BenQ TH671st Review 2021 With Buying Guide From Projector Experts !!

BenQ th671st review
BenQ th671st

If you are interested and looking for a projector that will leave you immersed in the gaming and movie world, then you have met the right one. You get to enjoy your movies and low lag Ideal for gaming with a large than life screen and get the best of the visuals with BenQ th671st review.

The BenQ th671st projector has been designed for gaming with high resolution, low input bag, high brightness, and other essential features. All of these is to make your projection better and more entertaining.

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BenQ TH671ST Performance

BenQ TH671ST performance is excellent with a lot of features to showcase all of the incredible capabilities. It comes with a brightness of 3000 lumens, which is bright enough for any environment and perfect for different environments. The images are bright, even in a room full of ambient light without distorting the general image appearance. When you have set your projector to economic mode, the brightness is reduced by 36%. In all the modes, the brightness of the projector is perfect, according to it.

The projector comes with a preset color mode that is great and usable out of the box. When you set the color mode in the brightest mode, it comes with a slight green shift. The gaming mode and cinema mode comes with a great color display, which makes it perfect for your entertainment. The color accuracy cannot be compared to many of the projector available in the market

The contrast of the BenQ HT671ST projector is incredible and works in a fantastic way. It works in succession with the great brightness to maximize the shadow details and highlight the separation in the darkroom. It brings out the best of the details on the images to deliver the best image display. The contrast has an excellent effect on the way pictures and images appear on the screen. It brings out the best of the dark scenes and the white scenes for the best display of the part. It makes your gaming experience better and beautiful no matter the game you are playing.

The black level, 3D, and shadow details were all excellent when compared to the price of the projector. The projector comes with the LumiExpert feature that helps users to improve on the contrast ratio. The feature is able to detect the ambient light level in the room and adjust the projector gamma to fit the lighting. The flexibility of the projector connection is great and supports most of the media players, pcs, macs, and smartphones and gaming consoles. If you plan to use any of the devices, then the projector is a good one to have.

When it comes to gaming, the projector as a fast response that makes it incredibly suitable for more enticing games at home. This is because of the ultra-fast low input lag and the microsecond DMD response and ensure. The game is smooth all the way and clears with any blur part when playing, making you have the best experience.

BenQ TH671ST 1080p Short Throw Projector | 3000 Lumens for Lights On Entertainment | 92% Rec. 709 for Accurate Colors | Low Input Lag Ideal for Gaming

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BenQ TH671ST Design

The BenQ TH671ST projector has been designed with a single-chip DLP light engine. The color wheel of the projector spins at a higher speed that is two times with the RGBYCM. The general design of the projector is great for any environment like homes, schools, offices, and many others. The ventilation of the projector is generous and produces low to quite a noise considering the bulb is 240 watt. When you look at the grill from the lens control on the top, you ill note that there is light leakage. At the top is where the control buttons are like the power, menu, and source selection, as well as a zoom control.

The lens is offset from the center, and surrounded by a red trim ring with its front element is rounded than the optics for square images. The short-throw lens can project incredible images from a short distance. The zoom ring of the projector is able to take a short throw ratio from the .69 to .83 from just five feet away from the screen. The result of the ratio is that you get a 100-inch diagonal image on your screen. The offset of the projector is at 102.5%, meaning you will have to set the projector slightly below the edge of your screen for perfect image display and clarity. This projector is ideal for small living rooms from where you put it on top of your coffee table. You can as well be hung the projector the ceiling and enjoy your big images from a short distance. The color offsets of the BenQ is excellent for you with its superb color saturation without changes. You may use the keystone correction feature to adjust your image to fit your screen or wall.

The connectivity of the projector is impressive and supports many other devices to be connected to it. At the back of the projector comes with two HDMI input ports of which one of which supports the MHL. It also comes with the VGA in and out to connect to the old computers and other devices using the VGA connection cable. We had seen that’s it’s possible to control the ambient light in the room when using the projector to fit the amount of light. In order to control it, we have to rely on the RS-232 port and the IR sensor at the front by the lens.

The sensor is able to detect the amount of ambient light in the room and work with the LumiExpert to control. The feature works to adjust the gamma based on the lighting in the room to give great images without distortion. Most of the time, you find that when the ambient light in the room is too much, it affects the images display done the screen. This to say that it affects the contrast greatly the same as the brightness of the projector. When the brightness and contrast of the projector are affected than the quality of the image display will be affected.

BenQ th671st For Golf Simulator

A golf simulator allows the user to play on the photographically simulated range. It is usually performed within the indoor settings. The simple simulators measure the movement of the handheld sensor and feed the information to the video game. The data is then converted to the action of hitting the ball and shows how the ball bounces back visually on the screen. It gives a golfer a detailed analysis of the entire ball movement and bets for training. BenQ TH671ST projector is an excellent projector to use a golf simulator with its fantastic gaming experience. Some of the reasons why the TH671ST projector can be used as a golf simulator is because of its features.

BenQ th671st has unparalleled picture quality with ultra-fast input lag, and the microsecond DMD responds best for simulating. The general visual performance of the projector is spectacular in full HD 1080 pixels. The sound system of the projector is excellent, which is clear and loud enough for your use. For the simulator to work perfectly with the BenQ projector, it has to be compatible and has excellent brightness and visual for the best. With the TH671ST projector, you can have the projector set in your living room and enjoy golf training and the space created. You can as well have your friends over and enjoy your time together.

BenQ th671st Input Lag

The input lag of the BenQ TH671ST projector is fast at 16.4ms when on bright and sport mode. This mode is perfect for you, especially if you are into bright images and the environment when playing games. When using the vivid TV and game modes, then the input lag becomes 16.6ms. Though the difference between the seeds is slight, they are still good and fast enough for serious gamers. When the input lag is in the cinema mode, then it’s slightly longer at 18.8 ms, which is quite different from the other speed of the projector. When you set off the fast mode of the projector, then the lag input of the projector becomes 50ms on all modes except the cinema mode which is set at 52.2 ms.

BenQ th671st Ceiling Mount

Installing the projector is easy and does not take much of your time with so many features present to help with adjustments. The projector is said to be good for small living rooms and perfect even when placed at the coffee table or the ceiling. This is to say that the images of the projector, when installed on the ceiling is still the same, especially when the projector is a short-throw one. The projector is able to project images that are up to 100” on the diagonal point. Even when the projector is placed on the ceiling, the images are bright and clear the same as placed on the table or the wall.

Easy To Setup

Setting up the projector is easy and does not give too much headache. All of this is thanks to the short throw lens and the 1.2 x zoom with great adjustment features. The sound system of the project tor is also good, especially for the small projector tor and also helpful when setting up the projector. It’s because it will determine where you will place the projector for a balanced, distributed sound in the room. You can place the projector on top of your coffee table or just install it at the ceiling. Where you place the projector does not matter, it shows great images on the wall.

2D & 3D Blu-rays

When watching movies from blu rays, you will note that it can be watched as 2D and 3D, which is perfect for your entertainment. When watching movies on blu ray at 2D, you will note that the color and contrast are well, and the clarity and resolution are not different from the 3D. This is to say that the BenQ TH671ST projector can compete favorably with other HD display projectors in the market. The black levels of the proector are not as deep as those found on the LCD models, but the most important thing I shat the display of the black levels is not that bad.

The motion quality of the images is smooth, with less or no loss on the resolution. It makes the 2D blu ray good as well. The color accuracy is good and does not fade as you watch movies at all, which makes it perfect for any movies. Speaking of movies, you will notice that the color of the hair on the movies pop right out with lots of depth despite having a flat color palette. You could always see the texture of the scenery on the movies and other elements. From the different movies watched on the 2D blu ray, you will note that the color accuracy is either remained the same or much better depending on the movie. One should know that color accuracy is an important feature, especially on the new advancement in technology now and then. The BenQ TH671ST projector gets it right, whether you have calibrations or not.


  • The brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens
  • Stunning color wheel
  • Fast input lag
  • 3D compatible
  • Contrast ratio of 10,000:1
  • Impressive connectivity
  • Short throw projection
  • Long lamp life
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Has internal speakers of 5W
  • Comes with LumiExpert


  • It does not read USB memory files
  • No Major Issue

Fan noise

TH671ST projector has stunning fan noise at 33db in full power and 29db in economic mode, which is quite good. When you are using either of the modes in the room, you tend to hear it in quiet moments in a typical size room. When using in a room that has other ambient noise, you find it to be quiet and steady and fades in the background. This happens most of the time when you are using the economic mode of the projector.

When using the recommended high altitude of 4921 feet of the projector, then you experience a quitter than when on full power and attitude of. If you want to experience the best of the high altitude, then use the eco mode to have better quite fan noise. It is also because when the projector is on full mode, and you set the attitude on then it increases the volume and raises the pitch.

BenQ th671st Throw Ratio

The throw ratio of a projector is an important feature, especially that determines the way images appear on your screen and the size. The BenQ TH671ST projector has a superior short throw ratio that enables it to project images a few feet away from the screen. The projector maximizes the minimal available space to give you an excellent projection right in your comfortable home. From as little as 1.5 m, the projector is able to project an impressive image at 100”. The throw ratio enables you to enjoy a carefree gaming experience without being distracted with constrained space. Also when setting up your gaming equipment’s, you will not take much time at all

BenQ th671st Manual

If there is a projector with a simple manual to use and follow, then it’s the BenQ TH671st projector. The manual comes in a different language and gives you more options on the language you are familiar with. But most importantly, most of the manual comes in the English language for easier communication by many. It helps you to do your setting on your projector when stuck and makes it easy if it’s your first time using the projector. The manual can be found easily online by just searching t on the internet.

BenQ th671st Manual
BenQ th671st Manual (source:

Download Complete User Manual

BenQ TH671ST Vs BenQ TH2150ST

When looking for a perfect projector to use at home, most of the people are confused with the overwhelming projectors available in the market. Though many people love to have a BenQ projector for gaming, there are so many Benq projectors in the market and becomes hard to choose. There are many different models available in the market of BenQ, and each of them is unique. With the comparison of two beautiful BenQ projectors for gamers, you get to have the right choice.

  • BenQ TH671ST

BenQ TH671ST has excellent physical appearance and lightweight to enable you to move from one place to another while doing the installation. It has an excellent resolution of 1080 pixels that produces bright images without distortion in bright rooms. It has a brightness of 3000 lumens, which is incredible for outdoor use as well as in rooms full of ambient light. The lamp life is long at 15000 hours and a contrast ratio of 10000:1 great for detailed black scenes. The color reproduction of the projector is great at 1.07 billion perfect when combined with brightness and contrast. The sound system is good for small room use since it’s a mono sound system at 5W x 1.

  • BenQ TH2150ST

With a brightness of 2200 lumens, the BenQ TH2150ST projector is used in homes for entertainment and office for presentations. The color reproduction is great at 1.07 billion, perfect for the images shown on the screen. It’s a 3D capability projector great for 3D content. The contrast ratio of the TH2150ST projector is stunning at 15000:1 great for the enhancement of black levels. The lamp life of the projector is 7000 hours, which is not that bad when compared to other amazing features it has. It offers a stereo sound system of 10W x 2.

BenQ th671st Lamp

The lamp of the projector is good and last for a long time to give you service that’s much longer than most in the market. When the lamp life of the projector is near its end you are able to get the replacement lamp more easily in the market. It’s a good one and produces a good image display on the screen without distortion or fading of the content. It shows how the lamp of the projector is able to work for a long time and still in good quality. In order to get a lamp replacement, you can go online and get on any store available with the offer online.


It may have been hard for you to get the right projector for gaming and general home entertainment. It’s truly hard when there are lots of projectors in the market with better features and much cheaper. With the BenQ TH671ST projector, you get to experience the best for home entertainment than you could have with other similar projectors. The features are incredible, with great performance for the price it comes with.

Most importantly, the projector is good for gaming with great input lag for better performance. The Benq th671st review gives you more information on the projector in order for you to make the right decision.

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