How Do I Connect My Sound System To My Projectors Perfectly?

Most of the projectors come with inbuilt speakers that are a good and loud sound. Though the speakers are great for your home, they sometimes work well in just small rooms to deliver incredible results. Many people love to hear a loud sound that is well balanced and surrounds. With inbuilt speakers, some of the customers are not satisfied and go for external speakers.

These external speakers’ works extraordinarily well in rooms full of the audience and large and still deliver exceptional results.  The satisfactory outcome of the external speakers is what makes most of the people spend the extra cost to get them.  In this article, we are looking at all the information you need about how to connect your sound system to the projector correctly without any flaws.

How do I connect my sound system to my projectors perfectly
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Watching movies with a sound system that horrible with make your entire entertainment gloomy and terrible that you would pack your projector in a box and placed it far from you. Many people have a very tight budget and are afraid of getting an external speaker for their use. This is not a big deal as most of the projector come with great inbuilt and integrated speakers that produce incredible sound. That may be so for some projector, but for other projectors, the sound system is terrible with sounds that are not balanced and painful for your money.

When you want to have a projector for yourself and still watch with few friends in a small room, an internal speaker in a projector could be great for you. But if you intend to have a projector that will be used by a large audience and in a larger room, an inbuilt projector would not be perfect for you. This will require you to get an external sound system for an incredibly balanced sound.

Since you can connect external speakers to your projector to increase the level of the volume while watching a video and other graphics contents, most of the projectors come with ports that facilitate audio connections allowing you to connect to the external device that is able to be connected via cables. It is good to know that once you have connected external speakers to the projector, the internal speakers stop working in order to avoid conflict with the external speakers.

Honestly speaking, if you are relying on the onboard speakers that come with your home cinema projector, you are not doing any justice for the films you are going to watch. They decrease the potential the movies have and the impact it has on engagement with the viewers. In order to get the desired effect and expectation on the program you are watching, get a dedicated sound system and speakers for your projector.

To get everything in place for your programs is to connect your source to your sound systems like the Xbox, Blu-ray, media players, speakers, phones, pc and many others. The HDMI cables carry the sound and video from the source to the AVR and then to the projector to allow it to transmit video. While the AVR is connected to the projector by the cable to transmit visual data, the AVR is connected to the speakers direct and take care of the sound produced. Since many of the AV receives 2 HDMI outputs, you are able to enjoy your shows and movies as it offers multiple uses.

Since not all projectors use cables to connect to other devices, it becomes easier for you to connect o the sound system wirelessly. The wireless connection is less tiring and saves you more time than you have spent doing something else. But it is also essential to know how to connect both wirelessly and with cables for the better result since not all of them support wireless connectivity.

Since there are different projectors out there, we have to consider the way they are designed and understand the way they work. Some of the projectors have an audio output while others do not have. Here we have discussed both types of projectors and come up with a detailed way of connecting to your projector.

How to connect your sound system to your projector

  • Turn your amplifier or receiver off to avoid it transmitting the sounds while you are connecting
  • Place the cable in the audio out port
  • Insert the ends of the audio cable to the sound system to amplifier the sound they produce
  • After connecting to the receiver, turn it on
  • Go to the stereo source and select the input to which the audio from the devices is connected.
  • Lastly, turn your volume on either up or down to an appropriate level.

A connecting projector that has audio ports and those without an audio system works almost the same and does not require any special connection. With just these few steps your projector and the external sound system is able to work hand in hand.


Since the audio system of the projectors is very important, it is good to know how they work before going for the set up without any information. The manual of the projectors may also help in the set up of other external devices but not all of them. The external sound system may be just what you need to complete your viewing and entertainment. Therefore, knowing what you are required to do while setting up is a big deal for you. With the proper connection of your sound system to your projector, you are able to use multiple devices and connect to your sound system.

Some sound system comes with Bluetooth capability that enables you to connect to them from other devices and enjoy your music and other audios. From devices like phones, pc, gaming consoles, media players, you are able to get the right sound system. With just a few minutes of proper steps os connecting your external sound system, you are good to start using your projector and other sources directly with your speakers.

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