Vizio 28 Soundbar Review With Buying Guide For 2022

Vizio 28 Soundbar Review
This Is Vizio 28 Soundbar

Right soundbar finding Is not an easy job for anyone. But projectors lab team did the job for you. We have Vizio 28 Soundbar Review 2022 for you.

Watching movies and videos is very captivating when you have good sound and high performance from your speakers, but when you are doing so with surround system that is poor, it won’t be so interesting at all.

Sometimes the speakers may not be balanced, and you get a low base or high that contradict each other’s giving out a lousy sound that makes the movies and video boring.

Vizio 28 Soundbar Review With Buying Guide 2022

VIZIO SB2821-D6 28-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound bar

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To get the right speaker for you, we have selected one of the best speakers and reviewed for you to understand and to enjoy the best sound system that will make you feel entertainment. Here is the Vizio 28 soundbar review for you.

Vizio was started back in the year 2002 in order to produce world-class electronics that will meet the requirements and the needs of the people. Over the years, it has been one of the best brands in the world that produce a sound system that is world sought by most people.

The products that are produced by Vizio are compared with other brands like Samsung meaning they are very competitive in the market. Therefore, we can say that each product designed and produced by Vizio is the best and worth the bucks you spend on them.

Special Features

  • 2.1 Audio Channels
  • Bluetooth Streaming.
  • Power input120V 60 Hz
  • Sound Pressure Level 95dB
  • Wireless Subwoofer

Perfect For Projector or not

Vizio 28 sound system is absolutely perfect for the projector as it enables you to enjoy the best sound and audible while watching. The speakers that come with the projector may be good, but you may want to experience a different level of sound, and the Vizio sound system is the best choice. The sound produced is loud, balanced and is not distorted at all.

When compared to the most sound system of the same price range in the market, the Vizio 28 is the best you could have. They are able to produce a dynamic sound that is able to integrate with the high frequency to deliver the desired experience from the movies.

It does not matter the type of content is displayed on the screen. The surround system produces a sound that is clear without any funny sounds coming out of it. Another important thing to note is that the VIZIO SB2821-D6 28-Inch 2.1 sound system is the best as you are able to change the mode you want to enjoy the most depending on the content you are watching on the screen.

Since the Vizio 28 sound system has been designed to enhance and improve the display audio, they come with subwoofers that bring out TruSurround sound that fill the whole room. The sounder is able to decode the Dolby and DTS and create an audience that is large improving on the audio experience even more.

The source of the content you are listening to does not matter when it comes to the soundbar since it is able to equalize and give it in a balanced and quality that you deserve. Since the soundbar is wireless, you connect to your projector and then connect your movie or music wireless through Bluetooth from any other devices.  Vizio is the best booming speaker you can have in your to enjoy the best surround music and audio stuff while relaxing.


  • Clear sound
  • Affordable
  • Can be connected wireless
  • Comes with remote control
  • Has subwoofers for effective sound
  • Comes with cables


  • The sound could be better
  • No major Issue

Vizio 28 Soundbar Features and Description

Vizio 28 soundbar has been designed with so many amazing features to deliver great sound in your home. Since it has different features, let look at them one after the other.

  • Subwoofers

One f the great features of the soundbar is the subwoofers. The subwoofers are great in your home since it is able to give you superb and exciting experience by transforming your music, audios, games and other into the best and soothing sound you could ever get. With these subwoofers, the sound that is produced is balanced and harmonic in the room. Since it is wireless, you do not need to have too much cabling for them saving you the time for connecting.

  • Wireless connectivity

The soundbar comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth capability that makes it possible to connect a wireless item from other devices to listen to the speakers. This enables you to easily stream audio and video from compatible devices and get to enjoy to the extreme the best from the soundbar. Since the connection is wireless, you are able to do the controlling from any room or anywhere near the soundbar. What makes the soundbar even more interesting is the DTS TruSurround sound that is able to work virtually to offer surround sound anywhere any time.

  • Dolby Digital

The Dolby digital feature in the soundbar is one of the very important from all of them. What the Dolby does it to bring out the standard audio for music, cinemas, Blu-ray, media players, broadcast, streaming gaming and others. It enhances the audio production to engage the users by also proving the spatial dimension on the soundtrack. The sound is incredibly good and makes the listeners continue listening even when busy with other things. This feature is one of a kind and what many people are looking for to perform exceptionally well.

  • 95DB

Well, we looked to most for the features that the Vizio soundbar comes with and each and every one of them works differently to give the same output.    The 95 dB expansive audio is one great feature that makes the sound produced to be smooth and clear. Since it has been designed to offer the sound system to be clear, it is also done to produce less than 1% harmonic distortion for the best smooth experience. The 95 dB has been enhanced to deliver quality audio compared to other soundbars. The 1% harmonic distortion may seem small, but if it were a bit large, the sound could not be that great.

It can be truly said that Vizio 28 soundbar is a must-have for your home entertainment sound. This soundbar is very beautiful is the design and also exceptional in deferent aspect especially the features that it offers. The price of the soundbar is excellent and very affordable comparing the performance it delivers to you.

The Final word

Well, if you are looking for a soundbar to replace the one you are using or looking forward to getting one for the first time, the Vizio soundbar is ideal for you. The sound that it produces is balanced and top world-class home theatre experience from the movies you watch while using it.

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