Sony VPL-HW45es Review 2021 With Buying Guide From Experts!!

Sony VPL-hw45es review
Sony VPL-hw45es review

What Is Sony SXRD

This is Sony technology used in projection content on TV and video projectors. It’s a Sony proprietary of the liquid crystal on the silicon. It can be said to be a hybrid of the DLP and the LCD technologies, which make sit stand out and the best in terms of picture quality.

The liquid crystal layer sits on top of the reflective surface. The lamp of the projector then reflects on this surface. In this way, the images that are projected from the lamp becomes more beautiful.

Sony VPL-hw45es projector is one of the top best in the market for home entertainment and business presentations. It comes with amazing features and performance to stand out among the best. When you look at the price of the projector, you get surprised as the features and performance it has are worth more. Here we look at the Sony VPL-hw45es review and get more information about it for you.

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Top Rated SXRD Projector Sony VPL-HW45es Review For 2021

Special Features

Picture Quality: Stunning | Bright & Colorful Lumens: 1,800 | Contrast Ratio: 60000:1 | Resolutions: 1080p (1,920 x 1080)

The 3D performances

Sony hw45es projector supports 3D RF glasses and comes with an inbuilt RF emitter to help with the transmission. The projector is able to handle 3D specific issues well, and you find no fault with the projector. When using the 3D mode, the brightness of the projector is still bright, which maintains the same brightness but with a better image display. Even when the image is more than 100 inches wide, the image is still reasonably bright. The color reproduction of the projector on 3D is perfect and does not change, even when in an extremely bright environment. The images are perfect for watching movies and playing games. Now, this is what is called a perfect projector for home entertainment. It accommodates all the 3D and 2D content and shows the content with great clarity.

When watching movies from Blu rays in 3D, you will see the difference from the standard movies, especially when watching the same movie from different settings. The brightness, color saturation, contrast are all great for your movies. If you were looking for the best project tor for 3D movies and gaming, then you have got the right projector for your entertainment. In business presentations, you can use the 3D mode for graphic presentations to capture your audience’s attention.

The Picture Quality

The picture quality of the HW45ES projector is stunning and worth the price it comes with though it can be said to be pricey. It offers eight color presets and able to customize to your taste with the many options it comes with. All the preset modes are amazing and stand out in video quality. The SXRD technology used on the projector makes sure the projector does not have rainbow artifacts. It also helps to reduce and remove the difference between white brightness and color brightness. When the color and white brightness have a difference, it affects the quality of color and brightness on images. The contrast ratio of the projector is extraordinary for deeper dark levels in the unusually dark scenes. The balance of color on preset modes is excellent, with grays at all levels from the white to black. Though there are differences from one mode to the other, they have no major issues.

Since you are able to customize some of the settings, then you enjoy the best according to your taste and preference. Both the color brightness and white brightness is good and makes it balanced for perfect image dismay. For gamers, you get to enjoy the best gaming activity ever right in your home. Image movement is incredible and does not blur when in the middle of playing. The preset modes of the projector help you find the right setting that offers good balancing between the material being shown on the screen and the ambient light level in the room.

The brightness of the projector and resolution are great, making the images to appear more beautiful and clear. That’s why it’s said to be ideal for gaming and watching movies. It is because of the picture quality that it possesses. The contrast brings out the best of the dark scenes, especially The unusually darker ones to deliver beautiful black. It gives more vivid and detailed images than you could imagine. It’s also to show that picture quality of the Sony projector is not to be trifled with. The best part is that the images on the screen do not fade even when in a room full of ambient light. It shows that the brightness and resolution of the projector are good. You can use the projector outdoors for fun and really enjoy your entertainment with clear images.

Sony Home Theater Projector VPL-HW45ES: 1080P Full HD Video Projector for TV, Movies and Gaming - Home Cinema Projector with 3 SXRD Imagers and 1,800 Lumens for Brightness - 3D Compatible

Contrast Enhancement

The projector has not been specified with the contrast ratio it comes with, but the dark levels of the projector are stunning. The darkest shadow of the projector is excellent, and you have no loss of the darkest details on the scenes in your movies and games. When you look at certain movies on your hw45es projector, you will note that the darkest scenes are well detailed and clear. If compared to other similar projectors out there, you will see the difference between them. This is to say the contrast of the projector is spectacular and one of the strengths of the projector. Every single darkest scene of the image on the screen are well projected with colorful effects making it more vibrant.

The Eco mode

The eco mode is found on the black cinema pro on the main menu. It gives you a choice to choose whether to have high brightness or low brightness while using the projector. When you select the projector on eco mode, then you reduce the brightness of the projector by 39%. When on the eco mode, the projector’s lamp life is up to 6000 hours and able to extend the number of hours you will spend with the projector. The eco mode saves energy consumption of your projector and gives you more years of use.

The Reality 4K Resolution

With the gradual advancement of technology every day, the projectors are advancing in what they offer as well, which is spectacular.  The Sony VPL hw45es projector stops at 11080pixela in full HD. That’s when we are still on the topic of 4K resolution. The projector does not offer the ultra HD, which shows that the 4k resolution, high dynamic range, and color advancement is not part of it. They are not part of the features that the projector offer on the 4k technology package. Since the projector uses SXRD technology, it may not need the 4k resolution since it offers more than the 4k technology. The test of the projector resolution showed a slight pink of which is not unusual on the LCOS projector or SXRD projector display.

The projector does not have 4k capability designed it but still delivers great resolution on your screen. Image quality is amazing, with great color and white brightness balanced. The images are full of life with no color fading at all. If you are going to use the projector for gaming and movies, you get a beautiful image display.

The Advanced  SXRD Panels

The SXRD technology from Sony is one of the greatest now available in the market that offers more resolution than the 2k DLP chip. It maintains its uniform that is an ultra-thin crystal with no gaps and spaces in the image area to give superb contrast. Sony uses the VAN liquid crystal that enables Sony’s SXRD microdisplay to work even faster at 200 frames per second. The SXRD technology is able to deliver a fantastic image performance and reduces rainbow artifacts.

Sony VPL-hw45es Manual

Sony VPL-hw45es projector comes with a manual for reference, just like all the other projectors in the market. The manual helps when necessary more, especially when doing complicated settings that you are not familiar with. It helps you to understand room installation, adjustment, calibration, and many other settings. If you problems when using the projector, everything becomes easier with the manual unless your projector fails to work, and you may have to call Sony representatives for more assistance.

The remote control usage of the projector being part of the manual reference note, it becomes easier. It shows you how to use each button on your remote control since it is easy to access directly placed on the remote surface. The language used in the manual is easy to understand, and if you are stuck, you are able to get your preferred language online.

Download Complete User Manual


  • Bright images
  • Color accuracy is amazing
  • Black level performance is impressive
  • Has an Inbuilt 3D and it uses the RF 3D glasses
  • Comes with creative frame interpolation for smooth motion
  • The remote control is easy to use
  • It’s a quiet operation projector


  • Does not have iris
  • Lamp life could be improved

Brightness Uniformity

The brightness uniformity is an important feature on the projector for a better brightness view without fading on some point on the screen. The uniformity of the projector measures at 85%, which is better than most of the projectors in the market. The uniformity is great for bot the white and your color brightness. The images shown on the projector tend to be bright all over the screen.

Input Lag

For game lovers, the lag input of a projector is very important for them to enjoy their gaming experience. The input lag is able to be measured at 22ms, which is not bad regarding that the gaming is still great. The projector comes with input lag reduction on that is set as the default feature for the game mode to make it better. When the projector is set on other modes, it may go up to 102ms and 107ms. When it reaches this point, the gaming experience is not that good anymore.

Sony VPL-Lamp

The lamp life of the Sony VPL-hw45es projector is long enough to give you more service before buying a replacement bulb. The different projector in the market comes with different lamp life and depends on the manufacturers some of the projectors have very long lamp life like the LED projector while the other goes for as long and more than ten years. All this period, you enjoy the use of the projector at least 3 hours a day before finally replacing the bub when it dies off. When the images begin to fade away while using shows that the bulb needs to be replaced. You can choose to buy a bulb replacement or just go out there in the market for a new projector. The lamp life of Sony VPL is at 6000 hours when in low lamp mode. Also for you to replace the bulb, then you will need to spend $299.99.

Motionflow Technology

The projector has been designed with the Motionflow technology that enhances the motion of the content shown on the screen. At the motion flow sub-menu, you will find motion enhancer choice that helps you to choose from off, high and low. It’s the creative frame interpolation that is known as the smooth motion. This means that everything you watch will be silk smooth on the screen. The technology is able to create extra frames between the original frames by comparing the visual factors and calculate the split second of the missing action. All of this is to give you the best visual appearance on the screen especially the moving content.

The Preset Color Modes

Sony VPL hw45es projector comes with nine preset colors that help to calibrate your picture f what you are watching to be more enhanced. You get to select from the nine color modes to find the right one that meets your requirements. The nine modes include the two cinema film modes, reference, TV, photo, cinema digital, bright TV, game, and bright cinema. All of the modes come with different color technology to make your picture quality better than you can imagine. To gain more control over the preset color modes, it comes with an advanced HSV manual color turning tool.

The Price: Great value

The Sony projector is a great high-quality projector that is priced at $ 1999, which is highly-priced for some people. With a budget that is around this price, you can get this projector and give it a good home because the projector offers the best. This is a good projector with impressive picture quality that is more than what you could get on a similar projector in the market. The only limitation you get with this projector is that you will have to watch in a dark environment.

Sony VPL-hw45es VS Sony VPL-vw285es

Sony VPL-hw45es projector comes with great brightness at 1800 lumens, which is bright enough for home entertainment but may be affected by too much ambient light in the room. The contrast ratio is as well good for deep black levels on the content. With the price of $1999, it is actually suitable for the projector since it offers more than you bargain for. It being an SXRD projector, it provides excellent performance for your movies and gaming.

The Sony vw285es projector had been introduced in the market with a price of $$$$ by the company in a big wave. This SXRD projector comes with an excellent resolution of 4096 by 2160 with no pixel shifting. This means that the images shown by the projector are top notch and best for gaming, more especially movies. The brightness of the projector is rated at 1500 lumens, which can be said to be a bit low compared with the price it has but still not bad. It supports the HDR playback, both the HLG formats and the HDR10. It also comes with the reality creation of Motionflow technology.

Sony VPL-hw45es Throw Distance

Throw distance has a significant impact on the way and the size of the image displayed on the screen. You can either have a long throw distance or a short throw distance, and all of them depend significantly on the projector you have.  From a range of 6.04m, you can get an image size of up to 163” of image diagonal and an aspect ratio of 16:9. The throw distance of the Sony VPL-hw45es projector is excellent, and you enjoy a beautiful image display.

Remote Control

The Sony VPL-hw45es remote control is a long well balanced with bright blue LED light. The buttons on the remote surface are well spread and do not press accidentally on the wrong one. It has an auto-sensing feature that helps to search for the live input source. The power button Ison the right button in green.

Sony VPL-hw45es Dimensions

Sony VPL projector is a bit of heavyweight projector that makes your installation and movement with the projector hectic. It weighs 20 pounds and with the dimensions of 7.1” by 16.1” by 18.4”. It can be viewed as a projector meant for permanent installation at home or the office.

Sony VPL-hw45es Calibration Settings

The calibration settings are there to help you find the right preference for your entertainment and make you feel satisfied. It’s a way to customize your viewing point in a way that makes you happy. There are lots of calibration modes on the setting, and all of them are good.  You can turn on or off on the enhancement of what you want, unlike other Sony products.  Some of the presets are different from each other like for example the bright cinema is set at D75, the photo is set at D55, and contrast enhancer is set to 8.


With a budget of $$$$, you get the Sony VPL hw45es projector with incredible performance for both formal home entertainment and video gaming dens in low ambient light. The projector comes with great brightness when on the optimized mode and projector up to an image100” diagonal.

When in a theatre dark lighting environment, then you can have an image of size 190” and enjoy the best image display. What makes the projector great for formal and dedicated home entertainment is its vibrant color, image, and dark levels and many other features that make it an amazing one to have? Generally, this projector is good for your everyday entertainment at home and video gaming with peers. You may not miss out on any of the features and have great beautiful pictures. With the Sony VPL-hw45es review, you find the right path to take when looking for a home entertainment projector.