Amazon Free Shipping Holiday 2019 With Buying Guide (18-23 December)

Amazon Free Shipping Holiday 2019
Amazon Free Shipping Holiday 2019

We are back with very exciting news, amazon offer to you Amazon Free Shipping Holiday 2019. Our expert made the best list for you from tons of offers.

Amazon free shipping promotion has been there for sometimes now on Amazon and works to increase the number of customers as well as competing with other stores. It removes the minimum $25 purchase requirement for the customers that have no prime membership.

The promotion has been extended to 18th December to give more to the customers who have missed their chance from November promotions. It has assured the customers that buy items by 18th December.

They will receive them before Christmas. It has as well expanded the free one-day shipping for the prime members to over 10,000 cities across the world this year. This also means that as long as the items are ordered by 24th, they will get it to you.

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  • 18 December 2019 (Wednesday) Last day for Free Shipping By Amazon (On Qualifying orders over $25)
  • 19 December 2019 (Thursday) Last day for standard Shipping
  • 22 December 2019 (Sunday) Last day for Free Delivery with amazon prime on tens of millions of Items
  • 23 December 2019 (Monday) Last day for One-Day-Delivery

Amazon Free Shipping Holiday 2019 With Buying Guide

Why Does Amazon Offer Free Shipping On Holiday?

During this festive season, they are lots of many other online stores that are selling and promoting their items online. This is an excellent opportunity for business as well as returning to the community during the Christmas season. Amazon makes it possible for prime members to shop all through December until Christmas Eve with free day delivery on the same day. All customers in the US can enjoy a great free shipping period on millions of items.

The other online stores have come up with 2-day free shipping to its customers, which compel Amazon to do the same to keep completion at day. It’s a way of attracting more customers to the store and makes a mega sale just like any other holiday offer. The holiday free shipping has been on for sometimes now to be precise since November. Since Amazon competes with other big online stores like the target and Walmart, it has to have its game upped.

Does FREE Same Day Delivery for Amazon Prime Members?

Yes. Amazon has excellent offers for different kinds of customers, but more privileges go to the prime members. Many privileges come with one being a prime member on Amazon, and one of them is having same-day delivery on the items bought. This offer enables one to have the product they want to reach them on the very day they have ordered and free. It’s an incredible offer that is advantageous.

When Does Amazon Free Shipping Start?

Amazon free shipping holiday 2019 deals come early and have made the Christmas holiday the best so fare. This is the second time Amazon offers the non-prime members free shipping for items before 18th December. Free shipping promotion started early November and has been going on and also till Christmas Eve.

Everyday Made Better With Amazon Prime Members

Amazon prime was designed to make the members have an easier and incredible shopping experience. It makes your everyday life better than it was previously on shopping sprees. Prime memberships are made for you to experience the best price deals and over impressive privileges that come with it. Some of the benefits not only cater to shopping but entertainment as well, which makes it great.

It means that you have access to award-winning movies and shows and also the best music. You can access over 1000 books and magazines at prime reading and free games. These are just a few of the benefits that you may have. The best part of being a prime member is that you get a discount on popular products and many others. You get your products at your doorstep on the very same day you have ordered and free shipping too.

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Projector Screen Holiday Deal 2019

Amazon Details Free Shipping Options For Holiday

Amazon has different options for its customers when it comes to delivery and how it is delivered. It has procrastinators delight that is it offers fast and reliable same-day delivery to its prime members across the US. Customers can shop on over millions of items and have them delivered for free on the same day. For the same-day delivery, it has to be done in over 46 major areas.

There is a doorstep delivery option for all customers, and you don’t have to go to the designated stores to do. This holiday season has been made special to help its customers have an easier time picking up their items. You have aan option of picking up your item on the hub or having it delivered to your home directly.

There is also another option for Amazon day that is better for surprises. If you are intending to surprise your family with gifts and don’t want it delivered when they are home, this is the best option for you. You can have our order arrive on the selected date according to when it is better from you. It can be best for your surprise to the family and friends.

Amazon Holiday Delivery Schedule 2019

The Amazon holiday delivery schedule 2019 is the same as always and depends on the day you ordered and the product availability. The schedule for delivery can be done according to Amazon or also according to your days and dates that you are able to receive.

The FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

Does Amazon Have Free Shipping For A Holiday?

  • Yes. Amazon has excellent free shipping for the holiday that is able to send you on purchase of more than $25. It’s even an impressive offer for those with prime membership. Prime members free two days shipping an also same-day delivery.

Is Amazon Doing Free Shipping For Christmas?

  • Yes. Amazon has excellent Christmas offers for everyone, depending on what you want. It has great free shipping for all customers until 18the and same-day delivery for prime members.

How Do You Get Free Shipping On Amazon?

  • For you to get Amazon free shipping on your items, you have to purchase more than $25 worth and also before the 18th. Also, it would be better if you were a prime member to get more than free delivery.

Is Amazon Offering Free Shipping To Everyone?

  • Free shipping is done for everyone who has met the requirement and has a prime membership.

Can I Get Free Shipping On Amazon Without Prime?

  • Yes. You can get shipping when you buy items that are more than$25 and also before the extended period of 18th December.

How Do I Avoid Delivery Charges On Amazon?

  • You can avoid delivery charges and looking out for free shipping promotions and offers available. You also buy items on the dates before the end of the promotion period.


This is the time to get the best deals for your favorite item and get it delivered to you for free. Christmas holiday is one of the biggest moments on Amazon for amazing deals and promotions to meet the different customers need. This is the second time that Amazon is extended its prime membership privileges to the non-prime members. If you have been eyes that electronic device, this is the time to have it with the best prices. Get a prime membership to get even better privileges that are awesome for your family.