Philips Picopix Max Review – If You don’t Need 4K.

Philips Picopix Max projector is one of the best in the market for those looking for a space-saving projector. The design of the projector makes it possible to fit in any interior décor without compromising it. It has amazing performance thanks to the features designed for it. From the image quality, sound and others, it gives the best. Regardless of the space, you have at home, and it’s able to fit. With the Philips Picopix Max review, one gets a clear understanding of what the projector is capable of doing.

Philips PicoPix Max Projector, Full HD with Android 9, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB-C, HDMI

Editors Choice: Philips Picopix Max Reviewed

  1. Video Quality

Philips Picopix Max has the best features t allow great home performance for you. The video quality of the projector is amazing, with all features to make it possible. When looking for the best projector for home use, the quality of visuals is very important. It should be noted that not all projector delivers the best video quality for home entertainment. With that, you could be looking for the best home projector with incredible image quality. Picopix has one of the best video quality if you don’t mind not having 4k capability. Though it does not support 4K, it gives a fantastic result.

The Philips Picopix Max has limited picture modes that force you to choose between image quality and battery life. Though the decision is hard but plugging the projector to power while watching makes it easier for you. The projector has been designed to work for both home entertainment and business presentations. When using the projector for business presentations, you have every control over it. You can select the presentation mode, which is the brightest, that allows one to have a clear, bright presentation. The images on presentations are vivid, clear with amazing graphics. Everyone in the room can see the content displayed on the screen from where they are.

For home entertainment, using the normal mode is perfect for entertainment. For watching movies and gaming, the normal mode gives the right environment for it. The modes provide an acceptable picture in a room with minimal ambient light. The projector can be plugged in power or not due to the battery integrated into it. No matter whether you have plugged in or not, the modes work in the same way. For a portable projector, the picture quality is impressive to get Picopix and enjoy your camping. The resolution makes the images better every time you watch your movies at 1080p.

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  1. Design & Layout

If there is a projector with a good build design in the market today, that would be the Philips Picopix Max projector. It has a great simple design that makes sit appealing to the eyes and suitable for most interior décor. The black color makes it fit in most homes. From the first time you see the projector, you will not want to part ways with it. When you look at the front side of the projector, there are lens and speaker grills. The grills are well spaced and make their appearance to be elegant. The lens is perfect for projection at any moment.

When you turn the projector at the back, you will notice all the connectivity ports. All the connection ports ate on the rear of the projector. No matter the type of device you want to connect to the projector, it comes with the right ports. You could connect your laptop, phones, gaming consoles, and others at the rear of the projector and watch. The top surface of the projector comes with amazing touch buttons that are represented by icons. The icon s helps you as the user understand which it stands for and which one to select. Within the area provided by the four white corner marks, there is the touchpad. The touchpad allows you to control the projector without the need for remote control.

Underneath the projector comes the tripod mount to mount the tripod in place for projector stability. The size of the projector tripod mount is around 1/4-20″. The fan’s design is good, with enough grills to allow airflow is good and avoid overheating. In this way, the projector fan noise is reduced by a significant margin. The projector’s general design is amazing, and the small size to be used is a small room or space. With the projector, you don’t have to worry about where to place it. It can fit anywhere and at any time.

  1. Battery Life

Battery life in any electronic device has to be good if it’s going to be used frequently. Philips Picopix Ma portable projector has got this covered. It comes with an impressive inbuilt battery for up to three and a half hours. When thinking of going camping and worried about the power supply or your projector, don’t be. The Picopix projector is made to make your camping experience better. You can watch movies with friends for up to 3 hours without plugging it into power. IIts an excellent projector to carry around for business as well, with minimal space required. Well, the projector’s battery life is what makes it possible to move from office, outdoor or indoors comfortably. The projector’s small size makes it easier to carry in a backpack, messenger back, and even handbag and comfortably move where you want. If what you need is something that can work for a few hours without being connected to power, then you have got the right projector.

  1. Philips Picopix Max Manual

The Philips picopix max manual comes with the projector when you buy, and if not, you can still get it online. The manuals are always online when you need one, and in a language you understand. It has clear information on it and covers a lot for the user. It comes with general safety information for the user, which is key information in every area of society. For safety, it covers how to set up the product properly, how to repair, and correct the setting of the power supply. The manual gives an overview of the projector from the top, front, rear, and remote control. The manual’s home screen helps you access the system settings and others to set as you wish. There are many other features that the manual has to help in setting up and when an error is met.

  1. Other Considerations

There are other considerations when thinking of the Philips picopix Max projector. The lamp life is one of the other considerations on the projector. Most of the manufacturers are going for lamp-free solutions to extend the projector life. The Picopix projector comes with an LED light that it’s utilized to give extended life. The projector comes with over 30000 hours of lamp use, enough to last more than twenty years of use. You have three-mode control over the projector, depending on what you want to watch. You could choose either presentation, Normal, and energy saver.

There is also the wireless projection and connection that needs to be considered. The Picopix projector offers wireless connectivity. It offers wireless connectivity without external devices and eliminates issues over a limited screen at home. It’s possible to projector content from airplay and google cast enabled devices to your screen. With Wi-Fi at home, you enjoy unlimited movies and other shows.

The Philips Picopix comes with an inbuilt media player that enables one to playback videos, photos, and music files. All the files are store on the 16GB internal memory, a micro SD card, or even an external USB. It’s up to you which memory you are using.

The inbuilt touchpad that the projector comes with allows the users to navigate the user interface, play games, and browse the internet as pleased. From the touchpad, one get control and access all the projector function. Even without the remote, you don’t have to worry about the control over the projector. It’s similar to the size and operation of a smartphone, which makes a good intuitive interface.


The Philips Picopix Max projector is an amazing one with incredible features. The review gives a clear picture of what the projector is capable of doing. Though it lacks in some aspects, it provides an amazing result at the end of the day. Picopix comes with incredible potential for both the home and business environment. It’s all thanks to the numerous option for projection content from different sources. It has options such as wireless, which allows one to wirelessly cast content to the projector through Mira cast and others.

The memory capacity is also amazing for those looking for memory before buying the projector. At almost $1000, the projector gives what’s best for the price range and even more. The inbuilt media player makes entertainment easier for most people from any source you have in mind. Getting a Picopix Max projector is the right move you could make from the very beginning. The price though a little too much gives you room for better function ability of the projector. It has modes that tune your interest at will. You could get presentation mode for brightest mode when the presentation or normal mode when watching movies ad shows for entertainment.

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