Epson 5050ub Review: Epson Home Cinema Projector 2022

Epson 5050ub Review
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Epson home cinema 5050UB is one of a kind with high quality, excellent performance from home use, and also built to make your use better. Though it’s like a beast and not perfect, it’s close to one and ideal for you.

Over the years, Epson has been working to bring the best in the world of projector with similar specs as a TV and also able to cope with all your needs. Epson has tried to come up with amazing technology that can be a match to a good TV. With the Pro-UHD technology used on the 5050UB, you get to enjoy the best videos at home. Let’s have a review of the Epson 5050UB and see all the amazing features it has.

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The design of the Home cinema 5050UB is exclusive and premium. It has all the looks of a premium projector from the design. Though it may look small from the images displayed, it’s a bit larger than average projectors for the home. The weight and length of the projector are at around 6.7 x 20.5×17.7 inches. With the weight and the size of the projector, it can be said that it is meant to stay put in one place. If what you are a projector that is to be placed in a single place and left there, then the 5050UB projector is right for you. Epson 5050UB projector can be mounted on the ceiling for better projection to your screen and avoid moving it around a lot.

It’s a white projector that has gold accents and looks impressive from afar. The look of the projector from color and shape suits any home. The curved corners and the fluid fee; of the projector. Its design is excellent for home theatre and could fit perfectly in any room made into theatre. At the front of the projector, you find the lens in the middle with grills on either side for cooling. The grills make the projector’s cooling better and much faster for you reducing the risk of overheating. On the left of the projector comes with a power button and the source control. The ease of aces makes your control over the projector superb. It also comes with controls to the software of the projector in case you have no remote. There are lots of cases where many have misplaced remote controls. The controls come in handy.

On the back of the Epson 5050UB projector, it has all the inputs needed in a projector and quite a selection of them. The inputs enable you to connect to different devices as well as getting to enjoy your favorite programs from any device you want. It has two 2.0 HDMI inputs, a USB A-port, and an Ethernet port for internet connection. It has an RS-232C port that can be used to connect the projector to a home theatre control system in any home. It’s mostly used to connect to the control 14 of the home theatre in any existing home theatre. Also, it comes with the VGA port that enables one to connect the port to the PC and enjoy the viewing. It comes with a well-designed remote control for better control of the projector. It’s not always good to use the projector to control why using it. It means that you will have to keep on standing each time you want to adjust anything on the projector.

The remote control design is not bad, and just like the projector has been made big. You find the remote controls for setting the input source with the playback control and volume control. The controls of the remote can tweak the picture settings, which comes handy at times. The remote control buttons are backlit and can be used at night and in any dark environment. With the Epson 5050UB projector at home, you don’t have to worry about fitting the environment. It has been designed to provide any décor at home with its elegant appearance.


For every projector out there before buying, one has to consider the performance. The performance of any projector has a great effect on your viewing. The 5050Ub projector has been designed to use a 3LCD light engine, which is true to give you perfect images. It’s a 3chip projector design with a 250-watt lamp. The lamp comes with an internal filter that extends the color gamut out to DCI-P3. The projector’s coverage exceeds 97% with is perfect than most projector the market and flat-panel TVs. It has great support for the HDR10 feature and the Hybrid log gamma. In a way, it has a great effect on the image display on your screen from the projector. The resolution of the projector is excellent at 1920 x 1080 pixels for amazing images on your screen.

It does not matter whether your screen is a wall or an actual movable screen; it displays impressive images. It comes with an optical diffuser that pixel-shift the image to 3840x 2160. The glass lens of the Epson 5050UB is amazing. The contrast ratio is amazing at 1000000:1 for perfect dark scenes and light scenes. It brings the best of the dark levels to give an amazing maybe display and enjoy movies.

The challenge that Epson faces is the clarity difference between its projectors and that for DLP projectors. Its well known that 3-chip LCD and the LCoS design make a bit of sacrifice when it comes to clarity. The images are good and show no distortion anywhere on the screen. The lens can be adjusted 96% vertically and 47% horizontal with a large zoom range. The zoom range of the projector is between 1.35-2.84 throw ratios. The best thing with the Epson 5050UB projector is that you can set it on the ceiling and have your images projected perfectly.

You can also set anywhere where there is not too much movement of the projector and watch from there. Though the projector looks big from where you are, it’s not that heavy to hold. The ventilation of the projector is good with little or no case of overheating. Also, airflow allows you to enjoy a quiet projector when watching movies and other videos. With the two large grills on both sides of the lens, it has enough air to take in. When you set the projector on the Eco mode and medium bulb setting, the sound production is low.

Using the projector on high power tends to produce more noise but not a big problem when movie sound is playing. At most, you will only hear the noise when on a quiet scene. It can be said that though the projector cannot be carried everywhere at any time, it’s perfect for those looking for a home theatre set up. Getting it at a price at the market is also good comparing the features and its performance. For home entertainment, the projector is ideal with a beautiful color display from the tests carried out. When you are spending this much to get the projector, the performance must be great. That’s why you have to be sure before buying it. Though the projector may not have the 4k resolution, the images produced by the projector are incredible. It comes with a motion smoothing feature that allows you to set to your pace and how smooth you want it.

To get this, you will have to set it to low”, Normal” or even high” that is if you like motion smoothing. If you don’t intend to use it, then you can stick to the low and medium. If you intend to use the motion smoothing feature, there are conditions to be followed. The 4k enhancement feature of the projector has to be set off before using the frame interpolation feature. It says you won’t have to enjoy the 4k resolution while using the frame interpolation. It has great support for the color modes and different modes to choose from.

You can choose to use Dynamic, Bright Cinema, black and white Cinema, Natural, Digital cinema, Cinema, and also two 3D modes. The 3D mode includes the 3D Dynamic and the 3D Cinema. You control all the mode and switch it all will at any time you want. You could set the projector’s mode to Dynamic and Bright cinema for normal viewing since it looks best. What makes the color of the Epson 5050UB to better is the improved HDR feature. The HDR feature is ore improved to better the other previous versions. It has real-time HDR curve adjustment meaning you have control over the HDR performance and change at will. When you look at the remote control, you will see the HDR button access settings. It has been easier to access the settings and do it straight away when you need to make changes or adjustments.

The brightness of the 5050UB projector is amazing, and you don’t need a dark environment to enjoy your movies and videos. It’s able to produce enough brightness at 2600 lumens to light up the room with bright images. In a dark environment, the images become even brighter to your taste and not good for your eyes. the brightness of the Epson 5050UB projector pumps out the light to make it vivid for ambient light, making it suitable for a bright room. Another important feature that many leave out when looking for a projector is fan noise. This is an essential feature in the Epson 5050UB projector.

The fans of any projector help to keep it cool while operating to avoid damages and overheating on projectors. The fans of the 5050UB projector are quiet when using and best for movies. It’s quiet when set on eco mode, which is good when intending to save energy use. When using the other modes, the noise tends to be a bit distracting, especially when on silent scenes on videos. With decent external speakers, you are able to drown the noise and enjoy your programs well.


When all is said done with the Epson 5050UB projector is all comes down to setting it up.

Setting up the projector is easy and does not require professional help if you can understand the manual and do it independently. Setting up the software is not hard as well. It may be challenging to physically set up the projector to some but not the case with the software. The set up mainly depends on how you want your home to appear. You can decide to have the projector mounted on the ceiling or placed on a large shelve or table.

Once the projector has been placed in a suitable position, it’s okay to connect to the input sources and be ready to start using it. Getting the Epson 5050BU projector depends on where you are going to use it. For many, the projector maybe a little too much for them. Since the device is able to support up to hundreds of inches, it’s much better than most TV in the market. Aligning the images on the screen and wall is not hard at all. With the remote control, you are able to control everything at a go from anywhere in the room. Since it has clear controls, all you have to do is adjust the image and zoom to the right size and shape. The lens system of Epson 5050UB supports up to 96% vertical and 47% horizontal lens shift to give freedom of placement.

Once you have set up the projector and made all the placements, there are other parameters to follow. You got control over the brightness, saturation, and contrast of the projector on your hand. All you have to do is have your remote at hand and set everything from the start to what you want. It should be noted that the preferences are not the same for everybody when it comes to video appearance and the screen. Some people love the big screen, with brighter colors and brightness, while others don’t. The setup is excellent and easy, but it all depends on what you prefer and want.


  • The images tend to be bright
  • Colors are excellent
  • The HDR performance is great
  • It’s quiet on eco mode


  • Expensive
  • Huge


Picture Quality

The picture quality of the Epson 5050UB is something not all projectors can achieve. From the brightness, resolution, contrast, clarity color, it has got all of it. If your intention is to use the projector for your movies and other show, you are not wrong to get it. It comes with a wider color gamut that produces amazing color o images. The picture quality is amazing with deeper black, refined color, higher contrast, and also sharper images. In short, what you get is detailed images on your screen. You have lots of options given by the projector to make your images even better. The brightness of the projector is 2600 lumen s, its perfect for a brighter room. It means that the images produced are going to be bright with no great effect by the ambient light.

The features that make the 5050UB projector image stand out to have nothing to do with the 4k enhancement feature. It’s all contributed by the fundamentals of the other features. Color accuracy of the projector is superb in almost all color modes you switch. The dynamic mode is a bit different from the other modes with the usual slight green bias. Most projectors have a green tendency when in their brightest color mode. It has an excellent high contrast ratio that gives an extra sense of sharpness. The sharpness s also contributed by the video processing features. It has so many features that work together to get you excellent images.

The Epson 5050UB has been designed with exceptional ultra-black technology to make sure the picture quality is maintained high. The Epson manufacturers have created a proprietary compensation filter that helps to control the polarization of light. It gives Epson an upper hand to suppress the stray light that might have passed through. It produces an outstanding dynamic contrast ratio of 100000:1. The dynamic contrast ratio comes with amazing detailed images and other content. The images tend to be vivid, rich, clear, and well displayed even in dark scenes. It’s perfect for home entertainment.

Since the brightness, we said its outstanding, then let’s not forget its ability to show and display 4k content at the 2600 lumens. Both the color and white brightness works to give the best 4k content. Its, therefore, provides a broader performance and allows the HDR performance. Its aspect ratio is worth mentioning for those who have different opinions and preferences to aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is at 16:9 widescreen and can be resized to 4:3 and also 16:10. It’s all up to you to get and resize to the one that is suitable for you and use.

It comes with precision lenses that utilize a 15 element precision glass structure for exceptional image clarity and also edge focus uniformity. However, the setup feature has no excellent effect o image quality but its very important. After installation, the lens can be shifted to 47& left or right horizontally and 96% down on the vertical axis. The zoom and focus help to correct and align the images perfectly.

4K capability

The 5050UB projector is 4k capable but in pixel shifting, not true 4k. It’s a pixel-shifting 1080 pixels 3-chip liquid crystal display panel. It has excellent 4k enhancement capability and claims o be able to achieve P3 color for lamp-based projectors. It’s able to pixels shift up to 4.15 million pixels on the screen. However, the difference between the pixels and the standard 4k UHD is a bit huge, its slight differences. Its good to note that faster pixel shifting adds brightness and gives cleaner images to you. Epson appears sharp on 4k content when using the pixel shifting, making it the best option for home use. The 5050UB projector image processing is suitable for high performance, making it sharper than the 4k UHD competition. The advanced pixel-shifting technology controls the 3 LCD chips to parallel millions of pixels, as we have seen. The new type of resolution en enhancement tech delivers exceptional visuals that are sharp, giving the best visual experience.

How to Epson 5040ub firmware update

Projector, just like any other electronic device used on software, needs regular software updates. The manufacturers always look forward to improving the product and have come up with the firmware update for Epson home cinema 5040UB and others. The Epson firmware update relates to the HDR, and its aim is t improve it to be better. The software has been designed to enhance the performance of the projector each time it’s released. It adds auto bright, which works to switch to HDR1 when selected. Most of the people prefer setting on the HDR rather than HDR2. To those people, the HDR2 is considered too dark. Here is the procedure to follow when updating the 5040UB firmware.

Get a USB disk on the FAT format and then get the projector ready to place the USB from the A port.

  1. Save the firmware to the USB disk
  2. Connect the USB to the projector and start the update
  3. Check the results of the update as you go


What makes the projector better is that it’s what you need at the moment and has all the features you are looking for. It’s a good one and comes with brighter mages and better HDR performance, which is superb. The projector may be good but what makes it being overlooked is the price tag. The price makes the other cheaper options look like a better value. It offers many features that make it worthy of the money, and also the durability potential is big. If you want the best of the Epson lineup projector, the price is no problem. Though most people go for the projector’s affordability, Epson 5050UB is for those looking for the best.

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