Projector Light Stolen From City’s Christmas Tree ~ Said Kelso police

It was shocking news to the people in the neighborhood when the projector light was stolen from the Christmas tree. It’s quite crazy and unaccepted that someone could take a Christmas projector light. The post was left on the Kelso’s Living Christmas Tree facebook page and complains that reached many people.

(Photo: Kelso's Living Christmas Tree)
(Photo: Kelso’s Living Christmas Tree)

The police have to try to look on to the matter and see if the culprit could be apprehended. It’s so unfortunate that the security of the neighborhood is put into question at the moment. The police department is looking for any available information that could lead them to the culprit. They are urging the people to come forward and report any information they have on the incident.

The police responded to the report on Facebook and have started working on it, and any lead they said would highly be appreciated.

The post said, “Well, I guess it had to happen. Someone climbed the city tree and stole the projector light out of the tree. There was a pile of ornaments, and the lights were messed with. Sad that we can’t do wonderful things for our community without this. We won’t be replacing the projector.”
It was indeed sad and discouraging to them when everything they had worked hard for had been messed with overnight. Someone climbing the Christmas tree and stealing the projector light is too embarrassing and sad to the community.

It is so sad that the community worked hard to have their ornaments placed on the tree for a gathering together and ended up surprised and disappointed. Projector light added to the exciting moment and increased the Christmas mood among the community members
If anyone has any news about the stolen projector light on the community tree, they are requested to report to the Kelso police department kindly.