How To Make A Homemade Projector With A Mirror?   

Getting a projector for your use could be very important to you, but you may be limited regarding funds. But who said you could not make your projector?

Well, it has become so easy to make your simple projector at home with readily available materials. There is no way you will not be able to make your homemade projector with the right instructions and guidance. With the materials required to make your projector, you will spend less than $10 to get them since some of them are readily available at your disposal. Here, let’s explore how to make the projector for your home with the mirror and other materials.

How To Make A Homemade Projector With A Mirror
How To Make A Homemade Projector With A Mirror

Making A Projector Using A Mirror

When starting with your project, make sure you have all the required material before beginning the work. This will save you lots of time that you will spend moving up and down looking for them. Since you already have the materials that you need to make your projector, you are good too and ready for your new experience. These are some of the materials that you need to complete your homemade projector.

  • Mirror
  • Thick box
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Drinking straw,
  • Smartphone
  • Phone holder
  • Magnifying lens

All this material are very important for your new projector. Some of them are readily available at home but some you may have to look for them at the stores and office. Though that is the case, you will not have to spend too much money getting them making it the best for you. Now that you have placed all the materials you need on the table, you may have to start with everything.

Take the thick box you have and make a hole that fits the magnifying glass on one side. This is done by tracing your magnifying lens on the box and then cut it off from it. If you could make the hole to be fitting for the magnifying lens the better as you will not be required to seal the lens with tapes.

When you are done with removing the part you have traced, you can then make your box firm on the sizes by taping it firmly at the edges well. Also, make sure that the inside of your box is dull colored by painting it or using a construction paper to do it. The more the inside of the box is dark colored or dull, the image produced will be able to be clear and will not be bounced everywhere.

When you are using the mirror for your projection, it means that your phone will be able to be at the top of the mirror to reflect the images well. Sometimes the images produced by the homemade projector could be upside down and the words be inverted, but with the right positioning, you are able to get the right images that are clear and well reflected on the screen.

Well when you are done with your box at the lower level, you can now start making your box to look elegant and great. Take your drinking straw and glue them a the corners of the box to be firm and perfectly held together. Cut the straw at the same side at the edges of the box and make sure they are balanced in order to look good. You must have gotten your well-carved sticks with you that is long enough and can fit in the straws. Place each stick on the straws stuck inside the box.

When you are done with them, you have to take our phone holder that you have designed to fit your phone and at the same time to be able to hold the four sticks together while you watch. Make sure the ends of the sticks are well held together and firm to avoid the images shaking while watching your movie.

When you place the phone stand on top of the stick straws, you are able to see how the images will look like. Of course, when you test the way, it is you will see nothing at all. This is because we have not placed our mirror in place plus the magnifying lens. Well take your magnifying lens and fit it in the hole we created after it was traced. After you are done, try to watch your movie with your phone placed down just behind the lens. You will notice that the images displayed on the wall are inverted upside down.

That is one of the limitations of the images of homemade projectors. That is not a problem at all just take your mirror and placed in it inside the box to be at an angle that can take the images from the phone above and reflect your lens and then to the screen or the wall. When the mirror is placed well and is able to reflect the lens well, then the images tend t be good.

The reason why placing the phone on top of the mirror is excellent, is because from where it is, it becomes easier to take a call or adjust the image focus easily. Also with your phone outside the box and on top, it becomes easy for you to change the program you are watching to the next.

This makes your entertainment easy, affordable and worth your time as you could only do it yourself and learn. With the design that you have used for your homemade projector, you can easily suspend your projector on the wall and watch from there.


This will make the images projected to be beautiful and focused. In order for you to view images that are incredibly good, you have to make sure the light the phone produce is not scattered everywhere by covering the space between the phone and the box down. This will make the phone to be focused and not disperse the content outside the focused area. When you are done doing all that, you are good to watch your movie and enjoy all the way.

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