The High End 4K Projector Sony VPL-vw285es Review With Buyers Guide

Sony VPL-vw285es Review 2020
Sony VPL-vw285es

Welcome to you the high-end 4k UHD projector sony VPL-VW285es review for 2020. If you are looking for the true 4k UHD projector? The sony VPL-VS285es Is the best option for you. Let’s see the Inside.

Movie and game lovers are all over the world and looking for the best projector that suits their taste and needs. The Sony VPL-VW285ES projector has been designed for movies and gaming lovers to get the best entertainment. It’s an essential projector to have in your home for entertainment.

The review of the projector could be beneficial to those looking for the perfect entertainment projector at home. An entertainment night with friends and family would be the most anticipated with the Sony projector.

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Top Rated 4k Projector Sony VPL-vw285es Review For 2020

Special Features

Picture Quality: Stunning| Bright & Colorful Lumens: 1,500 | Resolutions: 4K HDR (4096 x 2160) | Lamp Life: 6,000 hours | Item Dimensions: 23 x 20 x 11.5 inches, See more on amazon

Who Should Consider This Pricey Projector? 

If you are a person that values the most entertainment with incredible features with it, then this projector is the right one for you. For movie enthusiasts, this is a great projector to have at home. Though the projector is a bit pricey, it delivers the right performance for the best entertainment. If you are tired of low-quality videos, then you may spend the amount of money and get the best. The resolution of the projector is incredible, together with the picture quality and contrast of the projector.

For movies and gaming, this projector is top-notch and cannot be casually compared to others of the same kind. The contrast brings out the best of the darkest scenes on the images shown on the screen. When it comes to the general performance of the projector, it depends on customization, and the manufacturers put for you. The 3D capability makes your images more beautiful and doesn’t need a 3D glass since it has a dedicated RF emitter.

Sony VPLVW285ES 4K HDR Home Theater Video ProjectorSee More Photos On Amazon

Sony VPL-VW285ES Review 2020 of True 4K HDR Home Theater Video Projector

  • The 3D performances 

3D performance in all projectors is essential and determines the way images are displayed on your screen. For you to enjoy the best of blockbuster movies, try and get the movie on your 3D projector and see the result. 3D brings theatre right in your home with cinematic images and videos. The projector comes with an inbuilt 3D radiofrequency emitter, and you just have to get a 3D glass. You will not be disappointed with the 3D performance from the beginning to the end at all.

The big-screen images on your wall tend to be more exceptional when on a 3D display than watching it on a normal screen. The beauty you see is what makes it even more outstanding and worth your money. It’s an incredible projector to have for entertainment at home. It can be said that Sony 3D looks pretty good and uses the 3D glasses to deliver a great experience.

When you watch different kinds of movies on 3D, you will realize a significant factor with Sony VPL-VW 285ES projector. When watching on a big screen, it becomes even more beautiful and best when compared to other similar projectors in the market.

  • Sony VPL-vw285es Specs

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  • The 4K Signal Connectivity

The projector has dual HDMI ports are both HDCP 2.2 enabled for fantastic connectivity. It has 4K HDR 60p 10 bit and HLG for streaming and other functions. It accepts signals up to13.5 Gbps bandwidth for easier and faster connectivity. The HDCP 2.2 is compatible to connect to any 4k video sources. For you to view HDR content and 4k from the source, you will have to use a compatible high bandwidth HDMI cable. The Ethernet ports can work with network monitoring and control protocols.

  • The 4K Resolution 

When looking for a projector, the first thing from the price of the projector is the 4k resolution that has your attention. The Sony VPL-vw285es projector has been designed with the 4k resolution to bring even the best of images. The number of pixels that is in an image determines the way the image will be at the end of the day. When pixels are too much, then the projector tends to have beautiful images.

That’s why the projector is known to be the best for movies and gaming at home. The model of the resolution is a three-chip SXRD design and has excellent imaging with a high resolution of 4096 x 2160. Though the projector comes with 4k resolution, it does not have the processing Dolby Vision high dynamic range content. It comes with HLG and HDR10 processing and helps in streaming and 4k broadcasts.

When you compare Sony VPL-VW285ES and the Sony VPL-VW385ES, you will note that the 285es projector does not have iris in both dynamic and fixed.

This is a true 4k. When watching Blu-ray UHD movies, there tend to be little letterboxing on the right and left. Though the letterbox is there, there is nothing much to be concerned about. When you have actual 4k content, the Sony projector has extra width on its 3 SXRD panels to accommodate 4096 pixels without compressing your data. The higher-end Sony projector comes with higher optics. Though the high-end projector comes with better optics, also this lower-end model has optics that are a little soft for 4k content.

When you are watching movies that are not 4k, you don’t have to worry because the projector will upscale it to 4k resolution and get the best result. When the projector has the biggest screen size for you, then you get an even better result. The skin tone on the screen is clearer, and the texture is smooth and natural. You will interact with your characters on the screen; you fell like part of them because it’s so real from your viewpoint. The only thing that separates you is the wall that is projected on. For gaming, this is an incredible projector for a perfect gaming experience right in your home.

This is the best projector for family and friends time on holiday and weekends when playing games and movies.

  • The Picture Quality 

The picture quality of the projector does not disappoint you at all with impressive visuals that would light your entertainment life. The picture quality of the projector is seen from the solid contrast ratio and the sharp images shown on your screen. The projector can show the tiniest details of your content, especial images shown on your screen to the latter. It shows the way your fabric texture looks like as well as your hair on the screen. You tend to see every detail on the screen while watching your movies and other entertainment programs.

The movie is cinematic from the contrast of the dark scenes and while scene to give you the best of home theatre. Sony VPL-VW 285ES has many preset modes and looks good without too much adjustment. The brightness of the projector is good for home lighting and is not affected by light in the room. For your money, we can say that you have got the right projector that you deserve and even better for the price it comes with. If you decide to calibrate your projector, you will have subtle improvements in resolution and the 4k content.

It does not matter whether you calibrate your projector or not, as the content will still be beautiful at the end of the day. Sony projector has 9 different color temp settings, while five of them are labelled custom and different, but the good thing with it is that you can modify them to suit your needs. The color of the modes in the projector is all good from the manufacturers from the beginning. That’s why you see the skin tones on your skin to be natural and in excellent state.

The general picture quality of the Sony VPL projector is fantastic and something that you cannot compare to with a similar low-end projector. It’s good for so many things like gaming and movies and does not affect the type of game or movie. You enjoy bright and sharp images and even graphic when doing video presentation on your business room.

If you could keep a little in your pocket and get this projector for your home entertainment In true 4K UHD, then you will have one of the best rights under your roof. you can use in the living room, outdoors and even build a home theatre all are perfect for your projection.

  • Sony VPL-vw285es sxrd

 The projector comes with sxdr panel technology that is able to feature in any digital theatre projector. It delivers great native 4k resolution images for you with great details considered. It gives more than four times the detail of the full HD to provide fine details that are wonderful to the eye. It naturally clean without the jagged edges on the images

  • Sony VPL-VW285es Throw Distance

Sony VPL-VW285es Throw Distance
Image of The Sony VPL-VW285es Throw Distance (Souce Sony Official)

Throw distance of the Sony VPL-vw285es projector is great with great image distance that is still clear and colorful. The projector comes with a manual that helps you as a user to know where to place the projector and the range to calculate for it. It is easy to do your calculations and does not require a professional to do it for you.

  •  Remote control 

Sony VPL-vw285es Remote control
Sony VPL-vw285es Remote control (Souce Sony Official)

The projector comes with remote control and enables you to control and adjust your projector more easily. The buttons on the projector are well placed, and you press any button with accidentally pressing the other. Most of the buttons on your projector gives you access to the most used features. If you are using the 3D content mostly, you are in for an excellent performance as the remote control has a 3D feature listed to it.

  • Contrast Enhancement 

Sony VLP-VW285ES projector has been designed with four options on the contrast enhancement feature. The four options include high, medium, low, and off and have a relative impact on the SDR sources and create a slight brightening effect as you from the different modes. It also has more impact on the HDR picture and boosts images by brightening them as you set them from low mode to high.

When using the projector, you will notice that there is no optimal setting for the contrast enhancement control. When watching certain movies when the setting is off, the images are still super awesome and give high contrast images. When you switch the projector mode from off to top the image change as when and become much darker.

  •  The Preset Color Modes  

The preset color of the Sony VPL-VW285es comes in 8 colors and can e modified by the user. Each of the color modes has its uses and is different from each other. The brightest color modes include the cinema film 1, cinema film 2, and the reference, and all of them put it the same lumens. The D65 calibrates all of these colors.

The other four-color are calibrated to about D75 and are game, bright cinema, bright TV and, TV. All of the preset are beautiful and more relaxed in temperature. The photo preset on the projector stands on its own and warmest of all colors and is calibrated to about D55.

  • Color Temperature Presets 

Sony VPL-VW285ES comes with a separate menu control for preset color temperature in addition to the color modes. Some of the color preset temperature options include D55, D65, D75, and D93. All of these options come with their brightness and does not work the same. The brightest of all of them is D65; the setting of D55 is 11% less bright, D93 is 21% less bright, and the D75 setting is less bright.

When watching black and white films, especially the old movies and shows, the color temperature usually is D55. The projector gives you the option of setting the old movies to whatever color you find suitable for you. The different color temperature options and preset color mode makes your choice easier.

  • The Eco mode 

The different eco mode that comes with the projector gives you an option to choose which mode is suitable for you. The Sony VPL-vw285es has two operating modes that are high and low. The entire preset color mode by default is high. If you want to set to low after buying is all up to you and your preference. When you select the low eco mode, it reduces the brightness of the projector by 29 % and also reduces the noise, which is better. Eco mode helps to reduce energy use, which is helpful in the conservation of energy.

  • Zoom Lens Light Loss 

When doing installations, the adjustment features are essential for you to set the right image on your screen. The zoom lens of the projector has to be great and able to project the right image and big enough and clear. The zoom lens of the Sony 285es projector is impressive at 2.06%. When using the projector and projecting from the telephoto end, you will get less bright less projection at 23% less.

It could be considered to be a loss as when the less is being used at this length, and then they tend to lose more than 35% of the brightness. When the lens of the projector is projected from a wide length, then the image tends to be faded and less bright than needed.

  • Brightness Uniformity

The brightness of the projector is an important feature when going to use for home entertainment. It has a great effect on the images displayed on the screen, as well as the environment it’s going to be used. The uniformity of the brightness is as well important from all the angles. The VW285ES projector comes with impressive brightness uniformity of 91%.

The brightness is all uniform in both the wide-angle and telephoto ends. It shows how the projector has catered for all the angled to deliver incredible brightness all through. Throughout the entertainment, you will not find anything disturbing at all.

  • Input lags 

For gamers, the vw285es projector is perfect for you with its gaming mode features to make it great for your gaming experience. The projector has a game mode great latency reduction feature that makes your gaming faster. It has lag input of 36ms with great resolution signet; that is when it’s turned on.

The anticipated latency for a 4K, as indicated by Sony, is 55 ms for a 60p. The input lag of 36ms is not bad for gaming and, in fact, the best for your gaming experience. The types of game you are playing do not have many concerns since the game is smooth throughout and displays all kinds of games.

  • Fan noise 

When you set your projector on a high lamp mode, the fan noise of the projector tends to low but not that quite. Nothing is boring as you watch your favorite movie and still here the fan noise in the background. It’s even more disturbing where the movie is at a crucial moment. When you are sited just in front of the projector when watching your movies, you will notice the fan noise during the interludes of the film.

When the projector is has been mounted on the ceiling, then it will be less noisy and best for you. When you set the mode of the projector to low, the fan noise tends to be quite complete and not even when on interludes in the film.

  • Sony VPL-vw285es Calibration Settings 

Sony comes with nine calibrated presets that include cinema fim1, cinema film2, TV, game, bright cinema, bright TV, reference, photo, the user. Each of the calibrated settings is good and set to be high by default. It also means that when you want to have low brightness, you will have to set it yourself.

All of the calibrated settings are the same when setting on the same value. There is no difference between all the settings as they are basically the same with the same brightness. The preset colors and temperature are all included in the settings to make your adjustment suitable for you.

  • Sony VPL-vw285es Manual 

When using the projector, there may come a time that you need to have a reference on something. Every projector comes with a manual reference to help in the adjustment and operation of the projector. The manual is easy to understand and use with the simple language used.

It also comes in English and other languages for ease of communication. The manual helps when doing settings in your projector and make you understand your projector better. If your projector does not have a manual, then you will have to look for one online, and it’s much easier to find.

Download Complete User Manual

  • Sony VPL-vw285es Lamp 

When selecting your projector, lamp life is also an important figure as it will determine how long you are going to use the projector. Sony indicates that the lamp life of the vw284es is of 6000 hours. For you to achieve the brightness and lamp life of your projector, as indicated means you have to use it well. It is sure to say that you would like to have a projector that has great brightness.

When the brightness of the projector is dimmed, then you will have a problem with the HDR lights. The most important thing is that the projector will be able to be used for a long time before buying a different one. By reducing the brightness of the projector and putting it in an eco mode, you increase your chance of using the projector for a long time. This is what proper maintenance of the projector does and gives you long serving time.

  • The Price: Great value 

The price of the projector is quite affordable for what it delivers than the competitive projector. The price of any projector is what makes it to be bought or not because it determines how interesting the projector is. When you see the cheapest projector, you would want to know how it works and why it’s cheap, and the same goes for the expensive projector. At $$$$ you get Sony vw285es and enjoy the best entertainment.

Sony VPL-vw285es VS Sony VPL-vw295es 

Sony VPL-vw295es projector is not that different from the VPL-vw285es but still as tempting on its affordable price. Most of the projectors that are affordable in the market use the lower than 4k resolution and employs time offset pixels to display 4k image on the screen. These projectors are known to be affordable and available and very effective. The VPL-VW285es projector has excellent features and is affordable even cheaper than the vw295ess projector.

The vw285es projector improves the vw295es projector. 295es projector is slightly better than the 285es projector due to improved features. The VPL-VW295ES resembles the VPL-VW285ES and could be confused to best the same. Its HDMI bandwidth has been upgraded to offers 18Gbps, which is much faster than the previous model projector.


When thinking of getting incredible entertainment with your family and friends, you will have to get excellent image quality for it. From the sony VPL-VW285es review above, you have seen how the vw285es is and what it brings onboard for you. The quality of images and sound from the projector is good for your movie night on Friday and holidays. It has a tremendous 4k resolution and shows every little detail on the content on your screen to get better viewing. It has quiet operation throughout and does not interfere with your movie.

This is the kind of projector that everyone is looking for, and you don’t want to miss out on it. Considering this projector is much cheaper than others, it still gives you exceptional movie nights with your family.

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