Epson 8350 Reviews: In-Depth Buyer’s Reviews For 2022

Epson 8350 Reviews

When looking for a projector that meets your home entertainment needs, then the Epson 8350 is the ideal and perfect projector for you.

Epson 8350 review enables you to understand more about the projector before going forward for it. Here we have done a review of the Epson 8350 projector for you and help you to get all the insight about the projector that you may be looking for.

Epson 8350 Reviews With Buyer Guide 2022

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 Projector

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Epson 8350 Bulb

When getting a projector, one of the things we look at is the bulb or the lamp life of the projector and under which usage condition we can achieve the maximum lamp life. After the end of the usage, we have to replace the bulb to continue using. The replacement bulb of the Epson Home 88350 projector is an exceptional one with a great result like the original and more.

The bulb comes with an authentic original 200-watt bulb that has a rated lumen of 2000. The replacement lamp is of h9igh quality in terms of the high light output and increased lamp life to satisfy your use. Though the replacement bulb may be found in the stores, check to know if they are the genuine original ones rather than a generic that offer low-quality performance.

Epson Home Cinema 8350 Manual

Every projector that we get in the market comes with manuals to help use i=understand how to use and control the projector. This is common in all projectors to enable ease of use. If the projector you have acquired does not have a manual ask for one or go online and download the one for your projector. The manual has been made to make it easier to use and understand the way the projector works. It enables us to know how to correct the settings in the right position we want. Some projector is very complicated to use therefore the manual comes in handy at times.

Epson Home Cinema 8350 Manual

Manuals come in different languages to satisfy all the customers. It is therefore essential to look for one that you understand the language well. In the manuals, you find images of how to use the projector from connection with other devices, cables, settings, adjustments, installation, remote control and other relevant information. Some manuals in the market have been translated, but they are not clear when using, but the Epson Home 8350 projector manuals have been made to be simple, clear and user-friendly in every way possible. Getting the projector’s manual is not hard at all as you can get the copy you want online by just searching.

Download your complete user manual


  • Great picture quality
  • The black levels are amazing
  • The color accuracy is incredible
  • Easy to replace the lamp without uninstalling the projector
  • Sharp images
  • Great overall performance
  • The total cost of operation is very low


  • The black levels could be improved
  • A bit expensive


  • Image Quality

When we talk of value for money, the Epson Home cinema 8350 projectors has got it covered in that perspective. The image quality that the projector offers is beyond breathtaking and very beautiful in all aspect. The images that the projector produces are fantastic at a very low price that they offer.

The images are made to be bright even in rooms full of ambient light with decent and average black levels and color. It does not matter whether you are using it for home entertainment or business, it is excellent for all of them when doing your presentations the graphics and texts are very clear and detailed in all corners. The projector enables you to adjust a bit to get perfect color and image projection on the screen at a high definition resolution. The images that are shown in rooms full of ambient light and rooms that are darker are all clear making it great for all conditions.

  • User-Friendly

Ease of use in a projector is very important to many people. The Epson Home Cinema 8350 projector has been designed to be user-friendly. This is demonstrated from the manuals, installations and also understandable language.  The remote control is very easy to use as you watch and even adjustment of the projector.  The assembling of the Epson Home Cinema projector is very easy that you will take only a few minutes and then you are good to go.

  • Excellent Color

As the projector technology advances daily, the manufacturers continue to improve and advance the projector in many areas. Some of the areas that they have placed into consideration are the color accuracy of the projector and also the color brightness. The Epson home cinema projector is one of the projectors with excellent color, and it will only take a few adjustments to achieve the best color setting. The color brightness of the projector is incredible that shows images that are bright and at the same time very colorful. Also, the color gamut is well balanced and more than three times better than the most projector of the same level in the market.

  • Clarity and Sharpness

One of the most important things many people look for when looking for a projector is the clarity and sharpness it has. When the images and the content are bright, clear and sharp, you are sure to enjoy your show, movies, and other things including presentations graphics. The reason why this projector has been rated as one of the greatest in terms of performance and other features is its tendency to deliver images that are sharp and clarity that is in details. The projector enables you t control the way the images are going to appear by just adjusting to the right position and clarity. It does not have rainbow effects that could distract you while watching to the extent of irritation.

  • Audible Noise System

The audio system of the Epson home cinema 8350 projectors is incredibly awesome. The projector has been designed to be silent most of the time during all operation while watching and using. When seated in any area of the room, you will not hear the noise from the projector at all unless you are seated next to the exhaust vent of the projector. Even when the projector is in high lamp mode, you will not find yourself agitated at the noise produced. This is because the designers considered the possibility f the projector distracting the viewers while they watch movies and other audio contents and during presentations.

  • Audio Quality

There is no way you can watch a movie or a shot video on your projector without a good audio system that will compliment with them. The audio quality of the Epson Home Cinema 8350 projector is great that fill the house harmoniously and well balanced. The well-balanced audio is what makes the movies sound amazing with its original sound without distortion. Sometimes you find that the base of the speakers are not balanced and produce sounds that are noisy rather than being harmonious.


When talking of performance, the Epson home cinema 8350 projector is one that delivers just the best you could ever imagine. The performance the projector offers is too way except when it is compared to other projectors of the same price range in the market. Though the projector may have a minor issue with the color visibility due to the fact that the LCD panels may not be in perfect alignment with each other internally.

Though this may be the case in some parts of the projector that shows the colors at the edges but is no big deal as it is taken over by other incredible features. The color issues as we have said is a minor issue as professionals can calibrate it to perfection.

The projector has been preset to projector quality images that are clear, bright and very beautiful in terms of color accuracy. The black levels of the projector tend to bring out the best of the black and the white scenes on the projector in every content delivered on the screen.

The preset of the projector is already in a cinematic mode that delivers high-class cinematic videos and other graphics.

The visuals of the projector are incredible in all area from the clear videos, movies, gaming and others. When the projector is used in rooms full of ambient light, the images are bright and clear and work well with the environment. The same could be said for darker rooms as the projector can be adjusted to work well with the darker environment. When it comes to the games the motion of the images and characters in the game is very smooth no matter the kind of game you are playing.

The brightness that the projector delivers is great that you do not need to consider getting a blind curtain. This could be said since the projector works well in it without distortion of images while watching in the room. That’s why the projector is said to work anywhere and for anything. Be it business, home entertainment and even in classroom and others all are able to work well with it.

When we say that the projector is the one you need for your work and entertainment, then it is as even the price is low for the performance it offers. The performance is what makes this projector stand out among the others of the same price range in the market.

Design and Features

The features that the projector has are extraordinary and help in the performance of the projector. The projector comes with a contrast ratio of up to 50,000:1 that makes the black level and the white level of the content to be projected in details to show more sharp and clear images. It does not matter the time you are using the projector be it night or day the images are always bright as you can adjust the mode to fit any of them. This is also contributed to the brightness it has 2000 lumens.

The color and white brightness make the images to be extraordinary and very breathtaking. This is also because the projector has been made to be in a cinematic mode for the most exceptional cinematic movies and images. With these features, you do not need to go for movies outside your home. Just in your home, you have all the worth theatre experience at an affordable price.

All the images are a high definition with a resolution of 1080 pixels with D7 chip that enables the projector to deliver the best home cinema experience. The projector is also compatible with 4:3 and 16:9 video formats. The projector enables you to zoom the images to the size you see fit for you and deliver large images on the screen.

The projector uses the 3LCD technology that enables it to separate panel color and balances them on the LCD screen. The price is incredible for the features it that is true. Though the projector is automatically set to adjust itself to the best image, it takes time to do, so that is seen on the screen when you are observant enough.

That may be one of the few negative effects it has. The iris of the projector pens and closes automatically depending on how bright the image is. Also as it opens and closes, it increases the contrast of the projector.

The audio of the projector is incredibly good that resonate in the home while watching your shows, movies, TV programs, games and others. This is because the inbuilt speakers work well in the projector and deliver as expected. Also since the projector is compatible with many devices like smartphones, laptops, desktop, tablets and others, it becomes easy to connect to them and enjoy the big lifelike experience.

The compact nature and design of the projector make it perfect to carry from one place to another without consideration for a permanent location. This could come in handy when going for business trips every once in a while outside your station and also for working whether indoor and outdoor for events. When going out with friends for camping the Epson 8350 projector is perfect for you guys.

There is no limit to where you can use your projector from as it works in any environment thanks to the feature that enables you to achieve it. For gamers, the gaming comes connectivity is what you look for, and the Epson Home Cinema has got it and very short lag time as well.

The Final Words

There is no doubt that the performance of the Epson 8350 projector delivers is way beyond the price they offer. The projector works well with other devices an also offer a large screen view. The sound, video, audio are all great and exceptional.

When you come across the 8350 projectors, you will not think of any other projector in your life. The projector has every feature you could be looking for your need from user-friendliness to other great features. This is one of the best projectors for movies, music, photos, gaming and many other entertainments you could enjoy. Therefore, we can say that this is a must-have projector for you and your household.

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