on your need.

  • Electric

Electric screens are some of the most popular and costly screen types you could come across in the market. Electric screens are very good as they can be mounted anywhere and work well from the ceiling, wall and also on the floor. Wherever you want it to be always installed is good and works well.

The electric screens are operated by the electric motor that enables you to lower and raise it using a remote control whenever you want to use the screen. Setting up the electric projector screen is not easy, and you may require n electrician to do it for you. The electric projector screen is commonly used in offices, homes and also in classrooms.

  • Manual

Projector Using In Office
Projector Using In Office

Manual screens are good especially to those moving from one place to another while watching or doing business presentations. They are usually very cheap when compared to other screens in the market. It is so easy to set up and install the screen since it is just a pull-down this when in need of it. The screen has been made with roller and spring that enables you to roll and unroll it when you want to use and when done with it. It is much easier to use as you can see just like a window.

Manual projectors are mainly placed none position and can easily be used from that place by just rolling and unrolling it each time you are using. They are mostly used in classrooms, offices and even at homes especially when you are thinking of saving your money. The screen may not be that good when compared to others, but they are an excellent choice to you when you are comparing it to a wall. That is because the image projected on the wall is not as bright as the one from the manual screen.

  • Fixed Frame

Fixed frame projector screens are very affordable and easy to use since you do not have to roll it up or down each time you are using. The good thing about the fixed frame projector screen is that you do not have to keep rolling it up and own each time you are using it. When you have kids at home, and they want to watch their program when you are not there, it will be much easier for them to turn it on and continue using.

The screen is able to maintain a tight tension surface that makes it possible to have smooth and clear images. The installation and set up of the screen is so easy and you do not have to move around each time you want to use the projector screen. The fixed screen does not need the power to watch or project it is always ready to be used at any time

The fixed projector is very good if you have a dedicated home theatre of theatre since the room is full for entertainment and you do not need to be setting it up daily. It makes it easier for you to walk into a room and turn your projector on and continue watching your movie and other videos.

  • Portable

Sometimes moving from one place to another could be boring if you do not have something to entertain you with. Since there are many portable projectors in the market, it is easy to have one that you could move with each time you went somewhere. These portable projectors also come with portable screens that enable you to watch anywhere and at any time without feeling bored. The different screen types vary with different people, and the portable projector screen is the best for certain people too. If you are a traveller, a business person, a teacher or a student they are good for you. It is not only suitable for projection at a conference or in classrooms but also at home.

The sizes of the portable projector screens come in a different range of styles and sizes and could suit anyone.

There are also different types of portable projector screen like the tripod that is a pull-up screen on a tripod stand. The tripod screens are good and mainly used in schools and business environments because of the movements from one place to another, and also it is very affordable. Its mobility feature is what makes it good for presentations and classroom from one room to another or rather from one business environment to another. Another portable projector screen is the lightweight tabletop projector screen that shows images that are neither large nor small and deliver clearly at a diagonal size of 50”. Many people could not use this projector, but it is ideal when doing presentations on a small group.

All this and many other portable projectors screens are very useful to many people. Some walls do not deliver the best images you could wish to have, but with the portable screens, you are sure to get classic images that are very beautiful, colorful and clear. Though the portable projector is good, not all are suitable for your projector.     Therefore, before going for any of them get to know if they are suitable for each other and the environment you are going to use it from.

  • Paint

When you are thinking of using your wall as a projector screen, you have to consider so many things in order to get the right texture and performance you want. Walls are not bad for your projection, but the quality of the content displayed from the projector not be as good as when the images are displayed from a smooth surface. In order to make your wall perform better, it is good to paint it and make it smooth to attain a perfect texture image and content. Note, if you are going for paint screen, the place where you are selecting for the projection should be permanent or semi-permanent as you cannot keep painting the wall each time and redoing it when you do not want to use it. Also, the color of the wall will have a significant influence on the quality of the images and content could be displayed on it. White colors are always good for.

Projector Screen Size

When looking for a screen for your projection, it is essential to consider the size of the screen as it will determine the way the images will be shown on the screen. Though the screen size can be any, not all projectors work well with all screens available in the market. Get to know and understand which screen size works well with your projector.

  • Cinema 2.35:1 format

When looking for an authentic cinematic experience with the best screen then the cinema 2.35:1 widescreen standard is the ideal one for you. The anamorphic format is very common for cinema experience anywhere you want. It can be used for business and also for the home theatre right in your homes for watching movies or gaming. The full view field aspect ratio is quite good as the images are full and bright just like in cinema theatres. The most important thing is the way the images are displayed on the screen and the quality of the visuals with high resolutions.

  • Video 4:3 format

The video 4:3 format projector screens are the most common and are the standard format which has been used since the origin of the televisions since they are used mainly with them. Many computer monitors use the ratio of 4:3 as the standard aspect ratio.  Since different projectors come with different resolution, the ratio aspect plays a vital role in determining the compatibility with other screens.

The 4:3 ratio is able to work well with a projector with resolutions of XGA 768, SXGA 1050, QXGA 1536  and UXGA 1200 pixels. That gives it the possibility to work with a different type of projector that has resolutions that work well with the format. This format will enable you to switch between viewing in full screen and also in widescreen equally

  • HDTV 16:9 format

HDTV 16:9 format is great meaning it has a width of 16 and the height of 9 great for the best of the theatre experience. The HDTV screen size format is great for home theatre that works well with full-screen viewing, widescreen and the international standard format. The HDTV 16:9 ratio works well with projectors that have 4k UHD resolution of 2160, 720 pixels, and 1080 pixels.

  • Widescreen PC 16:10 format

Widescreen pc format projector screen has been the most common recently due to the increased use of the widescreen PCs. The widescreen pc has an aspect ratio of 16:9 that also has some variations. The formats work well with projectors that deliver a resolution of WXGA of 1280 X 800, WUXGA of 1920 x 1200 pixels, WSXGA 1680 X 1050 pixels and more. The projector screens with widescreen pc format are very accommodating as it enables you to have widescreen viewing for movies, presentations and others especially if you intend to use it often. Widescreen would be a good choice for most people especially who are looking forward to widescreen experiences.

  • Square 1:1 format

Square format screens are great with equal width and height of 1:1 ratio that is general and does not have special effects on the contents. The projector screen of square format is good, especially for business presentations. The square format screen is great as it enables it to achieve multiple aspect ratios that may not be possible with some of the screen sizes.

Selecting The Perfect Projector Screen Accessories Guide

Getting a screen for your projector to use at home and the office is great but getting the right accessories for them is another thing. Each every projector screens comes with its accessories to facilitate smooth installations and use. It is very easy to get the right accessories once you have got the right type of screen you want. Some of the accessories that you have to consider are the mounting brackets, cables, remotes, projector mounts and many other accessories that are necessaries for proper installation and use.

These things are very important for the completion of your set up of your projector screen. In case you do not know the right accessories for your projector screen, get a sales representative at the store that will help you to understand and get the right accessories. This is also because you will not just pick any accessory for yourself it has to be perfect and compatible with your chosen screen.

The mounting brackets of the screen should be matching with your screen and also of the same size for perfect mounting. The cables make it easier for connection especially with the projector for the best result also you have to make sure that the remote control works well. All these accessories have to be perfect.

Getting the right accessories may be important, and you do not have to get the matching accessories necessarily, but your preference is very important to consider. Get something that is in accordance with your preference though someone may help you pick it.

Projector screen works better than a wall

The wall may be an excellent screen for you to watch your movies from and have images that are clear, but when compared to the screen the visuals are better. The projector may be good and expensive but where you project your content will determine the quality of the visuals and texture.  If you are getting your projector for the time and you do not have enough money to get a projector screen, then you may go ahead and use your wall as the screen.  In case you can afford to spend a bit more for more beautiful images and exceptional performance get a projector screen for your projector. Although you may spend a bit more money on your screen, the overall result is what matters as it gives you an improved picture quality you could only dream of having.

The good thing with the screen is that is ensuring images that are smooth and crisp. This is because the screen has undergone a special coating to ensure pictures are brighter, smooth and clear. The coatings also have a great roll in controlling the way the light has reflected the viewers. Though the screen is excellent for better quality, it is good to understand which screen is right for your projector in order to avoid negative effects. This is because the coatings of the screen affect the viewing angle, contrast and the brightness of the projector screen.

What Is screen gain?

Gain is referred to the amount of light reflected the viewer from the projector. The higher the gain, the brighter the images become due to the more reflected light. The different gain value is achieved when the screen coatings are applied to the Vinyl base material. It is also known that when the gain of the projector increases the angle of viewing decreases.

Though the higher gain enables the images to be brighter even in rooms full of ambient light and big screen, it also decreases the angle of viewing. The high gain screen has it’s own limitations sometimes as the viewers are required to sit directly facing the screen to have a clear viewing experience. The higher gain may be good for brighter images, but also it has its negative effect like some screen parts becomes more brilliant than the rest of the screen.


It may be easy to get a screen for your projector at any time for you but getting to know the type of screen and screen size that works well with your projector is very important. From what we have seen, the factors that contribute to the buying of a screen are very important as it enables you to know them before buying and therefore getting the right one.

Get to know everything about the screen before you buy one for the best results. The information that we have gathered and reviewed for you is very important in the decision you will be making on the screens.

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